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Top 10 Musical Artists to Follow in 2023

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Streaming platforms, social media, and the power of the internet have shattered the traditional barriers, offering unparalleled opportunities for talented musicians to connect with their audiences in unprecedented ways. In an era where the musical landscape is continually reshaped by innovation and fresh voices, 2023 promises to be another pivotal year in the ever-evolving world of Music. As genres fuse, technology advances, and the global audience seeks new and extraordinary sounds, it’s a thrilling time to be a music enthusiast. In this dynamic environment, the following is a list of ten exceptional musical artists who are poised to make a profound impact on the music industry and redefine its boundaries.

  1. A.T.G ANT

Anthony Cherry, also known as A.T.G ANT, is an up-and-coming music artist originally from Springfield, Illinois, now residing in Nashville, Tennessee since 2021. He draws inspiration from renowned artists like Eminem, Ludacris, Drake, and Lil Wayne, which has shaped his unique style characterized by aggressive flow, memorable melodies, strong delivery, and clever wordplay. A.T.G ANT’s latest release, “Money on my mind,” delves into his evolving mindset, stressing the importance of hard work and reinvestment in his music. Operating as an independent artist, he has learned the significance of sacrifice, dedication, and long-term planning. A.T.G ANT is committed to a rigorous work ethic, planning to release new singles, produce videos, collaborate with fellow artists, and venture outside his comfort zone. His daily motivation is to improve and leave a positive impact, solidifying his dedication to a professional music career. His passion for music started at a young age, and positive feedback from friends boosted his confidence, leading him to pursue music professionally.

  1. EB Marie

EB Marie, the versatile Midwest rapper, has captured the essence of resilience and determination in her journey through personal trials and tragedy. Hailing from Minnesota, she’s made her mark on the rap scene with her single “STAR,” a track that not only showcases her unique fashion sense but also emphasizes her individuality. The accompanying video further amplifies her STAR quality as she delivers her verses with passion and conviction. EB Marie’s motivations go beyond personal aspirations; she is driven by familial responsibilities, aiming to provide her loved ones with the experiences she gains on her remarkable journey. This sense of purpose and connection to her roots in Minnesota adds depth to her artistry. EB Marie’s determination and unwavering passion make her a force to be reckoned with in the thriving female hip-hop scene. With her distinctive style and commitment to her craft, she is well on her way to carving out her own space and making a lasting impact in the industry.

  1. GenoDa1

GenoDa1, a rapper and trap musician hailing from Homestead, Florida, in the United States, has swiftly ascended to prominence in the music industry, captivating audiences with his unique sound and untapped talent. He is a songwriter, engineer, and producer who’s deeply passionate about music. His journey in the music industry is fueled by a profound love for self-expression, creativity, and storytelling through music. He’s encountered various challenges, notably in budgeting and financing his music career, highlighting the importance of financial planning in the industry. What sets GenoDa1 apart is his commitment to delivering unique sounds and flows in each of his songs, avoiding repetition and drawing inspiration from life experiences to keep his music fresh. He recently embarked on his first East Coast tour, performing in Atlanta, Nashville, and Tampa, marking a significant career highlight. GenoDa1 envisions a future where his music resonates worldwide, aiming to be a catalyst for positive change through his passionate and innovative approach to music.

  1. Kye Harris

Kye Harris, born in 1993 in Watertown, New York, was raised in a military family, which fueled his passion for music, particularly hip-hop. He draws inspiration from artists like Biggie Smalls and OUTKAST, aiming to recreate the autobiographical connection he felt with their music. In 2012, he bravely pursued a career in music, inspired by those who risked everything for their creative vision. Harris’s music blends elements of crunk and introspection, delivering a unique and emotionally resonant experience for listeners. Influenced by a diverse array of artists, he’s unapologetically expressive in his work. With over 24 music videos and two full-length projects, Kye Harris is making waves in the music industry, as evident from his electrifying performances on “the STORM tour.” His latest project, “Phonk N Trunk,” showcases his artistic depth and is available for streaming on major platforms. His impact on the music scene has been recognized in “Atl Voyage.”

