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Top 15 Advanced Website Crawlers for Improved SEO

A list of the top 15 advanced website crawlers for improved SEO. This list of website crawlers will help you get a better SEO strategy and knowledge about your page rankings and indexing.

A Website Crawler is also usually called a Spider, Spider Bot, or simply a Crawler. This is an internet bot that browses the internet on its own for Web Spidering. It provides you with the necessary information by indexing other popular websites on the internet and in return provides you with specific things like certain keywords that you can use to significantly improve your position in the SEO rankings.

Now you may wonder what is SEO? In full words, it is known as Search Engine Optimization and it is a process that helps you to improve your website traffic. SEO has certain guidelines that you need to follow to increase the traffic and ranking of your website several-fold.

How does it work? The exact process is extremely complex but we can use the help of a term called the keywords. Now if you want to look for something on a search engine, like Google, you will have to type some words related to it, and in return, Google will provide you with some search results. At a time, Google may provide you with a million results.

However, the thing is people usually look at the top available links. Less than a percent of people bother going to the second page. That said, SEO will help you bring your website to the top of the list of searched items if you add the several keywords that most people search for, and in return, it will increase your website’s traffic. That pretty much sums it up. We will discuss the top 15 Crawlers that will be of much benefit to you.

Serpstat Review

On top of the list, we have the Crawler by Serpstat, which is a company based in Odesa, Ukraine. Initially, it was used as an internal service that was exclusive only to another company, but in 2015, it became an individual company of its own. We will now discuss its benefits.

Serpstat Pros and cons


  • It has a free trial available for you to test if this product is good for your purpose or not
  • It provides you with interesting features such as keyword clustering and missing keywords
  • It provides you with detailed analytics regarding SEO
  • It has amazing visualizations
  • It contains all tools you need for SEO. Most other Crawlers lack in one domain or another


  • It is not 100% accurate sometimes; may provide you with the wrong keywords
  • If the website has too many pages, it will take longer to process.

Serpstat Pricing

  • You will not get a discount in monthly billing, only yearly billing gives a discount
  • 27.5% discount for 1-year subscription; 17.5% off for 6-month subscription; and 12.5% off for 3-month subscription. Remember this offer is limited.
  • The Lite version is $69 per month and facilitates only 1 user.
  • The standard version is $108 per month and facilitates 3 users.
  • The advanced version is of $217 and facilitates 5 users
  • The Enterprise version is $362 and facilitates up to 7 users.

Semrush Review

Next, we have the SEMrush. It is a company based in Boston that is cofounded by a person that shares the same first name as that of Serpstat’s founder. However, a person is not the same. This is a SAAS company that along with data analytics also provides keyword strategies and data reports.

Semrush Pros and Cons


  • It has the largest database of keywords
  • It is at a constant state of innovation and updates
  • Competitive when it comes to research regarding keywords and historical trends


  • Customer support does not respond on a timely basis
  • Pricing is a little higher than average
  • There is lack of clarity, not really user friendly at times

Semrush Pricing

  • Pro version is $99.95 per month
  • The Guru version is $199.95 per month
  • The business version is $399.95 per month
  • For a custom enterprise version, you need to contact the company and it will be even higher

Spider by Screaming Frog Review

The company Screaming frog is based in the United Kingdom and provides us with a crawler named Spider. It is the third on our list of crawlers.

Spider by Screaming Frog Pros and Cons


  • It can be integrated with google search as an extension
  • It provides us with all Meta Tag information
  • It provides us with word counts of pages


  • It is not a cloud software
  • User Interface is hard to comprehend
  • Not as feasible for really big websites


  • It has a free version that provides you with very limited functionality
  • Paid version is available at 149 Pounds per year.

Seomator Review

Seomator specializes in entering the website and giving complete information about it, including the links present in it, its architectural specifications, the quality of the content and also the speed of the website it is indexing. It is a very useful tool.

Seomator Pros and Cons


  • It can help you compare 2 domains in a very feasible way
  • It provides you with a report that you can download as a pdf
  • It monitors the website thoroughly and provides the user with a detailed analysis
  • It provides tips on how to improve your website


  • It is not helpful when it comes to Rank Tracking
  • It does not provide Keyword research tools
  • No available link management


  • Pay as you go version helps you with just one project and costs $5
  • Small Business version is available for 5 projects per month and costs $19 per month
  • The professional version is available for 15 projects per month and costs $49 per month
  • The unlimited version is available for $179 per month as you can do unlimited projects per month with it

OnCrawl Review

OnCrawl is a spider bot by Cognitive. It helps you find errors in HTTP and the website that can contribute to lowering your website traffic, so you can fix them on a timely basis and successfully avoid the unavoidable.

OnCrawl Pros and Cons


  • Reviews the quality of your website thoroughly
  • Has unique features like in-rank and Fresh Rank
  • Experts will be available for your help regarding the crawling software
  • Even websites with millions of pages can be analyzed.


  • You cannot use it for monitoring Keywords
  • Advanced options can be confusing for users to handle on their own


  • Explorer version is available at 49 EUR per month
  • The Enterprise version is available at 199 EUR per month
  • The ultimate version is available at 399 EUR per month
  • For the Infinite and Beyond version you need to contact the company for custom settings

Sitebulb Review

Sitebulb is an award-winning software spider that provides you with feasible and fast functionality. Furthermore, it is good at analyzing data that can be further used for other purposes.

