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Less crime in the Philippines: Who wudda thot?

StrategyPage has an article on what is going on here in the Philippines, and their essay begins:

March 17, 2017: Since the March 6 thresumption of the crackdown on Illegal Drugs there has been a lot less violence. The revived war on drugs limits the number of police involved to those who have already been screened and known to be uncorrupt. So far the revised anti-Drug tactics have led to about 75 percent fewer arrests per week and 84 percent fewer deaths. Part of that is due to the fact that so many known drug gang members were arrested or killed during the first seven months of the operation. It will take another month or so to determine if the new approach is continuing to reduce the distribution and use of illegal drugs. The initial campaign certainly reduced crime.
they note that only 2512 of the murders in the last year was by cops: most of the others were private payback, vigilante style killings, or drug gangs killings.

and now the emphasis is now on cleaning up the cops.

 Duterte apparently realizes that he has a short period of time to make some fundamental changes before public enthusiasm wanes and his powerful opponents (major drug gangs and corrupt senior politicians and bureaucrats) get organized. 

SP also writes on terrorism, including how the Abus turned to piracy and are now a lot less popular with the locals.

they also have a long explanation on what is going on here with the local Chinese aggression against the Philippines.

they say the Chinese press is openly discussing annexing the Philippines. Read the whole thing.

the takeover of the West Philippine sea is not just about exploiting fishing and natural gas there, but in blocking a major sea lane to Korea and Japan.

and as the Manila Bulletin notes: Australia is worried too.

Americans tend to forget about Australia, who entered the war on terror before the US, after the Bali bombing. They are quietly helping Indonesia in security matters.

One reason Duterte dislikes the US is because he claims the CIA got a bad guy out of prison when he was a mayor. And the US cutting off trade threats after the "Extrajudicial killing" kerfuffle made him even madder, especially since the Mexican drug cartels were moving in and Obama was doing nothing to stop them.

Similarly, he essentially told the European Union do gooders where to go when they went out of their way to try to protect the vixen who was schtupping her driver (who collected the drug bribes for her). At present she is under arrest for drug related charges.

I wrote about the Philippines a few days ago and how the political families were pushing back..Remember, a lot of them are on the take.

the name of the scandal is #LeniLeaks. since a local blogger has posted emails discussing the plot. She is upset, but the article notes she hasn't denied it.

Netizens scored Robredo’s camp for keeping mum about the issue, but the OVP maintained its silence on the leaked emails even amid calls to shed light on #LeniLeaks. Robredo also did not categorically address the supposed leaked emails when interviewed by local media in Iloilo on Saturday.

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Less crime in the Philippines: Who wudda thot?


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