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Bang Bang shoot shoot is okay. Exposes of real crime? Never mind

Bang Bang Shoot Shoot Is Okay. Exposes Of Real Crime? Never Mind

 So, anyway, we just watched Extraction 2, about a man who went into a dangerous area to rescue someone's sister from a gangster who was in the drug trade.

like John Wick 1-2-3-4, it is mainly lots of shooting and about ten percent plot.

But anyway, I don't see the press publishing oodles of editorials saying it was inspired by conspiracy theories, or getting their knickers in a knot like they are about the Sound of Freedom, a Film with the same plot as Extraction 1 and 2, and for that matter, a plot similar to Not without my daughter, where a family member is rescued by mercenaries instead of through official channels.

The Sound of Freedom was produced under Fox but although ready for release was put on the shelf by Disney for five years before a producer got the money to get the rights to distribute it from Disney.

So a lousy film, right? Whoops.

And now I am seeing editorials, not praising this action film for exposing the dirty little secret of sex trafficking poor Children in third world countries, but editorials and movie reviews condeming the film as right wing propaganda, or even saying it is about spreading the part of Q conspiracy that was about sex trafficking, never mind that the film predates Q stuff and that Q is not mentioned in the film.

in the EWTN interview they said the q conspiracy was not in the film nor did it have anything to do with their work. 

When asked specifically if their work confirmed the conspiracy theory, they said no. When asked about kidnapping children for organ transplant, or body parts, those who made the film said that some of this is indeed going on, mainly in Africa, but not in the film, which is about human trafficking of kids for sexual exploitation in Colombia...

That African claim,by the way is at least partly true: when I worked in Liberia in 1980 a kidnapped boy escaped and they found a gang that was killing teenagers so they could use body parts buried under stores etc to make the store successful... and my friend said this type of witchcraft got worse after HIV hit and when western medicine didn't help, they turned to local healers/herbalists, but also to witchcraft to get healed.

there was a film many years ago about that called Dingaka.

film link.

I have heard of similar beliefs outside of Africa, but have no direct knowledge of these things.

But there are reports about this being done in Mexico e.g. the Santa Morte cults which are strong in the drug cartels.

So I wonder why the hyperventillation over a film that tries to expose the dangers to poor third world children who are exploited for the sex trade? Why did the controversy require several major outlets to write almost Identical Hit Jobs against the film? 

Because such claims easily morph into hysterical witch hunts that can hurt normal people.

And of course, those who do the crimes are happy to encourage the paranoid conspiracy theorists to go overboard in their claims, knowing that this will result in people no longer believing such things go on at all.

The McMaster preschool hysteria is an example of false accusations that was poorly investigated and promoted by the press to sell papers/ get TV ratings.

dirty little secret: false memories, exaggerated memories, and people lying to get attention all happen. I've seen all of these things.

Another problem: Back in the 1960s and 1970s a lot of experts were claiming that sex with children was not only okay but sometimes helpful. I was told in medical school that once all sexual hangups were destroyed, that all mental illness would disappear.

Well, that fad didn't last long thank goodness (feminism is full of angry women exploited by Don Juans, and of course, some victims grew up and started fighting against the idea).

But this background is why a lot of the true accusations against the priest Pedophiles in the Catholic church were not believed. And it is why no one thought what Sandusky was doing in the shower with a teenage boy was anything to call the cops about.

As one of the few female docs back in the 1970s/1980s, I saw called to do a lot of exam on girls and children to see if they were abused.

About half the cases of sexual abuse that I examined as a doc were fake or the abuse minor (e.g. touching or voyeurism), and some of the real cases were consensual but under legal age, but half a dozen were horrific. 

But the girls all said testifying in court was worse than the abuse, so the cops usually tried to pressure the perpetrator into a plea bargain by evidence or by catching him in a lie.


But why the controversy against a minor film that led to several major outlets to write almost identical hit jobs against the film? 

Just wondering.

And one does hope that any film that exposes this should be encouraged in a way that shows the evil without pushing  hysteria.

a recent  ABC (Australia) report on rescuing children from sexual predators here in the Philippines:

of course such things could never happen in the good old USA or Europe.

Hmmm aren't a lot of the plots on Law and Order SVU about such things?

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Bang Bang shoot shoot is okay. Exposes of real crime? Never mind


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