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10 Health Benefits of Using Green Tea

A nice cup of warm tea, your companion of those pleasant mornings and brother in arms to fight out graveyard shifts at work. But guess what? Green Tea is probably missing from your table at the moment. Probably because the benefits of sipping green tea is something most of us were not aware of.

Historically, green tea has originated from the Asian country of China where its was made a populist beverage by the Southern Song Dynasty. With passage of time, green tea went on to become popular in other Asian countries and is now the most preferred beverage by the ever-growing world population of fitness conscious people.

So what makes green tea so beneficial health wise? To start with, green tea leaves are comparatively tenderer and do not got through very lengthy process of oxidization. As a result, green tea has 40 % polyphenols. Add to that green tea is loaded with catechin epigallocatechin gallate aka EGCG. Read on to know 10 major benefits of using green tea:

  1.  A beverage for the weight watchers- The calorie count of brewed green tea is zero in its unsweetened form.  As mentioned earlier, green tea is a rich source of catchein epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG. This component increases the fat burning metabolism of the body. Therefore, it can give the much-needed healthy start to your early morning workout sessions.
  2.  Green tea improves brain function- It is known to one and all that beverages like tea and coffee contains caffeine which acts as stimulant. But what sets green tea apart is the healthy blend (literally!) of caffeine and L-theanine, an amino acid that can run through the blood-brain barrier. The said amino acid also speeds up the activity of the inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA along with increased production of dopamine and alpha waves.
  3.   Rich source of antioxidants that can forestall cancer symptoms - The dreaded of disease of cancer and its early symptoms can be warded off by green tea. Green tea is antioxidant-rich beverage that forms a layer on the cell of the body, which reduces the risks of cancer that implodes the body with abnormal and rapid cell growth. The only advisory to be followed to gain maximum benefits of green tea in fighting cancer symptoms is the quality of the leaves, which has to be anything but best. Encouragingly enough, studies have confirmed drop in the risk rate of various cancer types.
  4.   Effective in blood regulation- The rise in number of world population suffering from low/high BP is worryingly high. Therefore green tea is one of the most beneficial beverages to regulate blood pressure. It has been observed that regular intake of 3-4 cups of green tea has also led to a dip in the coronary heart disease as well. Subduing the levels of angiotensin- converting enzyme or ACE regulates blood pressure. Instead of relying highly on blood pressure controlling drugs, one should sip few cups of green tea, a beverage that has natural ACE inhibitors.
  5.   Scales down Type 2-diabetes risk- Type 2 diabetes has become widespread and people are looking for alternatives that can be beneficial in its reduction visa-vis medical methods. Daily consumption of green tea is an extremely effective way to counter daily risks of Type 2 diabetes. Green tea polyphenols mold the glucose level of the body by getting inside the very core of the problem. The level of amalyse stimulation in the bloodstream is reduced by green tea, this lead to sufficient formation of insulin in the body.
  6.  Brings down Parkinson’s and Alzheimer risk- Old age comes with high risk of Alzheimer among sizable population of the world. Hence it must be dealt with by following health practices. Green tea benefits extend to reducing the risk of curtailing Alzheimer diseases too. Drinking green tea helps in protecting the brain from secretion neurodegenerative disease by increasing dopamine levels that can keep the brain safe from developing dementia in old age.
  7.   Green tea provides digestive benefits too- It’s about time you ditched those cups of tea made of milk and sugar. The essence of tea and its benefits backfire in the form of acidity and bloating when milk is added. Therefore, green tea comes as a much healthier alternative for improved digestion. Green tea’s atoxic ability to decelerate the activity of digestive enzyme means you are consuming only as much of the calories as required. The symptoms of colitis too get reduced due to the offerings of Vitamin B, C and E from green tea. Broadly speaking, EGCG of green tea can also cut down gasrtointestinal cancers significantly.
  8.  Green tea improves dental health- Surprisingly; green tea promotes oral health beside toughening the body against complicated diseases. Green tea is an abundant source of flouride that can prevent tooth decay. Streptococcus mutans, bacteria found in dental cavities gets flushed out at the same time. No wonder there is high probability of keeping the levels of commonly breeding oral bacteria by using green tea.
  9.   Anti-ageing benefits- One of the main reasons that has heightened the popularity of green tea is its ability to fight with the signs of ageing that maybe both apparent and internal. Green tea leaves can be used as facemask by making a paste to apply on the skin. Their anti-inflammatory property delays the wrinkling of the skin and improves its tone and texture through complete cleansing. To prepare the face pack, simply add honey to the mashed green tea leaves and apply it on your face before washing your face with warm water. Many have also used the pack after they benefitted from its antioxidants to treat acne.
  10.   Reduces cases of arthirtis- Globally,arthiritis has gripped the old and young alike. Scientists and doctors specializing in nutrition are of the opinion that green tea may act as an anti-inflammatory because of the polyphenol EGCG that can fight free radicals. Moreover, green tea’s anti microbial process has been found to be extremely beneficial for septic arthritis.

And finally, these benefits can be achieved at their highest level provided you follow some basic hacks. Green tea provides much health benefits if and only if it is consumed without sugar. A healthy alternative of sugar is one slice of lemon; its juice too does the trick. Lastly, you must consult your dietician with regard to what the ideal intake amount of green tea is.

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10 Health Benefits of Using Green Tea


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