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Life- It's All About Being Strong!


Dont judge me by my past, because the moving water is always the fresh one, as I keep learning everyday. My past doesn't know what I am now, neither my future knows what I was. So, live the life to it's fullest, that's the biggest blessing.

 Our childhood, our memories, all those losses, disappointments, innocence, trust and love made our past. This past plays a very important role in shaping who we are today. Don't look back at it, it has nothing new, just the same old story that again turns you off and takes you back to those bad memories.

You cry, you mourn, you start drowning into it all over again. But what you get? Nothing, just the same old reply, the same ending and the same story. Nothing new, nothing interesting that cheers you or brings happiness and joy to you. Stop running after people who don't care about you. Think about those running after you, they deserve your time and love. 

Today's mistakes become tomorrow's lessons. You fall a million times, yet you still are YOU, so get up, learn and move on. Whatever you did is now the past. It should only be looked upon as a lesson, a blessing to know the truth and learn from it. Things lost in the past would eventually cross paths with us again in the future. But don't worry, you're doing it right, just be confident and take the step. 

Everything that happens has a reason, think positive because it's just how we look at things. The thing that matters the most is our perspective, and our way of thinking. Things done should never be regretted because we took those steps according to it's circumstances and they have made us who we are today.

Losing someone special is hard, you get broken, and now you're all alone. You start taking things too seriously, without searching for the hidden part. If someone leaves your life that's because they dont deserve you and that they just came to visit you not to stay with you forever.

Instead, someone better or new people come into your life, to help you stand up one more time. Isn't it amazing? how finely this roller coaster goes on and on. We lose people and meet new ones. Every person has a reason to enter our life, some come to show us the right way, while some people may become stories, some chapters, and some just titles of our book, but certainly, only we are it's author.

Many of us think that life is funny. Just when we start planning something, get excited about it, and boom, the paths suddenly change, wind blows the other way around. North becomes South, and East turns into West, and then we get lost, but what we don't see is that we have already started a whole new adventure, with many mysteries awaiting, many adventures yet to come, we just have to keep the lessons we learnt in mind and try not to repeat them.

What is meant to be, it will be. You can't do anything about it. No matter what, you cannot bring that person back unless it's fate. This is where we fail, we get all desperate to get them back and do whatever it demands, but forgetting the good part we get distracted from our main path. The line between determination and desperation should always be in our mind, because something that's ours would eventually be ours, but if something isn't, no matter how hard we try, it would never be ours.

Without even turning or looking back, they are gone. You cannot just leave and go away without even caring about them. 

But, this is the part where you need to hold yourself together, and not let yourself break apart with just one bounce, this is the time to show your strength. This is where we have to be Strong, so that one day we look at someone and say, 'but.....I survived.' Rather than sitting there and regretting the things we should give up on, GET UP, and FIGHT!

God has given us just one life and we cannot let anyone destroy it or waste it. We have one life and we should live it like there is no tomorrow, feel like that everyday is the last day of our life. Feel like the moon that shine at night, and the sun which brights up the day. 
One day, you'll rise like a break of dawn and become an inspiration. 

Nobody ever says 'goodbye' anymore. Everyone just seems to silently drift into the night and slowly walk away right when you need them. They don't even leave without any sign, without any warning. And whenever you cross paths, they can never look at you straight in the eye and once again, they disappear without a goodbye. This hurts a lot, because these were the goodbyes that were never said and never meant to be. 

Obviously it hurts, but if the other person doesn't care, then why do you? It might be difficult to let go of the past and it might hurt, but we have to make sacrifices right? The pain might be temporary, it would soon end and you would be stronger than ever. These scars might even last forever, but they would be just as the reminders of how strong you were. It's just how you look at things. Don't ever see what has been done; seek out for what remains to be done. 

"Be strong & be happy, because the happiest people are the strongest ones."
"If we can't touch the past, then why are we letting it touch us?"
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Written & Published by
Ali Asghar

Edited by
Maida Nasir

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Life- It's All About Being Strong!


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