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Book report: Simon Vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli

Hello, bookworms (or dragons or what or however you call yourself). Today, I’m sharing my very honest review of Becky Albertalli’s Book, Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda. I believe the movie adaptation is already on the works, and I really hope they come up with a great film as it came from a great book.

Before giving you my stars, I would like to give some bullets on why I loved this book and why I’m pretty sure you’ll Love the book as well.

  • The main character falls in love with an anonymous person he knew from the internet.
  • They have Tumblr.
  • There are few lines covering the undying issue of grammar.
  • He loves Harry Potter.
  • This is a book about the highschool journey of a boy and his struggles on coming out as gay.

See? It’s so us, kids! (No, I’m not gay, but the idea of “coming out” about anything is just too scary sometimes).

So yep, I’m gonna start with some of my favorite quotes plus some of my views about each, and will try not to spoil the whole book for the sake of the points I bulleted above. Lol, try.

“He’s someone. He may even be someone I know. But I don’t know who. And I’m not sure I want to know.”

I don’t know, but if you have an anonymous friend, you’ll definitely get closer to him as if you already know all about him and he already knows all about you. There’s just these things that are not that easy to share with your family or friends.

Remember these blogs we share our secrets on? And that famous enable button which lets you receive anonymous messages? And that urge to message your crush (or frenemy) everything you’d want to tell them but too weak to say it with your face and name exposed?

“Remember the way people would look at you blankly and say, “Um, okaaay,” after you finished talking? Everyone just had to make it so clear that, whatever you were thinking or feeling, you were totally alone. The worst part, of course, was that I did the same thing to other people. It makes me a little nauseated just remembering that.”

I have to include this here because I can totally relate. Not to the one who’s talking but to that “uhmm okay” guy. There are times that I’m becoming that i-don’t-effin-care girl. I’m not interested with SOME of the stories people share. Sometimes, I know I AM INTERESTED, but have NOTHING to say. So I’m just like “uhm okay.” Please do understand. I don’t open arguments anytime, or just talk without any sense. Here comes the mood swings.

“Someone can trigger your sexual identity crisis and not have a clue they’re doing it.”

I’m not against LGBT. God, I love them gays. But until now, I still don’t get how they realize they’re not straight. I mean, of course, vaginas and penises are just organs, but what do they think about when they start to feel they’re gay?

I have lots of gay friends but I can’t ask them this because I’m too lazy to make them understand my question. It doesn’t matter, anyway. I love them. They’re truer and more fun and the sweetest.

“Creeksecrets (Tumblr) is supposed to be where you can post anonymous confessions and secret random thoughts, and people can comment, but no one really judges you.”

Even in Simon’s world, people are trying to expect that no one judges anyone. Yeah, because you’re coming out as an Anon. I hate that I loved this part of the book when they introduced Creeksecrets, because it’s 100% true. We don’t judge people here because they’re anonymous. And when someone with a face and name come out, we make fun of them. Isn’t it beautiful, people are bullying each other but become too sensitive when bullied back? *rolls eyes*

“It’s the freaking Tumblr, okay. Half that shit is made up.”

Another bug YES. Come on, this isn’t a fictional novel. It is REAL LIFE.

I hate the fact (oh yeah, admit it) that half of Tumblr is all made up. Mainly just to get followers and notes and even friends. There are just these few who writes and post things that are purely from their hearts and even brains (bec plagiarism is a growing economy here).

I’m honestly eager to write more about this but nevermind.

“Do you ever get so angry you start crying? And do you ever feel guilty for getting angry? Tell me I’m not weird.”

Okay this is a bit of turn from the real issues on Tumblr, but this is still somehow connected because this is the part when Simon’s secret was revealed on Tumblr by someone who blackmailed him. Buuuuut let’s talk about that anger.

And last but definitely not the least:

“The problem is, I’m beginning to realize I hardly know anything about anyone.”

It’s just amazing that Blue and Jacques talked (or emailed) each other about their lives but not directly about the things in their lives. I’m not sure you’re getting me, but yeah. In my case, I always talk about the specifics. I’m baaaad in keeping secrets and masking anything I am saying. It’s both a blessing and a curse, really.

Well that’s it. I don’t wanna spoil everything so gou just gotta read the whole book and maybe shre your pwn thoughts, too. I can give you my copy if you can’t find one. Just message me here, leave a comment, email me, text me, call me - whatever.

Because I highlighted almost every page of my ebook, it obviously means I loved the book and how it made me actively comment on every part of it. I gave it 5 stars, making it one of my favorites on Goodreads (add me there, btw, if we’re not friends yet!).

One last spoiler: I thought Blue was Nick or Bram or Carter but… yeah, I was right.

P.S. If you already have read this book, tell me your thoughts on that literally blind date? If you haven’t yet, well you should! Message me for a copy. ;)

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Book report: Simon Vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli


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