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Can Masturbation Cause Erectile Dysfunction

Can Masturbation cause erectile dysfunction? You might have heard this question before but sincerely, masturbation is a normal thing that will never cause Erectile Dysfunction problem when having sex. Yet, some men do watch porn so as to learn more about sex.

It is a general opinion that when one masturbates too much, it can lead to ED. Impotence of ED occurs when it is very difficult for a man to get or sustain penis firmness. This is just a myth that did not rely on facts. From the statistics, it is very obvious that masturbation does not cause ED in male directly. But yet, many people are still bothered by this question, can masturbation cause erectile dysfunction? Some of the complexities of masturbation have been overlooked and both physical and mental causes of ED have been believed to have nothing to do with masturbation. There are more proofs that any sexual activity can sustain you from having erectile dysfunction but masturbation can as well play a vital role in helping erectile dysfunction caused as a result of stress, psychological problem, and anxiety. In fact, if you cannot perform sexual intercourse even with masturbation, you can feel much bold that you can attain an erection and sustain it with a partner.

What Does Research Say?

Masturbation is also known as the personal stimulation of one’s genital in order to be aroused sexually. Since many people are bothered about impotence, it takes much thinking to say no when such question arises. Anytime you masturbate as a man from the beginning to the end, semen is ejaculated but if you masturbate regularly, it got to a stage where you will have low level of semen quantity in your ejaculation when you compare to those who did not masturbate.

Besides, some studies have suggested that when one is very frequent to masturbate or have porn, it could result to ED as he desensitizing himself to particular imagery and physical intimacy. Also, some porn effects of neurology have been examined. Meanwhile, there is no study already in existence that has proved that by watching porn, it can result in a physical occurrence of impotence.

Men all over the world are living in fear and this could lead to fearful ED or impotence because of being alone at many nights and spend most time at the front of PC. The regular thought is that, can masturbation cause erectile dysfunction? Just as the logic echo, there is still certain pending thought whether or not the tales of the old wives still remain valid or not. Men should have nothing to worry about when it comes to masturbation. Not minding how often you engage yourself in such act, masturbation will never cause you erectile dysfunction. But that is not to say that too much of masturbation act will not result in the problems in sheets. As you will not need to bother concerning the development of ED because of masturbation, so also your act to keep and sustain your erection in the bedroom is also another story entirely. Severe masturbators are having the tendency to strive for attaining climax and the reason for this is very easy to understand.

If you are frequently masturbating, you will be addicted to the sensation and starts having flair for this kind of method. As soon as it is time to have sex with your spouse or sexual partner, you could discover that you will no longer enjoy sex because the technique is absolutely different from masturbation thereby making it hard to attain climax.

With this, it is not to say that all men that engage in the act of masturbating constantly have to strive in the bedroom. However, the problem is that it has an effect on some men. But if you are finding it hard to attain orgasm with your sexual partner and yet masturbate frequently, just reduce your act of masturbating. Give yourself pace and thereby allow your penile organ to return to normal rhythms. Therefore, it is a myth that masturbation can lead to erectile dysfunction. The act of masturbation touches you or your partner for sexual enjoyment. It is just considered to be a usual practice without being harmful. Sincerely, it has some benefits. The two sexual partners enjoy the sex release it offered and as well help people to have more familiarity with their bodies. It also explores the manner in which to have been touched.

How Can You Prevent Erectile Dysfunction

In case you are suffering from a certain situation that can cause ED, make sure you visit your doctor concerning how you have been managing it. Let your doctor examine you at least once in a year and adhere strictly to every instruction given to you as regards your prescribed drugs to ensure that you are healthy.

How Can You Treat ED?

Any treatment plan prepared for erectile dysfunction will be based on the major root of your erectile dysfunction. The most popular cause of erectile dysfunction is inadequate blood flow in the penis arteries; hence most treatments combat this problem.

  • Drugs

Drugs such as Levitra, Viagra, and Cialis are said to be part of the popular drugs used in treating erectile dysfunction. These drugs do have some adverse effects like flushing, stomach aches, and headaches. Also, they could be very dangerous in the sense that they interact with the other drugs and conditions like hypertension, liver and kidney disease. Visit your doctor and let him know what you are passing through.

  • Penis Pumps

This is used in treating erectile dysfunction most especially if lacking blood flow as a result of erectile dysfunction. A pump makes use of a vacuum tube to suck the air out from the penis and causes an erection as it permits blood to enter the penis.

  • Surgery

Other Alternative

It is possible for your doctor to recommend suppositories or injections so as to help your penis blood vessels to relax thereby permit free blood flow. These two treatments do have adverse effects such as tissue development in the penis or urethra or pain. Visit your doctor concerning whether the treatment is suitable for you based on the severity of the impotence.

However, if your doctor admitted that psychology or emotion is the root of your ED, he or she will surely refer you to a therapist or counselor. Therapy or counseling will create more awareness about underlying mental health problems, personal situation of life or psychological conditions which could contribute to your ED.

Facts about Masturbation Myths

Here are some facts about masturbation:

  • Too much of masturbation can result in ED
  • Those people who are into relationship do not masturbate
  • Masturbation is not a usual part of sexual advancement
  • No health benefits attached to masturbation
  • It is possible for one to masturbate too much
  • One can only masturbate when alone
  • Children must not masturbate
  • Masturbation causes blindness.

All these myths are not real; hence, you must be very careful to admit everything about porn because too much of things are not good for human body. As long as it is moderate and not too much, it is still okay and cannot lead to ED.

Finally, one cannot conclude that masturbation can cause erectile dysfunction but when doing anything, it must be moderate and not to be addicted.

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Can Masturbation Cause Erectile Dysfunction


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