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International Drug Mart Amisulpride Review of Legitimacy / Quality / Effects (Includes Review of International Drug Mart's Customer Service)

This is a Review of IDM's Amisulpride product, IDM stands for 
"International Drug Mart", one of the most popular online pharmacies.

Every product I've bought from them thus far has been of the highest quality; including those for research and ordinary medicines. Unfortunately, due to all of the competition, they often have to deal with unordinary trolls that attempt to make them look bad, and they have much more greedy competitors nowadays compared to years ago.

Despite all that, IDM has stayed on the top of their game, fulfilling orders quickly, producing herbal products on demand, and supplying medicines you likely are not able to find on other websites. 

Their prices can be a bit steep, for some products, BUT I find their quality to be better than AllDayChemist (ADC) and they have a wider inventory.

Now...let's get to this product.

  • Amisulpride is a well-known psychotropic drug; it's considered an 'anti-psychotic' medication, but, in low doses it provides an anti-depressant effect, and quick relief of Anhedonia [1] [2] [3].
  • Unlike other anti-psychotics, the drug does not appear to block post-synaptic Dopamine receptors; responsible for pleasure, but only the presynaptic autoreceptors are blocked - leading to a functional enhancement of dopamine activity [4] [5]. This selectivity happens at low-doses (12.5 mg - 50 mg) only.
  • With that being said, and even though most ''studies'' indicated that a 50 MG does is correct for Depression and other mood disorders (Dysthymia) [6] [7], I found that dose to be excessive, even.
  • 12.5 mg provokes a euphoric effect, energizing emotions, pleasure, and a slight anti-anxiety effect. 25 MG produced a stronger anti-anxiety effect, but additional enhancement of mood. 25 MG started to produce an odd sensation after Day 3, where I found it to reduce blood pressure and heart rate too much for my comfort. Hence, I would say only use it sparingly, then again, I was supplementing with other stuff, non-interacting substances, but still, could have influenced that particular result.
  • Amisulpride's mechanisms of action are dopamine D2s-autoreceptor blockade [8] and serotonin 5-HT7-blockade [9].

The 5-HT7-receptor antagonism by Amisulpride leads to improved mood, cognitive flexibility, and a relief of anxiety.

While the dopamine boost provided by dopamine autoreceptor blockade probably compliments the above effects.

The energizing qualities of Amisulpride are related to an overall enhancement in dopaminergic-neurotransmission.

My experience?

  1. 12.5 MG : Within an hour, the energizing qualities of 12.5 mg of Amisulpride kicked in, its tremendous. It felt actually a little similar to my Conessine experience, it was euphoric, it increased emotional drive, energy, passion, and most of all...relieved the anhedonia induced by Benadryl, which of course I stopped taking.  
  2. 25 MG : Curiosity brought me here, and I'd say this is the max dose I will/would ever use, anything more than that is not only unnecessary (for me) but produces a decrease of heart rate and makes me feel a little too 'with-it'. Meaning, for me at least, going beyond that dose produces restlessness and an over-attention to the environment. 
  3. 35 MG : As I said, I do not like this dose, its funny how 10 mg is enough to make a difference, but it brings it from a 'happy bliss' or energized bliss as I would call it, right into anxiety and restlessness. Seriously guys, if you use this drug, start VERY LOW at 12.5 mg, DO NOT underestimate its potency, you don't need much of it to get beneficial effects.

Now with International Drug Mart
  • Shipped within 3 days, was closer to the second day though.
  • Customer Service is accommodating and helpful. I give them a 5/5 here.
  • They speak English well.
  • They are consistent and Reliable.
  • They are fairly easy to work with.

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Role of Amisulpride Augmentation in Treatment Resistant Major Depressive Disorder: An Open Label Study from North India

Amisulpride in low doses treats depression by increasing dopamine activity but in higher doses inhibits dopamine activity to treat psychosis

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International Drug Mart Amisulpride Review of Legitimacy / Quality / Effects (Includes Review of International Drug Mart's Customer Service)


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