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May Day: About Letting Go And Holding On

Hello darlings! I’m mabait ngayon. :)

Why? Idk, but I am starting to feel something (more?) special for everyone these days. Something and someone taught me a lesson and I realized people indeed come and go, and there’s nothing you can do about that. So whenever you find yourself drowning, thinking about the future or how to make someone stay, uhm.. don’t. Instead, let them feel what they feel, do what they want to do, and Love them as is, treasure your time with them without putting pressure on their side.

As I grow older and as I meet new people along my journey in life, I am learning more and more not just about myself but about other people as well. Sabi nila the most important thing is to know yourself, siguro I agree. But I am starting to see and look at things beyond my own perspective. Hindi lang naman ako yung nabubuhay sa mundo ko e. Life isn’t “living” if you’re just thinking about yourself.

Soooooo I’m not on either side of holding on and letting go. Any decision depends on something. If you badly want or need something, hindi ibig sabihin non para sayo na ito. Not because you put your greatest effort on something, makukuha mo na ito. Hindi rin ibig sabihin na kapag nasayo na, gusto mo ito.

Like, for example, I had a great job. Nice, comfy, high-paying, high-level kind of job, but I quit it because I wasn’t happy. Another example is this guy who courted me for sooo long and I rejected him over and over again; he moved on and found another lover worthy of his efforts.

Well for me, the most important thing is not an object, not a job, not a lover, but a friend. Even with my family, I always look for Friendship. Even with my soon-to-be boyfriend, I will always look for friendship. Sa iba, they’d choose family over friendship, but for me, tingin ko friendship is everything -honesty, loyalty, love, faith. Not all families have honesty (no offense), we often deny problems just to call ourselves “happy”.

Anyways, balik sa aking kwento:

Highschool Friendship

One of my treasured groups of friends is my highschool buddies. We’re not totally close back in highschool but when graduated, dun na mas naging tight yung friendship. Maybe because we’ve been friends since 2004 (lol not sure), amd as we grow older, mas nagiging important samin yung samahan.

Minsan lang to, but I finally had a nightout with my highschool barkada. It wasn’t actually a nightout lol but we had fun, we got drunk, we shared memories, confessions, etc. Very low key (no bars, no parties, no balloons, no ootds) but super fun and true!

Yesss, some of us are already been there for more than 10 years. I guess it’s safe to say we already know each other more than anyone could expect. Usually, we wait for direct confessions even when we already know it deep inside lol. Lamonayon.

Friendship and #Adulting

I actually can’t decide which group is my favorite but when it comes to adulting, I’ll go with this one. I met the girls during college, and the guys about three years ago. And idk why we called ourselves Snowmen.

Oh yea, nauso kasi yung kanta ni Ana sa Frozen.

Anyways, my two girlfriends are now married and preggy so I’m the only dalaga left. Fun and sad, really. At least I feel like I’m the baby.

I just miss them bec since there’re babies coming, we’re starting to feel na mawawalan na kami ng time for whatever we do kapag kami kami lang -bonding, karaoke, drinking, travel, etc. But at least they’re always there when you need someone to talk to, and they’re really blunt and idk bully so medyo fun padin.

Friendship within the Family

I’m feel very fortunate that even I wasn’t born to a rich and wealthy family, at least I have mine as my friends. My parents are literally annoying and bully as well as if they’re teens (duh) and I can travel and go to gimiks with my siblings and cousins.

I’ve mentioned na there are things you choose to keep from your family. I have mine, too. Uhm. Siguro love life. Not because I don’t have one (lol) but because I think not everyone is worth my family’s time. Kapag gustong gusto kita siguro ikekwento kita and someday you’ll meet them.

Lovelife and Love Life

Speaking of… well, I’m 100% single (but not ready to mingle!) Lol. I don’t have anyone special right now. But I’ve been very vocal about Lovebug, yu kno. He was my best friend, my favorite person, my soulmate.

We’ve talked about a lot. I honestly think he knows me better than the above^ persons know me. I can’t tell if I know him that much, too. Minsan, oo. Minsan, hindi. Well, people change, and sometimes those changes are hindi natin gusto and we unconsciously hurt them kasi kung anu-anong sinasabi natin bec of those changes. Minsan we forget na we’re in charge of their lives. They have their own choices kahit na gaano ka pa nila kamahal.

Well, we decided to focus more about ourselves (careers, hobbies, etc.) without any distractions from each other. Parang bata yung break-up for bestfriends pero well, things happen.

Well, to summarize everything, holding on is sometimes harder than how we think it is, and sometimes letting go is easier. Depending on circumstances, we tend to let go and sometimes we fight and hold on.

But whether they’re physically there or away, as long as your love for them is alive and strong, everything will be fine. As long as you believe, trust, and have faith in them, everything will be fine.

P.S. I have travel plans I’d like to share. Kaso kapag sineshare hindi natutuloy. I was supposed to share a travel/activity calendar here on my blog pero I’m thinking about it pa. What do you think?

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May Day: About Letting Go And Holding On


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