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Dating Funny Guy – Why We Need Them?

The world is full of serious people and our lives have moved away from out of boundaries fun to crying out in remote corners. We still have a chance to bring back the joys in our lives by dating funny guy. These funny guys are life gurus and know better than all that life is all about creating happy memories. Dating funny guy is what every girl should look ahead, as sorrows are afraid of such guys and park themselves miles away from them. That’s the reason why most of the girls prefer to date funny guys over hot guys every time. So if you really want your life to be filled of joy and humor start dating funny guy.

Things To Know Before Dating Funny Guy

  • They are full of humour which guarantees a fantastic day, its like you are sitting on an old spring which might throw you high anytime. No matter in whatever mood you are goosebumps are packed in for you. You just need to call that stupid friend and engage him into a discussion. Entertainment falls in place right away. Dating funny guy is a blessed reaction, brace it to make your life fun.
  • They are like center fresh chewing gum, They come in sweet and no matter how much you chew the excitement never goes away, it just gets better with time, your jaws give up but your brains won’t. They can even make the most boring stuff look awesome. If you are fond of chewing gum, be prepared for dating funny guy.
  • They may sometime get offended if you call them funnythey may be a very funny in person but dare you make fun of them publically, don’t treat them down or ask them to throw jokes in public to justify your statement to call them funny. They are actually soft-hearted and they love to see you smile as a friend. This may be the reason of them being funny. Follow this simple rule if you are really up for dating funny guy.
  • No talks can be so serious with them you can’t think of a serious situations with them as they are life lovers and take all situations with a positive approach. So whenever you go to them to discuss your seriousness, they might throw a joke at you forcing the serious situation to disappear. They may not speak at all and you can just start laughing with their reactions. This is the best advantage of dating funny guy.

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  • Truth is humans experience pain and they are also humanThey may look like making all the serious situations look awesome but there may be some serious memories buried deep into their hearts and they always feel the pain of those hurtful memories. This may be the reason behind all their fun as they don’t want you to experience the pain that they have been experiencing. We are all lucky to have such friends.
  • They are god gifted with humorous capability to ease pain Not all of us have the capability to apply humor all the time and the reactions are not spontaneous. We have to crack open our brains to crack a small joke with no guarantee to make people laugh. So treat as a God which is only possessed by few. Life is always adventure with such people.
  • You can really relate TV shows with themThink of all the comedy on TV which made you laugh out loud, this special friend of yours have the weirdest capability to create similar situations without a production house in place. They are real life artist. They fuck all bookish theories and just move on with life with smiles. You don’t need a TV to laugh if you are really dating funny guy.
  • Emotional expertsThey are experts in creating and spreading emotions. They can make you smile and cry at the same time. Don’t judge their capabilities as its out of your capabilities. Have fun with them as they are real life teachers. They create happy memories in your life to be cherished by you when they are not around.
  • Sad we can’t be with them always, Who doesn’t want to be with such full of life people all the time but not all are very lucky. When we are not with them we always think of the beautiful moments spent with them. Sometimes our boring life taken on and gives us tension and tears. Rush and make arrangement to get such awesome people into your life permanently.
  • They blend in everywhere, They are like sugar and salt You can take them practically everywhere or anywhere, They don’t need introduction, Their charming personality does it all and sooner or later everyone wants to hang around them as all of us are in search for some happiness all them time. No matter whatever happens, don’t ever let these people walk out of your lives. Humans make mistakes and all mistakes look so small when compared to the little happiness we got when we hang around such people. Don’t test your luck with these people as you are already lucky enough blessed with their presence.

So throw all the unwanted seriousness of life in shit, break all freaking unwanted rules, makeup your mind and start dating funny guy! Have A Nice Day!

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Dating Funny Guy – Why We Need Them?


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