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The Answer to Your Question/s. : Why Testosterone Treatment Isn't Helping My Libido / Erections?

This is actually a common question. 

Men will get on to TRT, or perhaps a Testosterone-Boosting-Supplement Cocktail - in effort to resolve a low libido and / or erection issues. Often , they either find that they get an initial improvement of all issues - followed by a drop-off period where the benefits simply, cease, out of nowhere. This article aims to answer this problem as well as those who receive little to no benefit from increasing T-levels .

The most common reasons for getting no benefit in the libido department from T injections, pills , or patches , are as follows.

  1. The most prominent issue, besides the two below this - is Pregnenolone and DHEA deficiency. Just because you are supplementing Testosterone, doesn't mean all other important steroid hormones increase. In fact, most people see an overall decrease in the levels of these hormones WHILE on TRT/HRT - which do a lot more than just ''convert'' into other hormones. Pregnenolone and DHEA themselves act on totally separate neuronal pathways to increase sex drive and memory, and to provide a rapid mood-lifting effect. Thus, it is immensely important to supplement Pregnenolone/DHEA WHILE ON and OFF TRT.  RS Transaderm is the only proven bioavailable method to increase these it contains a patented transdermal delivery system rather than weak and poorly digested tablets.
  2. Estrogen is out-of-whack, levels of Estrogen rise quickly, especially after Week 3 - and this process is hastened and amplified if the patient is Obese, in poor shape, and particularly, if one consumes plant based foods or herbal remedies which may contain estrogen-like-compounds. In this case, if blood work is taken by a qualified Lab/Physician - and Estradiol {(E2)} levels turn out to be elevated - then it is recommended that Arimidex therapy be immediately commenced. 
  3. DHT levels are either low, or extremely high..however, in terms of sex drive, the issue is likely low DHT. This can happen if , again, one is Clinicallyy obese, and in poor shape, with a poor muscle:Fat proportion - but DHT levels are at particular risk; if one is diagnosed with a genetic condition that entails congenital androgen deficiency or developmental delays / disruptions. Karyotype may reveal more regarding the potential androgen-insensitivities/klinefelter's type disorders. Andractim may be worth adding to your TRT-regimen; and it can help treat gynecomastia.
  4. The other reason, a less likely but definitely possible explanation for predominantly ERECTILE issues as opposed to libido/sex drive a central nitric oxide deficiency that extends BEYOND hormonal parameter' this case, I recommend a very specific form of L-Arginine called L-Arginine-Ethyl-Ester - which is far more bioavailable than 'regular' L-Arginine and much more potent. In addition, Cialis, and NOT Viagra,, should be used for persistent increases in nitrergic activity and the enhancement of Arginine's actions. 


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The Answer to Your Question/s. : Why Testosterone Treatment Isn't Helping My Libido / Erections?


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