  1. 23KP

23KP’s musical journey commenced at the tender age of 12 when she started crafting her own melodies and penning lyrics. Despite not initially considering a music career, her passion for music developed alongside her academic pursuits. She delved into learning musical instruments, songwriting, and poetry. Driven by an insatiable desire for uniqueness, 23KP put tremendous effort into her music for years, constantly pushing herself to deliver something distinctive to her audience. The unwavering support and love from her fans served as a motivating force to embark on fabulous future projects. Today, 23KP has emerged as a notable figure in Canada’s music industry, using her stage name, 23KP, as an artist and producer. She considers music a universal language that evokes emotions and transports listeners into the musician’s world. Her future plans involve continued self-expression and the release of her energy through music.

  1. GB3

GB3, also known as Gbthrizzle, is an emerging artist in the vibrant San Antonio music scene. Their unique background, growing up with diverse musical influences and a deep familial connection to their art, sets them apart. GB3 has juggled both music and education for the past five years, demonstrating a strong work ethic and determination. What truly distinguishes GB3 is their distinctive appearance, including a grey hair patch they interpret as a sign of wisdom. Their career boasts notable highlights, including sponsorships, hit songs, and work with the XFL, showcasing their versatility. Despite facing doubts and negativity from others, GB3 has overcome challenges on their journey. Currently working on the project “Faith,” GB3 envisions a future of international success and is committed to turning their dreams into reality. To keep up with their journey and upcoming project, you can follow GB3 on their social media accounts.

  1. ECko Miles

Edison Ogums, professionally known as “ECko Miles,” hails from Port Harcourt, Nigeria, and was born on August 20th. He catapulted to stardom following the release of the hit song “Picanto” in collaboration with Odumodu Blvck and Zlatan in 2022. His musical journey is a testament to dedication and artistry. ECko Miles, not just a musician but also a songwriter, singer, and entrepreneur, has recently made a triumphant return to the music scene with his latest EP project, “Epiphany.” This exceptional EP is a testament to his artistic prowess and showcases his distinctive sound that has earned him a dedicated following. In an industry that demands talent, innovation, and determination, ECko Miles stands out as a rising star, and “Epiphany” is a must-have addition to the playlist of any music enthusiast, underscoring his unique musical abilities and promising future.

  1. Boi Angel

Boi Angel, a Queens-born singer and songwriter, is known for crafting deeply thoughtful and emotionally resonant soundscapes that effortlessly blend elements of alternative R&B, rap, and pop. His music is characterized by soulful vocals, stunning production values, and lyrics that touch on themes such as love, loss, and personal growth. Angel’s debut EP, which features standout tracks like “Curious,” “Flowers,” and “Memories,” showcases his knack for capturing the complexities of the human experience through thought-provoking lyrics. His journey in the music industry has been marked by accolades, including a performance at the prestigious Barclays Center halftime show and recognition by renowned festivals like Rolling Loud Miami 2023. In addition, Angel has secured significant brand sponsorships. His unwavering passion for connecting with people through his craft has been instrumental in his success. As a promising talent, Boi Angel continues to push musical boundaries, offering more stunning tracks and innovative collaborations, positioning himself as one of the most exciting rising stars in the industry.

  1. Juliera

Juliera, an artist and lyricist, infuses self-empowerment and hope into her music, creating a unique blend of Nigerian culture and American influences. Her journey into music began at age 16 when she started writing lyrics, initially doubting her talent until she ventured into offering her songwriting services on Fiverr. This decision quickly proved successful, amassing over 250 five-star reviews and more than 1000 songs written for various clients. This experience validated her skills and passion for music. Juliera has an exciting future ahead, with eight songs and four music videos ready for release, promising a consistent flow of new content in the coming months. Ultimately, her goal is to inspire her listeners to pursue their dreams, making her music a beacon of hope and motivation on the dancefloor.

  1. Vandes Jackson

Vandes Jackson, a Chicago native now based in Los Angeles, is a versatile artist who excels as an engineer, producer, and musician. His recent music ventures aim to break traditional composition norms, favoring abstract production and eschewing conventional hooks. His unique approach involves generating a multitude of beats, songs, hooks, and verses in short periods while maintaining an open-ended creative process. Vandes Jackson’s musical roots are deeply grounded in classical training, influenced by Mozart, Beethoven, Prince, and D’Angelo. His journey into music began during high school, playing with the Jazz Ambassadors and recording professionally, igniting his ambition to pursue music full-time. Beyond music, he enjoys nature, art galleries, and networking.

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Top 10 Musical Artists to Follow in 2023


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