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Mens Guide to Polo Shirts

“Always Dress Well but Keep It Simple”

This is one of the toughest tasks for everybody and when it comes to dressing up elegant with simple and decent than most of us get confused and wear those outfits that are not suitable or unmatched with other outfits. Today we are going to tell you in detailed about one of the most versatile shirts of men which most of us already have in their wardrobe or men love to wear and buy those type of Shirt as they are a sophisticated and unique wardrobe staple. I am talking about “Polo Shirts,” an ideal summer outfit for every gentleman, incredibly soft shirt and suitable for warmer weather due to it short sleeves and breathability.

The selection of best polo shirts that suits you the most is not that easy as compared to another kind of shirts because polo shirts come in a wide range of collars, patterns, fabrics or much more. Guys, you should be careful that which polo shirt style go perfectly with the fitting pants or trousers. Once your polo shirt matched perfectly with your attire than it will give you an appealing and stunning look. Hence, this guide will help you out to avoid no more mistake done when you wear your polo shirt.


The exact origin of the polo shirt is mysterious, but it is said that the style of polo shirt first arrived in Manipur, India in the late 19th century. Afterward, in the 1920s these shirts were re-designed by Jean Rene Lacoste who was the famous French tennis player, and he was unsatisfied by the shirt he wore because it was uncomfortable. Lacoste decided to create its style which gives him comfort and satisfy his needs. He crafted a wide range of polo shirt with short sleeves, used cotton fabric that allows breathability. These features still exist in today’s polo shirt.

In 1950s polo shirt became popular in America and men love to wear it in some dinner or outings gatherings with their sports jacket. Later on, this fashion style has been continued and p3olo shirt become famous attire for both formal and casual gatherings.


In today’s fashion, this polo shirt can be worn almost in every event, meetings or environment and I am sure that most of the men have at least one in their wardrobe. From the traditional tennis court and polo fields to the offices or country club and many industries have been adopted dress polo shirts for their workplace.

Since the 1990s there are many types of polo shirts arrived in the men’s fashion style and had become the part of men’s casual business dress code and it has been made a part of the uniform which men used to wear their polo shirt with jeans which give them a classic look.

One of the most famous and versatile actors of Hollywood re-introduced polo shirt and made it as his signature outfit. He is none other than Daniel Graig as James Bond in Specter. Moreover, now a day’s polo style dress has become classic apparel for men which give them comfortable and stylish look.

How to Wear a Polo Shirt

Now this is one of the best and challenging question that how to wear the polo shirt in style than enhance our overall look? Let’s face it guys, that almost every men wear it with wrong pants or trouser, and that’s the reason that men feel uncomfortable by their looks. So here are to help you out, below are some of the relevant guidelines. Have a look and rock your party!

  1. Avoid Long Polo Shirts

If you look at traditional polo shirt than it is long from the back side and short from the front, but in today’s fashion trend make sure that your polo shirt style should not be the same, it should not be longer than your back pockets otherwise it will give you a fashionable look from the back side.

  1. Go with Fitted Short Sleeves Polo Shirt

Make sure your sleeves should be fitted, it should not be too tight or too loose. Polo shirt sleeves should always come down to mid-bicep and should be unfolding the arms.

  1. Never Wear it With an Undershirt

This is one of the biggest mistakes that most of the men do while wearing polo shirts with an undershirt.  Best polo brand always comes in a proper fitted, but never too tight. These are the casual outfits, so it never works well with an undershirt. One more thing undershirt with a polo attire make you bulk and doesn’t give you an appealing look.

  1. Never Leave All The Buttons Open

The important thing that all the men should keep in the mind when they were wearing a polo is the buttons. Some buttons depend on brands, like some have two button closures while others have three or four. How many buttons you can leave open is totally depends on the shirt’s button, if the buttons reach the chest then don’t make a mistake to unbutton all your buttons it will give wrong impression.

  1. Polo Shirt with Logos 

Polo shirt logos plays a vital role in making it different from other men’s attires. Huge logo on polo outfits never gives smarter or handsome look. That’s why never buy the shirt having large and fancy logos. Even if they are of matching color with your shirts, small logos on polo shirts are acceptable.

  1. Avoid Popped Collars

Guys, we not living in the 90s so popping up the collar of your polo shirt should be avoided at all the cost. In simple words popping the collar is like wearing sunglasses which nowadays not gives you cool and dashing look, so it’s better to avoid it.

  1. Polo Shirt Tucked or Untucked?

There is no rule of thumb that you should always tuck your polo shirt or never tucked; it totally depends on the situation or with which your worn your polo shirt. For example, if you were wearing madras shorts than there is no need to tucked polo shirt, but if you are wearing it with chinos or slacks than it’s better to the untucked polo shirt.

5 Polo Style Shirts You Should Own

You have a wide range of polo shirts available in the market, which you can wear it many styles and in many ways. Let’s check this out!

  • Men’s Long Sleeve Polo Shirts

The long sleeve polo shirt is not very much in fashion or popular if you wear a best long sleeve polo shirts than it will give you a smarter and classy look. It is best for the people living in a place where they are not sure when the weather change. One of the great outfit in your wardrobe which you can wear for more smart-casual gatherings or event.

