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Why Do We Elves Call Ours'elves the People of the Ancient Future?

"We seek to create what we feel inside on the outside. To manifest our feelings of what once was into what can be. Thus, we are the People of the Ancient Future honoring the past and our ancestors, while striving ever to create a New Dawn of Elfin." 

     We Elves sometime refer to ours'elves as the People of the Ancient Future, which seems somewhat contradictory. However, it feels right to us and we elves trust our feelings a great deal. It is not that we don't value logic and reason. In fact, we are surely some of the most logical and certainly some of the most reasonable people upon the planet, but logic is only as good as the facts one has and we've known numerous folks to use what seems to be logic based upon erroneous assumptions and alternate facts to support ideas that just don't seem right in our feelings. 
     This reminds us ever of the scene in the Fellowship of the Ring where Boromir tries to persuade Frodo to give him the ring and Frodo tells him that while it all sounds very logical something in his gut tells him it isn't quite true. There is more to a person than their mental mind and sometimes the only way to see someone's hidden motives is to look to our own inner feelings.
     Thus, while the idea of an Ancient Future doesn't quite seem logical, it resonates within the Elven in a sort of opposite fashion to Frodo's rejection of Boromir's arguments. For here, something that doesn't quite seem logical, makes quite a lot of sense to us in our own feelings and intuition. 
     Why this is so may have a lot to do with the fact that according to legend elves are the Elder or Eldar race, the first born into manifestation. A subtler manifestation truly, as the energy of spirit first filtered down into the material dimensions, but material being none-the-less. However, while we are sometimes inspired by legends, myths and lore, we elves don't necessarily believe everything everyone writes about us, no matter how ancient or modern the tale. Again, it is our own feelings that are most important to us as an anchor to our own being and as a means of discriminating what feels right to us and about us and what doesn't quite jibe with our own inner sense of being.
     Of course, we elves have to be somewhat careful in that sense. For there are things that don't suit our own sense of being elfin that makes perfect sense to some other elf. It is ever important to remember that we elves tend to be eccentric by nature, which is to say, all very different; that there are myriads of types of elves; and that what fits one perfectly, like a suit of clothes, may be utterly impossible for another to wear or simply, in this case, doesn't fit their own sense of style. Thus, when people ask us to define elves, we always attempt to remain as open as possible about what we are and what delineates our being. 
     But most elfin and elfae seem to have a sense, independent of lore or in keeping with it, that we are, indeed, an ancient people and most have a sense that we once had a great civilization that existed either here upon the Earth and/or among the Stars. Some may think that this civilization still exists but in another dimension as is the case in Freda Warrington's great book Elfland. However, if it does, no one seems to know where the threshold is or how to go through it, and if they did, they are surely long gone. Wouldn't you be?
     Most of us elves have realized that if Elfin is to exist as a place upon the Earth in the current day or in the future, we must create it. In fact, that is our mission. That is why we've incarnated again and again. That is our continuing quest. But there is no doubt that the Elfin we envision, lives within us like an ancient memory just on the edge of our consciousness. We seek to create what we feel inside on the outside. To manifest our feelings of what once was into what can be. Thus, we are the People of the Ancient Future honoring the past and our ancestors, while striving ever to create a New Dawn of Elfin. 

Fardas Lovur Tae Lan (Dancing toward the dawn),
The Silver Elves

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Why Do We Elves Call Ours'elves the People of the Ancient Future?


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