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One Thing That Can Stand In The Way Of Positive Life and Is Your Worst Enemy. (Blog)

Depression is that one thing that can stand in the way and stop you from leading a positive life. I never wished for a Perfect life because I know that it could never be perfect but I always wished for a beautiful life because I know that life is and always will be beautiful. Life will always has it's own ups and downs. Success and Failures are part of our life. Failures can lead to Stress. But I don't consider Stress bad.

Stress is not bad till you know how to handle it. Hold a paper in your hand and stretch your arm out, keeping it straight. You can hold on easily for sometime but after a certain period of time your arm starts hurting. The paper in you hand is Stress and stretched arm is your ability to handle it. This ability to handle stress can differ from person to person. To relieve your hand from pain what should you do ?

You should release the paper. And that's what exactly should be done with Stress. Let it go.
But I place depression in danger zone. Do not let stress convert in Depression. Stress is temporary and if handled will go. But is stress is continued it leads to Depression.

What is depression? If you google you may find multiple definitions. But I define it as a emotion that stops you from being what you are. And we need to understand that depression in not about feeling demotivated alone. It is much more than that. It is not only state of your mood but a mental status that needs to be spoken out.

The fight against stress is easy but against depression, it's not easy. But is it so difficult? I want you to ask yourself before you become victim to this so called DEPRESSION.
I have always believed that every individual is a winner. The first battle that we ever won was with our birth and surviving to what we call Life. We all are born winners so how can we loose to anything.

I do agree that there are times when everything seems to be going against us. There are times when we fail. But always remember today's failure become pillars in tomorrow's SUCCESS.

Never I repeat Never compare yourself to anyone, no matter how much others do. You are special in your own very way. Stay positive in your life because life may seem difficult but remember it is Beautiful.

Even for me. My life is not perfect but it is beautiful and just because there are few downs in my life I don't want to loose the beauty of being ALIVE.

If there are hundred reasons in my life to cry, I try to find one single reason to SMILE and believe me I don't have to struggle for that One Reason.

Talk to yourself.

  • Life is Beautiful.
  • I am winner and nothing can pull me down.
  • I will fight .
  • I can and I will.

Be positive and do not give up. Every time you fall, Stand and fight back because if you think you can then you can and no one can pull you down.Take a step back and think. 

Taking a step back does not mean you gave up rather it means you will come back and this time strike hard to Succeed.

Do something good. Help someone in need and believe me it will make you feel better. Find you own ways that can help you feel better

Do not lock yourself. Speak your heart out. If you feel scared to speak to your parents go speak to someone who can understand you. In that matter you can take help of professional Counselor as well there is nothing wrong in it. Remember it may seem easy to give up. But once you give up it is the worse feeling and it keeps you bothering.

Be a WINNER, Be a HERO, Be an INSPIRATION to yourself and world will look up to you.

SMILE and be a reason for Someone else's  SMILE too.

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One Thing That Can Stand In The Way Of Positive Life and Is Your Worst Enemy. (Blog)


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