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5 signs that You are an Insubordinate Employee at your Workplace

What does term an Insubordinate employee means?

Insubordinate Employee at workplace refers to an employee who does not obey his/her supervisor. To describe it is one word "The Troublemaker" in the team. There are one or two troublemakers in an organization with bad attitude. And give their supervisors a tough time. Everyone wants to be best and popular at workplace. Everyone feels that she/he is right, but an insubordinate employee will never accept that he can be wrong as well. I, me and myself is very harmful attitude. Being good at your work is a positive attitude. But being trouble maker employee is negative popularity. 

At workplace some would like you and some may not same applies to our personal lives as well. And this is fine because we all are different and we think differently and there may be difference in opinion and this is normal. Critics help us to improve for better. Today the world has become very competitive and for a single job opening there are many applicants. 

So start respecting your job. People are struggling hard every day to get a job and you have one, the position which many dream of. There may be few problems. Life is not perfect and workplace is no exception. There are up's and down as well. But there is always a way out. However, an insubordinate employee will never have any solutions. He/She will not only create problems for others but for oneself too. Termination or Resignation is not a solution.

You need to realize soon this mistake of yours as if not today; it will start hurting your career soon. Don't be a insubordinate employee. Below are 5 characteristics that define an insubordinate employee.

1) Too Many Complains:

Do you have too many complaints at your workplace? Though it is not bad as it can help your employer to improve but when an employee complains too much it is an alarm. You have been hired to be part of a solution rather than complaining again and again. In today's scenario, employers are giving attention to employee satisfaction. Though it is very difficult to make everyone happy so when your company finds a solution, they have to look after everyone and it is not about you alone. But if you have complaint with everything then you need to work on yourself. Negativity does not only have bad effect on others but will affect you too. Be a part of solutions rather than being a trouble maker.

2) Not willing to Learn: 

Have you developed an attitude where, if someone tells you something you feel offended and are not willing to learn? You do not feel the need of training and when you have to attend some, you end up making fun of the training session. It is very important for you to realize that every new day is a new opportunity to learn. There has never been an individual and never will be who knows it all. Training not only help you polish your existing skills but they also help you develop new skills. No one is perfect, not even you. Learning is an ongoing process which cannot be stopped.

3) I know it all:

Are you acting as if you know everything? Do you act arrogant? "I" is a very dangerous word that can ruin entire team. You cannot know everything and listening plays a major role and remember listening is a skill and is an important one. Listening is the first important factor in communication skill. Good listener is a good communicator. Is it hard for you to admit that you do not know something? Knowing what you speak is very important. For example:

You are in an important meeting which is about promoting a product. But you do not know anything about the product and you decide to speak as one of your junior is speaking well and you are afraid that you will not be given any importance in the project. So you keep talking and end up looking like unprepared. Sometimes, it is fine to say I don't know. Learning from others doesn't make you small. I find it perfectly alright to not know sometimes. Research, learn and come back strong.

4) Do you lie:

As I always mention in all my training sessions, you can lie to world but you cannot lie to yourself. An employee who lies a lot is very dangerous to his/her team. Making excuses and not accepting your mistakes is something that I will put in the list of lies. Not taking responsibility and making excuses will neither help you nor it will help your team. Remember, lies cannot be hidden for too long. It will come out for sure and the day it happens you will not be respected. Answer a question; will you want a liar to be part of your team? 
Now let us take a case where you are part of an important project; however you have made a mistake which will cost huge loss to the company. You have already discovered it. If you discuss it with your boss he might become very angry with you and if you do not tell to anyone the blame would come on another colleague of yours. But by the time the damage would have been done. What will you do?
  • Wait for them to discover. 
  • Will keep quiet as you will never be blamed.
  • Act shocked when it comes out.
  • Will you inform accepting your mistake so that some action can be taken before the damage is done

5) No willing to work in a team :

Is it very difficult for you to work in a Team? Working in an organization is not about you only, but there are other employees too. It is an entire team who is responsible. But, do you prefer to stay alone rather than in a team? While working in a team do you keep yourself away and talk behind the back, criticizing people. Do you always take credit of all the success? Working in a team is an important skill to possess. Being a team player is an important quality. Also are other colleagues to yours hesitating to work with you as in a team? 

Facing our weakness help us to improve for better


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5 signs that You are an Insubordinate Employee at your Workplace


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