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Backlinks for an HVAC Company Website: 6 Powerful Tactics

Backlinks For An HVAC Company Website: 6 Powerful Tactics

Backlinks indicate how authoritative your website is.

They’ve always been a crucial organic ranking signal.

This means every website owner should actively work on getting them. There’s no exception to this rule and in spite of what a few may say, it’s literally impossible to rank a web page for any competitive term without authority. And in SEO all authority comes from links.

At Webology, we’ve been operating off that assumption for years because we actually test and measure outcomes, but the recent Google leak just proved us right.

However, not all backlinks are equally safe and effective; some can even work against you.

They need to be relevant to your industry and should come from high-quality, non-spammy sites.

In this post, we’ll talk about the best backlinks for an Hvac company website and how to build them.

Let’s grab a set of pressure gauges and get busy diagnosing the perfect backlink profile for your HVAC Business.

What is HVAC Link-Building and Why’s It Important?

HVAC link-building involves attracting backlinks to an HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) service website from other websites.

There are generally three ways to build links to a website:

  1. Reach out to relevant website owners and ask for backlinks
  2. Create helpful content and attract links organically
  3. Manually adding your website to business directories and other sites

However, there are countless other techniques and strategies that you can come up with. When it comes to link-building for a local business, your creativity is the only limit. For example, you might approach the local little league team and offer to sponsor building them a team website in exchange for a sponsorship spot that links to your business website.

Here’s why link-building for HVAC sites is so important:

You Want to Rank Higher than Your Competitors

Backlinks pass the authority or the ‘link juice’ of the linking site to the linked site. I know that sounds weird, but it’s a real thing and another way of referring to it is PageRank. Waaaayyy back in the early days of Google the PageRank algorithm was public and you could see the official Google authority rating of a website just by entering a URL.

That quickly lead to abuse, so Google made the inner workings of the PageRank algo private, so SEOs would have to guess the impact a link might have.

Link Juice = PageRank = Authority…It’s all the same thing with the same meaning.

And, high-authority sites tend to rank higher on SERPs.

If you don’t use backlinks to uptick your service pages on search results, your competitors will.

The more high-quality backlinks your competitor gets, the higher they climb on search engine results. And since the lion’s share of search traffic goes to the top 3 results, it’s crucial to have a strong backlink profile.

You Want Sustainable Organic Traffic

Search engines like Google want to showcase high-quality results to their audience.

Since links serve as credibility boosters, they can improve your rankings and traffic for the desired keywords you want to rank for the most.

It’s Cost-Effective

Link-building may take time and effort, but once your website has a certain level of authority, it starts generating organic traffic on autopilot.

It requires some initial investment but brings long-term results, making it a cost-effective strategy.

The Most Powerful & Easy to Get Backlinks for an HVAC Company Website in 2024

Here’s how you can attract high-quality, relevant backlinks to your HVAC website this year in a sustainable way.

Link-Worthy Content

Your HVAC website’s blog page can be a game-changing link-building resource.

Link-worthy content demands extensive research and creativity.

You don’t want to rephrase what’s already out there.

Think about how you can add value and help your target audience solve their problems.

Use a tool like Google Keyword Planner to find queries they’re searching for.

You’ll find a long list of article topics to cover under the main query (E.g., 107 keyword ideas for “HVAC tips”).

Note that you can broaden your search by adding more keywords. This will generate a longer list of potential topics you can talk about. And if you’re trying to create link-worthy content, one of the best strategies I know is to create posts around facts and statistics. You see, it’s human nature at work…

Imagine you’re a journalist at a major digital publication tasked with covering the latest trends in heat pump efficiency. Your editor tells you that you have to support every fact in your content with an article from an actual professional with expertise in HVAC.

Don’t you think you’re going to type in something like ‘HVAC heat pump efficiency stats 2024’ and just link to the first reputable source? It’s just human nature to figure out the fastest and easiest way to complete a task from your boss, and you can leverage that to get in front of journalists writing about the HVAC industry.

