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12 Winning Sales Closing Habits

Salesperson often grapples with the algorithm of Sales Closings and end up in meeting lot of prospects but not Closing enough. This blog will talk about 10 Smart Winning habits of a Salesperson, which helps him in closing more sales.

1. Never Close a Sale. It is the customer’s job to do so.

The salesperson has to play the role of a “Referee” in a Sales Call. The customer is allowed to be the “Player” and hence it is the player who will close the sale. The “Referee” has to ensure that game is played as per rules and the player is claiming a legitimate victory.

What does a salesperson do as far as sales closing is concerned?

The Salesperson has to ensure that the “Player” i.e. “Customer” plays the game well and enjoys winning the same.

2. Always highlight “what customer is going to lose?” by not buying your product or service.

This is known as the “Risk Accelerator Approach” while demonstrating your product or solution. The customer jumps into buying a product or service only when the risk quotient rises to a level where it starts getting painful to the customer.

When I approach a corporate to sell my sales training programs, the following risks are highlighted and the corresponding loss thereby to the customer in sold.

S.No. Risk Loss to the customer
1 Inadequate lead generation engine 20% loss of business
2 Proposing to customer without complete need analysis 30% of wallet size is lost in every transaction
3 Poor objection handling skills 30% of your prospects buy from competition
4 Poor or No CRM practice in letter and spirit 100% Lapsation customers would be lost. 50% Sticky customers will be lost.
5 Inability to handle irate customers Customer Attrition will increase by 10%
6 Customer Service Recovery improper 15% of complaints cannot be satisfied leading to drop in CSI
7 No reference selling happening be design 15% loss of business
8 No cross selling is being done 8% loss of business

3. Always be Closing (ABC)

Salespersons should always be looking out for a close from the customer. To do this, every time a customer confirms the use of any one benefit, the salesperson should seek customers opinion about closing the sale. 3 – 4 part closings like this will lead to a close.

4. Allow the prospect to talk first and talk more

Prospects love to talk and a good salesperson allows them to do so by asking open-ended questions.  The more the salesperson allows the customer to talk, more are the chances that customer will buy and the salesperson need not sell at all.

5. Talk to the “Right Person” for the “Right Discussion” at the “Right Time”

sales strategyA performing salesperson knows always asks this question to themselves “Am I talking to the right person?”. To be able to do this, it is important to minimize wastage of time with the wrong person. Let us understand that only milk can become curd. Any white liquid is of no use if you want to make curd, isn’t it?

6. Talk solutions, not product or money with customer

The focus is always more on “What?” after the answers to the question “Why” is answered by salesperson.

sales solution

It is a bad sales practice to try to answer “What” before finishing with the “Why?”.  This one change can elevate your closing skills by as high as 50%.

sales management

The Interest (Why?) of the respective parties in discussion while closing decides the final Position (What?). Hence it is a good practice for professional salesperson to by always asking questions to know the customers interest rather than trying to push a product. (What?)

Following are the typical habits of a product salesperson vs. solutions salesperson.

Product & Sales Solution

7. Never Give without Getting

This is also known as the negotiation exchange kit for the salesperson. It is a very strong habit of a salesperson to ensure that whenever he is forced to give something to the customer he must ask something in return. By doing this , he ensures that the customer does not ask for anything which is illegitimate or just for the sake of asking.

sales neogationIt is a good practice for salespersons to be trying to unlock “Positions” , “Value” and “Safety Kit” for the customer with a “Master key approach”.

The knowledge, skill and attitude of the salesperson helps them do this act of unlocking positions, value and safety kits.

8. Refusing to “split the difference”

Customer always proposes to “split the difference” when they are sure that they are asking for something out of normal. This proposal from a customer is a very loud and clear signal from the customer that even they are not sure about the same although they are asking for it.

sales proposalGood salespersons always practice “Collaboration” and “Compromise” with the customer they are negotiating with.  “Accommodate” or “Defeat” is a game played by losers in sales.

9. Write down everything asked for or given by you

It is a very good habit of good salespersons to always keep a written record of all discussions while closing. This helps you visualize better and promotes out of box thinking while closing with the customer.

10. Strictly follow the Don’ts of Sales Closings

  1. Do not debate, confront or fight. Create options, search for solutions.
  2. Do not storm out of the negotiation, rather walk out tactfully and judiciously, if and when you must have to walk out.
  3. Do not fall for “splitting the difference” tactic.
  4. Do not take every deadline and “take it or leave it”seriously.
  5. Do not be too eager to please ,nor afraid to say No.
  6. Do not assume they know your weakness. Create perfection of power.
  7. Do not bluff, cheat or lie. It will catch up with you to hurt your credibility.

11. Be Human

Every problem in this world cannot be solved with money. Make use of Salespersons privilege at this point. Understand that you need the customer more before the order but the customer needs you even more after the order.

  1. As a human being , you will help the customer in
  2. Priority supply during peak season time
  3. Reduce downtime, in case of shut downs or technical failure of your product area, even if your product has not failed.
  4. R&D initiatives where you are trying to customize a better product for your customer.

12.  Know your walk away point

It is not important to agree to every demand of the customer. Some things in the deal are not negotiable and whenever the customer demands the same, salesperson should know how to walk out gracefully.

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12 Winning Sales Closing Habits


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