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Before the coming winter, replacing the antifreeze for your motorcycle without delay

Before the winter, we have to replace the antifreeze first as the first step of maintenance.

The Coolant is very important, directly related with the feelings of riding, and also stability and service life of engine.

So the maintenance of coolant is as important as the Engine Oil.


Coolant is also called antifreeze, its role is to cool the running engine.

Why is also called antifreeze?

This is because in the cold winter, the temperature can make general liquid solidification, liquid expands when it is frozen, which will cause damage to engine parts, so the manufacturer design a kind of liquid with high boiling point and low freezing point.


Replace the coolant is different from replacing the engine oil, the engine oil is a lubrication for the engine and also function as a cooling liquid.

While the coolant is for engine cooling, and prevent the boiling. Although they are within the engine, but in two different sections, coolant and engine oil are high corrosive, so it is better to avoid direct contact with the skin, and disposal well in order to avoid damage to the environment.


The preparation before replacement:

Waterproof working gloves, or disposable transparent plastic gloves, together with a pair of knitted gloves outside; Cross screwdriver in size medium; Plastic lever, or a flat screwdriver, but attached with insulating tape on the front, in order to avoid the water Pipe burst; Cleaning agent, which is used to clean oil or coolant on the surface of the engine, or the carburetor, it can be bought from the auto or motorcycle accessories store; Waste cloth; Old toothbrush, preferably the hard brush one.

Friendly reminder: First wait the car cool down and the water temperature low enough and then replace the coolant, just in case of burn.


Firstly, the motorcycle will be lifted up, find out the water pump connection and remove it.

Note: Before dismantling the pipe, clean up dirt on the connection, the joint position of some models is covered by the shell, unable to clean, if not careful, you may put some dust in the pipe, any fine particles for water pump are hurt.

You can use the cleaning agent to clean or toothbrush.

Don’t pull the hose by force if it is a little tight, otherwise, you may get injured when the pipe was separated instantly, and the pipe may be pulled apart or snapped.

Then you can use the plastic lever or the flat screwdriver, attached with insulating tape on the front, to lever out some gap in the joint and then rotate it and then pull it out by your hand.


Pull out the pipe and wait for the water flow out, and then remove the cover of the water tank.

First press down and then rotate it counterclockwise. Pay attention to the order: first wait for the water to flow out , and then remove the cover, otherwise the fluid inside may be splashed to your eyes or body due to the pressure in the channel, while after the water flow out, pressure will be eliminated.

If the coolant come into your eyes accidently, immediately rinse them with clean water, you should go for medical attention if it becomes more serious.

Check if there is deformation or damage of the water tank sealer, press the spring and check if there is elasticity or rust. Some models have stainless steel spring, but other material in the sealer is iron, which may be corroded by the cooling fluid, if it is abnormal, you should replace new accessories.


After releasing the coolant, remove the tank cover, which will let the fluid flow faster and cleaner.

Note: Coolant is not only in the water tank and the engine, but also in the coolant container beside the engine, which is mostly white and translucent, and you need to change it together.

The coolant inside that container is cleaner than that in the engine, because the engine did not work long hours, the coolant have not gone through a large cycle so the liquid flow in the container is slower, that is why it is cleaner.


When dismantling the pipe, at the same time, you should check if the pipes get aging, water tanks have burst or there is dirt on the fin.

Too much dirt will affect the heat dissipation effect of water tank, especially the joint, after the pulling of the disassembling, pay more attention to the joint clip of the pipe.


When installing a water pipe and clip, please note whether the pipe fit the import and export of the pumps closely, do not put water pipe in a distorted shape to the water pump, the installation of the clip must be in its original position.


When choosing coolant, please don’t mix different brand or different colors.


After fill up, please gently pinch the pipe to eliminate the air inside.


Don’t forget the container, note the scale line, make it between the two lines.

Note: make sure the motorcycle is perpendicular to the ground, the scale will not be precise if the vehicle is crooked.


After all joint is installed well, coolant is also added, you can start to clean the coolant on the surface of water pipe and engine, with a cloth or cleaning agent. Cleaning agent is easier to dry than water, which can be used to clean those gaps which can be cleaned by the cloth.


Start the engine, check if there is leakage.


Ride a certain distance, in order to ensure there is no leakage.


Finally let us discuss some other issues, first is the coolant, for those vehicle lovers, they wish to change the engine oil, gear oil or coolant every day, but that will be very troublesome.

So when to change, why need to change, has been confusing them all the time. While strictly speaking, antifreeze should be changed once a year.

Actually, just do according to the manufacturer require, don’t need worry too much about it. If you find some slight short, that is normal, you can add some from the spare container or tank. If there is too much short, you should go to the repair store to check.

When replacing cooling fluid, make sure to wear gloves well in case of getting hurt, don’t pour the waste coolant liquid into sewers and roadside soil, that is very irresponsible behavior.

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Before the coming winter, replacing the antifreeze for your motorcycle without delay


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