That’s how I’ve actually succeeded in creating ‘link-magnet content’ for home service businesses just like yours in the past. It works…it’s a slow but consistent and powerful way to build backlinks to your heating and air website.

Guest Posting

Another popular and effective way to build links to any website is through guest post outreach.

Start by finding a list of sites closely related to your industry where you can be a guest author.

Reach out to them via email or social media DM.

Think about what you can offer them in exchange for a link on their site back to yours.

It’s best to stay away from two-way link exchanges as it can put your site at risk of a Google penalty. So if someone links to you, don’t link to them and vice-versa. That’s an easy way to get yourself a Google penalty and fall off the top pages of search engines.

Business Directories

One of the first things you should do for your HVAC service website is submit it to all the relevant online directories.

The most important one would be your Google Business Profile.

Your Google Business Profile serves as your digital shop, providing prospects with an easy and direct way to contact your business. Aside from your website, this is the most important digital real estate you own.

In addition to sending quality traffic to your business, an optimized Google Business Profile improves your chances of ranking in local search results.

You also want to add your business information and website link to other relevant business directories such as:

  • Yelp
  • HomeAdvisor
  • Yellow Pages

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Collaborate with Local Businesses

Local businesses that aren’t directly your competitors can help your business move forward.

For instance, HVAC businesses might partner with:

  • Home improvement stores
  • Contractors
  • Real estate agencies

How do you get backlinks from them? Recommend them to your existing customers in exchange for a backlink on their website. Or just take them out for lunch and ask nicely. That sort of pure outreach is golden to search engines because their customers will also be accessing their website from a local IP address. So, you’re bound to get a boost in local search results by getting links from companies in your local service area.

Video Link-Building

Videos are good at grabbing attention and communicating the message effectively.

This link-building strategy involves video content instead of written guest posts.

So, instead of an article, you send a helpful video to a website owner and get a backlink in exchange. You can also share your videos on a branded channel on platforms like Vimeo or YouTube for additional exposure.

Videos can also be shared on social media, creating even more opportunities for backlinks and increasing your website’s visibility.

Local Content

When you’re doing content marketing to attract potential leads, think local.

This means finding the topics that your local audience is interested in.

More often than not, the Google search bar is the only tool you need to find these topics.

Don’t just create blog posts though. Find local online communities and offer value with helpful content. This will help you build your authority as an HVAC service provider, attracting leads to your business organically. For example, if you work near me you might title a blog post ‘HVAC Tips for Homeowners Dealing With Alabama’s Hot Summers’

Monitoring Your HVAC Website’s Backlinks

Regular monitoring of your website’s backlinks is the only way to tell if your link-building strategies are working as intended.

It helps you make sure your website isn’t attracting spammy, low-quality, or irrelevant backlinks. Use a keyword tracker like SEMrush to watch what happens in the days and weeks after you build new backlinks.

Backlink Monitoring in conjunction with keyword tracking allows you to have a complete picture on the links that pop versus the ones that just flop. In addition, it lets you identify new link-building opportunities for your HVAC site.

Links pointing to your site should have the following attributes:

  • Optimized anchor text
  • Relevance to your content
  • Low spam score

You can use a tool like AHREFS to track your website’s backlinks easily.

Backlinks for an HVAC Company Website: Conclusion

Backlinks help with authority building, which impacts your website’s search engine visibility.

Plus, the right kind of backlinks help you drive traffic and build a solid online presence.

However, the wrong kind of backlinks can hurt your reputation, or worse, attract a manual penalty from Google.

There are countless ways to build backlinks to an HVAC service website. Some proven techniques include:

  • Guest posting
  • Creating local and link-worthy content
  • Collaborating with local businesses
  • Video link-building

No matter how careful you are, it’s possible for your site to attract irrelevant or spammy backlinks over time.

To counter this, what you can do is monitor your link profile and make sure it’s cleaner than the condenser coil you just serviced.

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Backlinks for an HVAC Company Website: 6 Powerful Tactics