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403-PAINTER Web Design Case Study

Building a Brand and SEO Strategy for 403-PAINTER

403-Painter is a Calgary-based professional painting company, renowned for its expertise in both interior and exterior domains. As a leader in the Calgary web and paint scene, they initially relied heavily on Facebook advertising, achieving notable success. Understanding the potential of a cohesive online presence, 403-PAINTER sought out our highly recommended web design Calgary expertise.

Their aim was to transition from just having impressive customer service to boasting a custom website designed to emphasize user experience and solid search engine optimization. Though they realized the growing importance of a tailored Calgary web design, they were initially hesitant about the immediacy of its return on investment.

Client Background

For over a decade, 403-PAINTER has not only been a pioneer in painting services but also in setting design and development standards in Calgary. Their unique marketing approach reflected their bold choice of colors. Using guerrilla marketing techniques, they showcased their brand on uniquely painted vehicles that soon became a hallmark in the Calgary web and real-world scene. This innovative Strategy ensured they remained a top-of-mind web design agency for many Calgarians.

The Challenge
Branding Issues & Limitation:

While the 403-PAINTER logo stood as the cornerstone of their identity, their brand encapsulation as “Calgary’s Creative Painters” was heavily reliant on their fleet of uniquely painted vehicles. These cars, once the primary ambassadors of their brand, started showing the signs of wear and tear over time. As these cars aged and broke down, 403-PAINTER faced the challenge of reimagining their branding strategy that matched the creativity and impact of their mobile advertisements.

Website & SEO Difficulties

Web Presence:

Despite their decade-long presence in the industry, 403-PAINTER lacked a digital footprint in the form of a website. They recognized its importance but wanted a site that was inherently SEO-friendly.

SEO Strategy Dilemma:

While the client was already familiar with SEO tactics and understood its potential benefits, they were apprehensive about diving head-first into a full-fledged Seo Strategy. Their approach was more cautious; they wanted to first gauge the performance and reception of the website before committing to an ongoing SEO investment.

The Solution
Branding Strategy, The Comic Book Inspiration:

 Drawing inspiration from the starburst in 403-PAINTER’s logo, we tapped into a nostalgic and vibrant theme reminiscent of old comic books. This led us to develop an aesthetic that echoed the “POW” and “BANG!” headers, frequently seen in classic comic books and superhero TV shows.

70's Theme Integration:

Along with the comic book motif, a distinctive 70’s theme was integrated, offering a unique blend of vintage and whimsical vibes, capturing the essence of the brand’s creativity.

Website & Preliminary SEO Strategy

Website Design:

The website was meticulously crafted with an amalgamation of the 70’s and comic book theme. While the aesthetics were paramount, the design process was complemented by setting up a website skeleton optimized for future SEO implementation.

Digital Marketing Plans:

We proposed a dual marketing campaign to give the brand an immediate boost in online visibility. This involved running Google Ads and continuing with Meta Advertisement across the social media marketing gambit. The goal was to ensure a robust online presence as we laid the groundwork for a more comprehensive SEO strategy.

Advanced On Page SEO

Service Page Development:

With the green light to advance our SEO strategy, we kick-started the process by creating individualized service pages. This approach allowed for detailed showcasing of each service 403-PAINTER offers, ensuring users had a clear and comprehensive understanding of their offerings.

SEO-Rich Content:

Recognizing the power of organic search, we revamped the website’s content. The revised content was keyword-rich, leveraging not just primary keywords but also semantic ones that resonated with the industry, services, and the work that 403-PAINTER specializes in.

Implementation Process

Website Development & Branding Discussions

Initial Focus on SEO:

From the get-go, we approached the website development with an SEO-centric mindset. Understanding that a solid foundation now would pave the way for easier SEO implementation later, we put foundational SEO principles at the forefront of our design approach.

Branding & Theme Brainstorming:

A series of collaborative meetings were held with the 403-PAINTER team. It was in these meetings that the comic book style idea was presented and subsequently embraced, cementing the branding direction for the new website.

Site Construction & Delivery

Following the branding approval, our team embarked on the actual development process, transforming ideas into a functional, visually captivating website.

Development Phase:

Following the branding approval, our team embarked on the actual development process, transforming ideas into a functional, visually captivating website.

Delivery & Transition:

Once the site was ready, it was delivered to 403-PAINTER. A brief hiatus ensued, allowing the new website to settle and gain some initial traction.

SEO & Digital Marketing Integration

SEO Strategy Discussion:

 A few months post the website launch, we reconvened with the 403 team to delve into the SEO segment of our collaboration. Here, we laid out our comprehensive plan, which encompassed an ad campaign on meta platforms and Google Ads. This was designed to ensure a steady influx of traffic while the site’s organic SEO potential was enhanced.

Content Enhancement:

A core component of our SEO strategy was content enrichment. We revamped the service pages by segmenting them further, allowing each service its dedicated page. This not only provided clarity for users but also created fertile ground for infusing keyword and semantic keyword-rich content.

Establishing an Educational Blog

Blog Section Creation:

Recognizing 403-PAINTER’s ambition to position themselves as educational leaders in the painting industry, we instituted a blog section. This would serve as a platform for them to share knowledge, tips, and industry insights.

Initial Blog Posts:

To ensure a robust beginning, we crafted and published three in-depth blogs. These initial posts laid the foundation for a consistent content strategy, showcasing 403-PAINTER’s expertise right from the start.

Final Implementation:

Once the strategic roadmap was approved by the 403-PAINTER team, we swung into action, executing each outlined step to fruition.

Results & Impact

Swift Traffic Surge

While our forecasts anticipated observable results around the 3-month mark, the site’s performance exceeded our expectations. A discernible spike in traffic was evident just a month into our SEO campaign, marking an auspicious beginning.

Backlink Boost

To consolidate the early gains and further bolster the site’s SEO performance, we embarked on a backlink-building spree. From having no backlinks, 403-PAINTER’s website now proudly sports a backlink profile with 170 authoritative links, further cementing its domain authority.

Keyword Ranking Evolution

As of December 2022, the site’s visibility on search engines was modest at best, ranking for only 17 keywords and not securing top positions.

Fast forward to September 2023, and the scenario has drastically changed. The website now ranks for a whopping 171 keywords, with 8 of the most sought-after ones commanding positions on the coveted first page of Google search results.

Organic Traffic Amplification

Prior to our intervention, the website’s organic traffic hovered in the range of 30 to 50 visitors. A clear testament to the potency of our SEO strategy was the substantial uptick in organic visits. By July, the site was attracting 1000 organic visitors, marking an exponential growth.

The aforementioned metrics and developments stand as a testament to the effectiveness of our comprehensive SEO and branding strategy for 403-PAINTER, demonstrating the transformative power of well-executed digital marketing initiatives.

Future Steps

Absolutely, here’s a more concise and straightforward version:

We’ve teamed up with 403-PAINTER to boost their online presence. By designing a user-friendly website and focusing on search engine optimization, we’re helping them grow in the digital world.

Going forward, we plan to keep the website content fresh and relevant, using simple but effective keywords to attract more visitors. Regular updates to their blog will also help showcase their expertise. As the seasons change, we’ll adjust our advertising to match, like highlighting indoor painting services in colder months. Our goal is to reach more people by targeting popular keywords, which should help increase sales.

In short, we’re committed to keeping 403-PAINTER at the forefront of their industry with a strategy that’s all about continuous growth and easy-to-understand content.”

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403-PAINTER Web Design Case Study


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