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Kidney Disease | Kundan Kidney Care Centre Blog
Kundan Kidney Care is committed to Ayurvedic medical principles in partnership with modern medical care. By providing an herbal system of treatment uniquely tailored to a patent’s level of kidney disease, we seek to give each person a renewed health and
2022-07-25 12:04
Kidneys are an important part of our body located on either side of our lower back. Kidneys regulate blood volume, excrete acidic wastes, metabolize drugs, balance electrolytes and produce h… Read More
2021-10-25 15:19
National Kidney foundation says that, chronic kidney disease affects 26 million American adults. Many studies show that a high fructose corn syrup contaminated with mercury may be the underl… Read More
2020-06-13 14:21
Any chronic medical condition put you at a higher risk for more severe illness. People with kidney disease are susceptible to higher risk with COVID-19. A little extra care and hygiene can s… Read More
2020-03-12 23:44
We wish Healthy Kidneys for Everyone – World kidney day is observed every year on the second Thursday of March to bring attention and awareness about kidney health. Millions of people… Read More
2020-01-08 15:50
Anyone who come to find out that they have kidney disease, the first question comes to mind is “is there a cure for this disease?” The answer may vary for the kind of kidney dise… Read More
2019-10-18 14:24
Kidney failure is not an easy condition to live with. There are many reasons that may cause kidney disease however, high blood pressure, diabetes and genetics tops the list. The biggest… Read More
2019-08-18 12:41
Individuals with chronic kidney diseases are often concerned with sexuality and having a child. It is not uncommon for a woman with CKD to wonder if she can get pregnant or for a man undergo… Read More
2019-06-19 15:10
Once your doctor observe any markers for kidney disease, he/she will recommend a few tests. One of them will be to determine the GFR. This refers to the amount of fluid filtered per minute b… Read More
2019-04-14 22:20
Kidney disease is a chronic disease spreading at an alarming rate. Statistics show that it is increasing every year at a rate of six to eight percent. Chronic kidney disease is a chronic and… Read More
2019-03-06 14:33
Gout can have many different factors and here are a few different reasons: An elevated serum urate concentration Recurrent attacks of acute arthritis in which Monosodium Urate (MSU) crystals… Read More
2019-02-18 12:57
High blood pressure is one of the most common health problems in the developed world. It’s also one of the most mysterious. In fact, it is often called the silent killer for its abilit… Read More
2019-01-14 01:40
Eating what is in season is more affordable and supports healthy digestion. This will result in better sleep, mental clarity, calmness, and robust immune system. Ayurveda acknowledges that n… Read More
2018-11-14 14:13
Kidney patients often have to deal with water retention, causing swelling or puffiness of the tissue especially in legs, arms or under the eyes. A quick test to see if you have water retenti… Read More
2018-10-24 14:28
If you have ever had a kidney stone you know the experience can be extremely unpleasant.  Did you know that over the course of lifetime, one in ten people will have a kidney stone? If y… Read More
2018-09-17 12:59
Patients with kidney disease need to be careful about their food choices to avoid excess wastes and fluid from building up. With the progression of the disease, the dietary needs may vary. T… Read More
2018-07-14 01:20
Your doctor may suggest different tests bases on your stage of kidney disease. These tests can help you measure the kidney function and also to see if the treatment you are receiving is effe… Read More
2018-04-23 13:02
The kidneys are the most important organ of the human body as they filter out the waste and toxins out of the body. If the kidneys do not function properly, the level of urea and creatinine… Read More
2018-04-23 12:37
Creatinine is a chemical waste molecule that is generated from muscle metabolism. Creatinine is produced from creatine, a molecule of major importance for energy production in muscles. Appro… Read More
2017-02-15 15:38
If everything is normal and healthy, the color should be straw color yellow. That hue comes from a pigment your body makes called urochrome. Dark Color: Very dark colored urine could be a si… Read More
2017-01-31 21:33
Do you have the urge to go to the washroom more often than usual? Do you feel thirsty, fatigued and blurred vision? These are the tell tale signs of diabetes. Diabetes is having a high level… Read More
2017-01-19 17:05
Creatinine is a chemical waste molecule produced from creatine. Roughly 2% of creatine in our body converts to creatinine every day and transported via bloodstream to our kidneys. Most of th… Read More
2016-12-19 14:28
Gout is one of the most painful forms of arthritis. Gout is caused when the body produces an excess of uric acid, and the sharp uric acid crystals collect in the spaces in the joints. This c… Read More
2016-09-19 13:10
This article can help in understanding some general issues and the management of Chronic Kidney Disease: Issues: It is important to understand that CKD is a spectrum of disease. Mild CK… Read More
2016-09-12 15:06
Chronic kidney patient may need to make changes to their diet. These changes include limiting fluid, limiting salt, potassium, phosphorus and eating low-protein diet. Further changes in… Read More
2016-06-03 12:33
Can people with kidney disease or kidney failure still enjoy sex? It’s important to remember that people with kidney failure can have healthy marriages and meaningful relationships. Th… Read More
2016-04-25 15:11
Meditation has been practiced around the world for thousands of years. It is a technique used to quiet the mind and body, and release stress. It can also bring focus and clarity, and often… Read More
2016-03-20 11:04
One of the most undemanding and the most workable ways to knock over blood sugar amount, eliminate the dangers of “cardiovascular disease,” and perk up health and welfare in gene… Read More
2016-03-08 14:14
Have you tried changing your lifestyle to help your blood pressure only to find it isn’t helping very much? Sometimes lifestyle changes alone aren’t as effective as when combined… Read More
2015-08-20 13:17
When patients walk out of their physician’s office with at least two prescriptions and have second thoughts what should they do? Studies have shown that most prescription drugs treat o… Read More
2015-08-20 12:45
Ask your doctor if diet can increase your iron levels If you think the kidneys have little to do with the composition of your blood, think again. There are reasons why anemia (a lack of suff… Read More
2015-08-18 16:18
In another instance demonstrating the interconnectivity of people’s bodily systems, a study about eye problems has led to an observation about kidney disease. The Beaver Dam Eye Study… Read More
2015-08-01 12:57
Why Iron is Important for people with Chronic Kidney Diseases As Health Canada revises its food guidelines on introducing iron for babies as young as 6-months-old we take a look at the impor… Read More
2015-06-04 23:32
A familiar method that doctors use to check for possible breast cancer turns out to be another way of checking the effects of kidney disease as well. Researchers have studied women receiving… Read More

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Kidney Disease | Kundan Kidney Care Centre


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