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Exscuse my denseness, but this sounds like they are trying to set a trap

The dirty little secret is that a lot of people in "scandals" go to jail for getting mixed up or forgetful and then get Convicted of telling "lies" to the FBI... even when they are never convicted of a crime.

One remembers Martha Stewart, for example, who was convicted for a 'lie' at a time when the Enron scandal was around (and those guys stayed out of jail) or the Valarie Plame scandal where someone was convicted of a lie who had nothing to do with her name being leaked (and the guy who leaked her name was never punished).

This is a fishing expedition to destroy someone, while larger crimes go unpunished.

Does anyone in their right mind think that Trumpie boy sent someone to arrange the Russians to expose Hillary's dirty tricks against Bernie, which is one reason she lost the election? (The other reason is because she called the union Democratic blue collar workers "deplorables".. Joe Biden is right: He would have won these votes and the election).

From John Batchlor podcast:

Democrats plan to ask about his contacts during the 2016 campaign with the Russian ambassador to the United States, Sergey Kislyak, which the attorney general failed to disclose fully during his confirmation hearing.

Give me a break: Even I, a lowly grandmom (with a simple Secret clearance) know you don't openly meet with the ambassador to discuss such thing. You send a low level person to a low level KGB agent who is under cover to do this.

Translation: They are trying to catch someone in a "lie" so they can be prosecuted, in the same way the Plame case was aimed at Bush.

No crime here, but a fishing expedition to harm the president.

And this, along with the leaks (known and suspected) and along with the failure to properly investigate and prosecute Hillary's illegal email server and misuse of secret files, is a good reason to fire Comey.

In the meanwhile, I would like to ask Mr Comey and his minions: Who they hell hacked my Federal personnel file a couple years back?

who is worried about the North Korean hack that shut down a lot of sites all over the world last week?

Anyone? Anyone?

StrategyPage on the cyberwar on THADD.

the NSA is supposed to be about major hacking problems, not the hacking of dirty tricks. And if hacking by Wikileaks was so terrible and enough to harass Trumpie boy and threaten to impeach him, then someone please tell me why President Obama pardoned Pvt Manning, who did leak a lot of critical stuff about the war on terror?

Or am I missing something?

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Exscuse my denseness, but this sounds like they are trying to set a trap


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