  • Short Sleeves Polo Shirt

Famous and well-known outfit for all the men who always want ease and comfort at any cost. These short sleeve polo outfits are always in fashion, and most of us must have it in their wardrobe to look young and smart in any outings or gatherings. In this kind of polo attire, the fit is always looser with wider collar, so it helps you to move comfortably. This is one of the best styles for anyone either if you are an athlete, golf player or a guy who want to look classic in his apparel.

  • Slim Fit Polo Shirts

The regular fit polo outfit is one of the most common types. They are the little bit looser around the chest, but comfy fit. If you have the slimmer fit than this will work well on your body.

  • Polo Shirt for Your Body Type

Perfect outfit for all those boys who have the slim body. This kind of polo shirts offers more tailored look because of your biceps, abs, and triceps are more highlighted. Best attire for night outings or if you are going for a date.

  1. Athletic Polo Shirts

How many of you know that what is the primary difference between the standard polo shirt and tennis or golf polo? The main difference is the material that used in its crafting. The professional polo shirts or athletic fit polo offers more comfort, free movement, and breathability. This kind of polo shirts is made up of synthetic fabric.

What to Wear Over a Polo Shirt

Polo Shirt and Jeans Fashion

One of the best and perfect ways to wear your polo shirt is with a pair of nice Khakis, jeans or chinos. One of safer choice with the balance between casual and smart look. Guys, you can wear any color polo shirt with plain chinos or khakis and vice versa. Usually we advise light color with blue or burgundy jeans, chinos or khakis gives you classic look.

This is one of the ways in which you look neat, casual and well-dressed for any events, gatherings or occasion. You can find chinos or khakis in various style and shapes which are available in the market, and you will find the one which suits you the most. If you want formal look in your polo shirt than wear it with loafers or for casual you can wear it with white sneakers.

Polo Shirt With Shorts

Most stylish and ideal outfit for all the men during the summer season and this combination made every man handsome, smart and well-dressed. But friends, always go with the best combination that gives you an appealing look or simple you can wear your plain polo shirt with black, gray or brown shorts for a classy appearance. If you want to add some sparks in your style, then wear sandals or boat shoes with the nice leather belt and espadrilles.

Polo Shirt With Blazer

Is this one of the best and crucial question that comes to everyone mind, that can is this the polo shirt and the blazer are the right combinations or not? Yes, you can wear the polo shirt with a blazer, but this is going to be one of the difficult tasks because you have to be careful that of every single thing from your polo shirt color to shoes everything should complement each other, if not then it will give you dull look.


Casual polo shirts can be of short or long sleeves, and you can wear it with a nice pair of your joggers. You can untuck your shirt under this style. But remember that the length of your polo shirt should almost in the middle of your back pocket. Choose your outfit according to the season like in winter choose the darker color, while during summer go for lighter color polo shirts.

Polo Shirt Material & Fabric

The low-cost material or fabric you can find on the market is the mixed fabrics polo shirts. This kind of synthetic material increase resistance and durability, but gives you less comfort than cotton fabric.


One of the worst and poorest kind in a polo shirt. We highly recommend that never buy polyester polo shirt even if you are going out of your budget always try to buy some other type, but don’t this one. The polyester may not crease or shrink, but it offers very little breathability.


One of the best type of the polo shirt that have breathability, moisture wicking abilities and highly durability. Cotton fabric shirts are the most standard polo shirts found today. Long lasting, best for your skin, but the color will fade with time especially those of darker color.


As the time changes linen fabric in a polo shirt, become more and more familiar. This kind of materials are rougher as compared to cotton, but it is light in weight that makes it more breathable, so one of the ideal outfit for hot weather.


Jersey knit polo shirt comes in both inexpensive and cheap. It always has the smooth and soft surface that is similar to a sweater or a t-shirt. If you want more comfort and relax look than you should go with this types of a polo shirt.

Stylish Polo Button Down Shirts

Different polo shirt have different button style some have longer button enclosure while some have shorter. Always try to avoid designs or style with large inset. When the button enclosure reaches to your mid chest, don’t unbutton all your button.


  • V Neck Polo Shirt

V-neck style shirt is recommendable for casual gatherings. it gives more stylish look instead of formal. The v neck style  shirt is usually more attired during the summer weather, it is also a good choice for layering inside your biker jacket for extra bit of warmth and style!


Shirt collar means tailored collar that is made up using the same material that used in making of other polo shirt or simple outfit. You can find this kind of polo shirt in many varieties such as cutaway, button down or classic collar. Never make a mistake to wear these attire with neckwear. You should try collar shape that gives you attractive look when you keep the collar unbutton.

Polo shirts are a standard item in a man’s wardrobe. They are classy and sophisticated, and they are suitable for any events. You can wear them in some ways from smart to smart-casual or casual. You should always dress according to whether you are going with friends for an outing or a game of golf or tennis. You try colors and style and can create different style trend for any occasion. When you get the confidence to wear a polo shirt, then you will find many amazing and interesting way to design your attire according to the particular gathering.

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Mens Guide to Polo Shirts


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