Sitebulb Pros and Cons


  • A very easy-to-understand User Interface
  • Time to time auto-generated suggestions are provided


  • A free plan is not available
  • It is not Cloud-Based


  • Both monthly and yearly billing is available
  • In monthly, 5 pounds are further charged for 1 extra user
  • In yearly, 25 pounds are further charged for 1 extra user
  • 1 user for the lite version is 10 pounds per month and 99 pounds per year
  • 1 user for the pro version is 99 pounds per month and 270 pounds per year

Ahrefs Review

It is a very famous tool for analyzing backlinks and SEO. It helps analyze both the competitors and their customer’s demands. With that, you can optimize your website, while keeping track of your rankings on the World Wide Web.

Ahrefs Pros and Cons


  • It is a very helpful tool to find google features
  • Its backlink analysis is on a league of its own


  • The statistics on traffic is always slightly inaccurate
  • Not enough filters when it comes to domain reports


  • Contrary to annual billing, monthly billing provides 2 months for free
  • The Lite version is $99 per month in monthly and $83 per month for yearly
  • The standard version is $179 per month in monthly and $149 per month for yearly
  • The advanced version is $399 per month in monthly and $332 per month for yearly
  • The Agency version is $999 per month in monthly and $832 per month for yearly

DeepCrawl Review

It is a cloud-based spider that helps you to diagnose and fix technical performance issues. It crawls efficiently even for websites with millions of pages and is very easy to learn.

DeepCrawl Pros and Cons


  • It breaks down between Desktop, mobile, and tablet users
  • It provides us with SEO recommendations on the page
  • It has an integration availability with Google Search engine and Google analytics.


  • Does not do much other than site crawling
  • No keyword research facility is provided


  • Deep crawl privately sends the pricing information
  • The starting price is usually around $89 per month, with 1 month free

RavenTool Review

Raven Tool is a good website crawler that contains most of the typical features one may need for a spider bot. It also has attained good reviews that is proof of its capability.

RavenTool Pros and Cons


  • It has an additional feature known as link spy that is not available in many other crawlers
  • Can add your text to the reports


  • Poor site optimization leading to lower scores
  • They have Instagram reporting is unfeasible to many.


  • Small Biz version is available for $39 per month
  • The Start version is available for $79 per month
  • The Grow version is available for $139 per month
  • The Thrive version is available for $249 per month
  • The lead version is available for $999 per month

Moz Review

Moz was founded in 2004 by Rand and Gillian. It initially started off as a blog that discussed SEO and was initially named SEOmoz.

Moz Pros and Cons:


  • Search volume metrics are extremely good (in fact top-notch)
  • They provide really good competitor assessments


  • The restrictions of keyword tracking are extremely tight
  • The interface can be hard to navigate due to the complexity


  • Moz provides 30 days of free trial and subscription starts with $99 per month Review is a cheap and easy to use crawler that covers both onsite and offsite work in one tool. Pros and Cons


  • Provides us with a lot of facilities at extremely low rates


  • provides a free version and a free trial for a paid version that starts at $29.95 per person and increases slightly as you add more people for the subscription.

OnCrawl SEO Crawler Review:

It is a crawl that tracks whether your pages or posts indexed or not. It works on a daily basis. It works as a log crawler and it provides an SEO impact report also.

OnCrawl SEO Crawler Pros:


  • Improve the content quality
  • Analyze uniqueness of the content
  • Helps in indexing


  • It is a bit overpriced as compared to similar other crawlers.


It starts at 199 pounds per month and its highest package is for 1900 pounds per month.

SEO Crawler (by Rob Hammond) Review

It helps to crawl different URL’s in a single day. It gives you a good audit of issues with your website or its pages.

SEO Crawler (by Rob Hammond) Pros:


  • It is free of cost.
  • It helps in checking 350 links per day.
  • It helps with instant online crawling.


  • It is a free version that allows you to crawl up to 350 websites for free

WooRank Site Crawler Review

Site crawler by WooRank is especially focused on determining how Google interprets your website and helps you fix it to bring you up in SEO rankings.

WooRank Site Crawler Pros and Cons


  • Has a very useful FAQ.
  • Allows branding in white-label reports


  • Not for people new to search engine optimization
  • Cannot use premium features in the trial period


  • It is billed both monthly and yearly
  • The Pro version is available at $39.17 per month
  • The Premium version is available at $119.17 per month
  • An enterprise version is available but for that, you need to contact the salesperson, they tailor your price according to your needs

Free SEO Website Crawler Review

It is a free Website Crawler software available online that can help you determine how to improve your site in SEO rankings. SureOak is a great SEO website crawler.

Free SEO Website Crawler Pros and Cons


  • A free version that can be used by anyone


  • It does not provide much benefit at an enterprise level, so can be used only by extremely small-scale users


  • This version is free or may be available for limited usage.

Final Thoughts

This article pretty much sums up all the good SEO website crawlers that you can use to improve the quality of your website. When picking your preferred crawler, make sure you understand the scale of your website and your needs, and of course: do make a long-term budget plan!

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Top 15 Advanced Website Crawlers for Improved SEO


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