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An Alternative to Capitalism or Socialism: Distributionism

Quite the humanist proposal from John Halstead on his blog (click to read). Well worth a few moments to absorb.

What we humans tend to ignore, or forget, or fail to go through the mental exercise to understand is that we are not all the same.  Our extraordinarily complex brains are an 'accident' of evolution and have allowed our species to proliferate on the planet to the point that we are killing the environmental circumstances all species on the planet require to survive.

 If we refuse to acknowledge that there are those among us who, left without restrictions on their drives and determination, WILL NOT be altruistic or sensitive to the needs of the rest of us, then we'll simply see the current situation we have allowed to flourish end human (and most other species') existence on the planet.  This is not a 'prediction', it is merely the natural outcome of what happens when errors occur in overly complex brains and individuals with those errors (extremes) related to behvioural functioning are allowed to do what comes most naturally to them.  We humans NEED regulation to protect us from the few who will always manipulate and take advantage of any loopholes the rest of us leave open for them.

Known knowns:
  1. We are a social-tribal species and evolution never 'intended' for us to live together in such large concentrations (we evolved separately from chimps for ~7,000,000 years, but have only lived in permanent settlements for ~7,000 years, that is .1% of our evolution), 
  2. Narcissistic psycho/sociopaths are natural 'errors' in our accidentally complex human brains -- and they are not good for other humans, 
  3. We are naturally ego/greed based when left to our own devices, so we need the rules/enforcement of a social order, be it religious from the past, or governmental in today's hyper-urban, science-based existence, and these rules are needed to control the personality types who are incapable of empathy and naturally, deeply desire the power that comes with money-hoarding and political success, 
  4. The global stock markets are not 'business-related', they are gambling pools for the richest 1% of humans, all of whom are money-hoarders whose narcissistic psycho/sociopathic tendencies are patently obvious, 
  5. The narcissistic psycho/sociopaths among us (and ALL of us are somewhere on that bell curved spectrum, albeit near the harmless center) will, if they don't use their boundless determination to hoard money, get into politics and will work to help out the money-hoarders who support their rise to power by enacting laws. 
  6. Political correctness and 'The New Normal" (ego-based hyper-parenting and the proliferation of addictive, antisocial electronic devices and freely accessed 24/7 pornography - also addictive) have led us to the point that we have inadvertently created an entire generation of 'permanently wired for hypersensitivity' ('entitled' and deeply addicted) humans whose psychological tendencies cannot be identified and ameliorated with proactive psycho-therapeutic intervention, so the problem is only likely to be exacerbated in the near future.
Hence humans in a global social community REQUIRE laws, rules and enforced regulations to contain and control the narcissistic psycho/sociopaths who, just due to their brain wired low/no-empathy drives and determination, WILL take over everything and everyone else. Whether you let them rise to the top in either socialism/communism (HUGE government) or capitalism/money-hoarding (democratic voting systems without restriction on monetary support, see 'Citizens United'). We either retake control from the 1% through legislation, or we continue to suffer under their unrelenting drive to take ever more control, and they will because they cannot do otherwise due to their wiring.

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An Alternative to Capitalism or Socialism: Distributionism


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