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12 Surefire Signs You’re In Love & It’s Probably For The Long Haul

Love is a many splendoured thing! Everyone from Frank Sinatra to Ringo Starr said it and they were right. But, sometimes, we’re too stupid in the head to know when it is or isn’t Love. It’s more than just butterflies in the stomach and hearts racing and it’s definitely more than just feeling electric around a person. So. Much. More.  And we often don’t seem to know better because we’re human and confused and fleeting most times. We fear our past and making the same mistakes again and so we tend not to want to know if it’s love or just some mistaken identification for lack of knowing better.

But, there are some things that love certainly is; there are certain things that love makes us do, subconsciously and quite involuntarily so. These certain things only happen when you’re in, or are falling in, love with someone.

1. You Can’t Stop Thinking About Them

It’s not obsessive, really; as much as it’s just perpetual. It’s like everything you do, you wonder if they’re doing the same thing; or if not then what would they be doing. It’s like when you see a certain thing, listen to a particular song, or watch a particular movie that somehow reminds you of them, or something they said, or did, or look like. It’s like finding something that piques your interest and wanting to share it with them, or at the very least, wondering if it would interest them to and why. The thought of your significant other comes in at the tiniest of instances but leaves a phenomenal impact on how that particular thought pans out in your head. And it’s a domino effect. One thought leads to another and another and in every thought, they’re there somewhere.


2. You Can’t Contain Your Feelings

There comes a time when all you want is for the other person to just know how and what you’re feeling because it seems like all of your existence comes to rest on their knowledge. And it doesn’t have to be in this elaborate gesture of lengthy conversation; it could be as simple as just showing on your face because you no longer have that control over your feelings simply because you don’t want to control it anymore. It’s there and it’s going to be there and it’s probably just growing by the day and it’s filling you up to the point where you simply cannot contain it any longer. You’ll show it in the movement of a hand, a kind of look in your eyes, the way you listen to them, the way you talk to them; even the tone that you talk in changes over time because it is now one that comes out of love.

3. You Want What They Want

From as little as going to a certain place just because they want to go to breaking some habit that you’re used to from the past because they want you to. And it goes both ways. You don’t even realize you’re doing it; all you can seem to tell yourself is “I don’t know why; but, I feel like it” and that still seems like a good enough reason to go ahead and do it anyway. It gets bigger, too. You want the best for them—opportunities, surroundings, everything; even if it doesn’t involve you in it; as long as it’s what will make them happy, you’ll do it.


4. You Can’t Wait Till You See Them

…Again. And every time that you say goodbye, you Secretly really don’t want to say it. You secretly never ever want to say ‘bye’ to them. You want to keep seeing them if that was the only thing you ever did for the rest of your life. Sounds ridiculous, right? It probably is. But, it doesn’t feel like that at all. It feels purposeful. It feels like you’re heart is telling you, “You’re not supposed to leave; not just yet”. So you want to stay just a little bit longer, with each passing minute. Time becomes a state of mind after that. And you can’t wait to see them again.

5. You Invest In Them

In your day, in your activities, in your conversation with a remote person who may not even know them. It’s like they just have to be there and your day is never complete without having included them in almost everything you do. From your travel plans to your postpaid mobile plans—you’re working with them in mind. You make them your primary objective, most times, without even knowing it. They become a subconscious priority to the point where every plan, every goal must move around this one person. Only then will it work.


6. You See Them In The Future

You see them a few months from now; you see them a few years from now. And you see them continuing to be in your life. You may not have openly accepted it to them, or even yourself yet. Because you’re secretly wondering what the hell is even wrong with you. You’re also secretly trying to brush it aside by just stating that you would want this person in your life, generically speaking. But, it’s more than that and deep down you know it. You even talk about it every now and then without really saying anything too concrete.

7. Their Opinions Matter

…About everything under the sun—from the way they eat their food to the way they probably want to get married, or not. Every thought becomes paramount. You start lingering on everything they’re saying because somehow, it’s deeply rooted in what their beliefs are. And it doesn’t matter if you agree with them or disagree; you start to see their thoughts for what they truly are and you respect it only that much more. It’s almost like it will somehow make you a better person. Even as you think this out in your head, you’re wondering if you’re going crazy, or if this is even really you anymore. Hang in there, it’s all you.


8. You Mirror Them

It could be as simple as their body language or as complex as your innermost desires. But, you start reflecting their thoughts, feelings and actions. You begin to feel the same way as they do about a particular thing or person. You may start approaching situations the same way as they do. You may start to think the same way as they do about certain things and ideas. You become more alike in the good ways because the instinctive part of your brain that is attuned to this person is picking on just the right elements from them to imbibe in you.

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12 Surefire Signs You’re In Love & It’s Probably For The Long Haul


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