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This blog is for advertising products, affiliate links, YouTube channels and Facebook pages. Be it software, crafts, hobbies or cats it'll get promoted.
Let's Play Pathfinder: Siege Of The Inn
2023-11-20 21:07
via IFTTT We continue our journey into the game of Pathfinder as Helios and his team try to survive an onslaught of foes attacking the main base in their city. Will they manage to fend off… Read More
Game Dev: Solar Pinball Pipes And Skins
2023-11-18 21:07
via IFTTT working at fixing some of the materials and hit boxes of the pinball items. While adding in a few more things. Broadcasted live on Twitch -- Watch live at… Read More
Game Dev: Solar Pinball UI And Features
2023-11-16 21:08
via IFTTT Taking more time to get the ui and other features programmed into the game. using C# and the built in features to better handle the ball and board. Broadcasted live on Twitch … Read More
Baldur's Gate Let's Play! The Temple Creche
2023-11-05 23:07
via IFTTT Journey with us into the heart of Baldur's Gate 3 as we set forth on an expedition to the Gith Creche, a place shrouded in ancient mysteries. The Gith Creche holds secrets untold… Read More
Baldur's Gate 3: Romance With Shadow Heart
2023-11-03 22:08
via IFTTT The stoic dwarf finds a rare moment of reprieve, sharing heartfelt and romantic moments with ShadowHeart, forging a deeper bond amidst the trials that surround them. Love amidst… Read More
Baldur's Gate 3: Wisdom And Nightfall
2023-10-31 22:07
via IFTTT In this thrilling chapter of Baldur's Gate 3, our party forges ahead through the rugged expanse of the mountain pass. Amidst the treacherous terrain, the valiant Rogar stumbles u… Read More
Baldur's Gate 3: Way Through Undead
2023-10-30 22:08
via IFTTT In the aftermath of the Creche incident and the harrowing failed attempt to remove the sinister mindflayer tadpoles, our steadfast protagonist, Rogar, and the remaining team memb… Read More
Baldur's Gate 3: Into The Gith Base
2023-10-28 23:08
via IFTTT Embarked on a treacherous journey guided by Lae'zel, the party navigates through the dangerous mountain pass. Their destination: the ancient temple of Lathander, concealed within… Read More
Baldur's Gate 3: The Journey To The Creche
2023-10-22 22:08
via IFTTT Broadcasted live on Twitch -- Watch live at https://In this exciting Baldur's Gate 3 adventure, join our intrepid party led by Rogar, the seasoned monk of the Four Elements, as t… Read More
Suikoden Kouan Village Heist Pt 1
2023-10-14 22:07
via IFTTT Kouan, despite being the largest town in the Gouran region, is often held to be nothing more than a country town by those from some of the more prosperous areas of the empire. De… Read More
Suikoden: Gambles For The Voyage
2023-10-11 11:07
via IFTTT 🌟 Legacy of Leadership in the World of Suikoden 🌟 In Suikoden, leadership is not just a title—it's a testament to one's resilience and dedication. This cher… Read More
Suikoden Flee From The Moon
2023-10-10 22:07
via IFTTT Having successfully returned from their mission, the party grapples with the loss of the Liberation Army's revered leader. Emotions run deep as they reflect on their journey and… Read More
Suikoden: The Legacy Of The Deliverer
2023-10-08 23:08
via IFTTT Suikoden continues, amidst the whirlwind of events, Helios and his steadfast companions, fueled by their beliefs, opt not to join the Liberation Army. Instead, they find themselv… Read More
Suikoden Enemy Of The Land
2023-10-06 23:07
via IFTTT In the epic RPG adventure Suikoden, the narrative takes a pivotal turn when the protagonist, Ted, finds himself in a perilous situation after being betrayed and hurt by a high-ra… Read More
Suikoden Tax Thieves In Office
2023-10-05 23:09
via IFTTT In the epic journey through Suikoden, the player encounters a treacherous mountain pass that serves as the gateway to confronting a bandit menace threatening Rockland. This rugge… Read More
Suikoden Journey To Rockland
2023-10-04 11:09
via IFTTT In the original game Suikoden, the player finds themselves in the heart of Rockland, a village beset by a dire predicament. A dark cloud of oppression hovers over the land, as th… Read More

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