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Pain in Upper Back Left Side Under Shoulder Blade

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Pain in Upper Back Left Side Under Shoulder Blade

No matter what you try to do to avoid it, often times it is hard to escape the feeling of burning back Pain. Whether you are a person who does manual labor or you have to sit at a computer for work every day, the chances are very good that you will suffer from back issues at some point in life. However, when you find that burning back pain starts to become a daily occurrence, you will want to look for ways to help you feel better and fast. Before resorting to seeing a specialist, there are a few things that you can try yourself.

Often times, people will end up suffering from a burning sensation in their back due to muscle fatigue. If you have muscles that have been in the same position for a length of time or you have overworked them, they will often become tight and tired. When you put your muscles through such strain, you are bound to feel a nagging burning feeling that can often be difficult to relieve without proper rest or topical treatments.

When you are a person who finds that burning back pain seems to stem from your posture throughout the day, you can help to remedy the feeling by using sprays, creams, and rubs that penetrate and soothe the skin. In addition to that, there are a number of pain relievers today that are made to target the back to help give you relief from the pain that you suffer from. When you have the time to unwind at the end of the day, try to take either a hot shower or a hot bath to help you soothe your aching muscles and get your back feeling better again.

When you have pain that seems to have been caused by some sort of an event or trauma to your back, you might have a pinched nerve or even a pulled muscle in your back. Sometimes, people will develop sciatica caused by nerve impingement which can be both painful and cause the burning back pain that has been described. If this is the case, you will want to see a chiropractor or physician see about potential treatments that you can try to alleviate your pain.

While often considered to be much more severe, a slipped or herniated disc can often cause burning sensations along with sharp pains in the back. Sometimes, the pain that comes along with this particular condition will be in the lower region of the back. Whenever you are suffering from these issues, proper precautions must be taken to rest and take it easy while visiting a physician to see if there is any cause for surgical correction.

All in all, you could suffer from mild to moderate burning back pain. Depending on your symptoms, you may be able to find some natural remedies or even schedule a visit to a massage therapist to help you work out the kinks. Think of repositioning your posture during the day and taking regular breaks in order to give your back a rest as well.


The Cause of the Pain in Upper Back Pain in left side

Upper back pain under shoulder blades could be due to several factors, and this pain could cause a variety of problems. Many people around the world suffer from Upper back pain and this pain probably interferes with their daily work and their family life. A constant, nagging pain can affect every move that a person makes and every interaction they have with other people. Most upper back pain is the result of problems with the joints or muscles in that area of the body. Some of these problems occur because of a lack of exercise. People should think about developing some type of exercise regime to avoid upper back pain.

Upper back pain can sometimes happen because of problems with the discs that are located in the spine. Some upper back pain is due to some kind of trauma experienced in this part of the body. This could occur as the result of a fall, an accident or a sports injury. Any person suffering upper back pain should seek advice from a physician who will probably order a series of tests to determine the cause of the pain. These tests will probably include some using the latest diagnostic tools such as MRI scans that will give clear evidence of the source of the problems.

If you have left upper back pain under the shoulder blade, it could be because you lifted something heavier than you can carry. Did you recently bring a load of groceries into the house? Did you lift weights or do some other form of strenuous exercises, such as cardio kickboxing? Or, maybe you just slept wrong. Many cases of back pain can be caused by a lumpy or unforgiving mattress. The best way to determine what caused your left upper back pain is to think really hard about the last few days. Sometimes, whatever we did can injure our back but we won’t feel it for a few days. It’s just like working out. Your muscles usually aren’t sore until the next day. It’s the same with back pain. If you hurt your back, sometimes, you won’t know until a day or two later.

If, however, you have no idea what caused your back pain, it’s time that you thought about genetics. Think about it, do any of your relatives have back pain? You may have a genetic predisposition to back pain and that’s what’s causing your left upper back pain. Or, maybe it’s because of some other disorder that’s causing your left upper back pain, such as a slipped disk, or, worse, a bone disorder. Whatever it is, it will do you good to find a specialist that you can go to about your left upper back pain.

How to Find a Specialist

Open the phone book and select a good chiropractor. A chiropractor will do tests and can straighten your back to alleviate many causes of back pain. The chiropractor will find out what’s causing your left upper back pain and hopefully will get rid of it for good.

If you don’t want to just trust anyone with your back, ask your friends and family if they recommend a good chiropractor. Chiropractic care is usually covered by most insurance companies but the money’s worth it when you consider that you can finally enjoy life again.

Don’t let left upper back pain get you down. Get up, get out and see a specialist about that sore back. If, however, you’re just sore because you were lifting weights and lifted much more than you were supposed to, or some similar situation just relaxes and take it easy for a few days. That left upper back pain should go away by itself. If, however, the pain remains for a week or more, it is definitely time to see a chiropractor right away.

Tips for Treating Upper Back Pain

When you experience burning pain in your upper back left side, this is usually a sign that your condition is chronic. Most of the time it involves damage to one or more nerves in that area of the body. A herniated disc is common causes of this, but it may be something else as well. You should go see a doctor to have your pain diagnosed, but here are several things you can do in the meantime to ease your burning lower back pain.

Buy a heating pad if you do not already have one. You may have heard the term “fight fire with fire,” and this is a bit similar. Even though your pain is burning, applying heat to it will give you a bit of relief. You should place a heating pad on your back for a half hour each day until the pain starts to subside.

Over-the-counter products are good for pain, but make sure not to take too many of them. They are only a temporary fix, and you may eventually need to get something stronger from your doctor. Acetaminophen, ibuprofen and naproxen sodium are all useful, but keep in mind that using them for extended periods of time can create a whole different set of issues.

When it is time for bed, you should avoid lying on your back or stomach. The best position is on your side with a pillow propped between your legs. It would also help a bit more if you have a pillow beneath the neck for added support. If you wake up and realize you have changed positions, try your best to prop yourself back into your original position.

Think about using a bit of herbal help. Apply a paste made of capsicum to the area for quick relief. There is no proof that this actually works, but there are many people that swear by it, so it wouldn’t hurt anything for you to give it a shot. Taking willow tree bark is another herbal remedy that may help a bit.

Do daily exercises, even if that seems a bit crazy at this point. You might think that doing too much will make your burning lower back pain worse, but this is a great way to relax the area. Being still for too long can make the nerves and joints stiff. When this happens, there is a chance that you will experience more pain than you were having previously. There is no need to do a workout routine that is vigorous and strenuous. Doing several stretches will help keep your back from tightening up.

If you try all of these tips and you are still having burning lower back pain, it would be a good idea for you to go see a doctor. While it may be hard to face, there is a chance that you may need to have some type of surgery to correct the issue. With that being said, use these methods for a week or two, but call your physician if there are no marked improvements.

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Pain in Upper Back Left Side Under Shoulder Blade


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