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Mindfulness Meditation – ONLY 10 minutes a day!

Time is our most precious asset, yet we often spend it ‘thoughtlessly’. If we were given $25 at the beginning of every day and asked us to buy time using that money throughout the day at a rate of one dollar per hour, how would we spend it? We would pay Eight dollars for eight hours of sound sleep, which is actually a very good bargain. Another eight dollars, we would spend ‘unwillingly’ for eight hours of work because of the necessity. Now we are left with very few bucks and most of us would spend this amount on things like getting lost in YouTube videos, surfing the net, and posting on Facebook. This is where our valuable extra time actually goes which we are wasting carelessly.We can utilise this time by practicing Mindfulness Meditation for blissful life.

Do you know we could buy a healthy life in just 10 cents a day, or $3 a month and can easily lead a stress-free life. In such a small amount we could buy health benefits  like:

  • Stress Resilience
  • Enhanced memory
  • Strong immunity system
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Anti-inflammatory effects
  • Decreases in muscle pain
  • Strengthened impulse control

10 Minutes of Mindfulness Meditation can make your life more meaningful and enjoyable!


The above mentioned are the few positive side effects which can be achieved by practicing mindfulness meditation just for 10 minutes a day. Mindfulness Meditation is essential to maintain the order of our life, to lead a healthy and happy life, and totally involved in all the situations we are in. It helps to obtain knowledge and expand our consciousness and even helps in spiritual growth. Mindfulness Meditation distracts us from our fast moving mind which is  jumping from one thought to the next without any definite purpose making us stressful all the time.

Now the question is how can we fix that extra 10 minutes into our already packed day? The answer is…you don’t have to because that 10 minutes are already there. All you need is to find it and use it more sensibly.

Below Are The Few Tips To Take Out Time To Practice Mindfulness Meditation:


  • When you are going home after a long hectic day at work, just sit in your car and play a mindfulness meditation CD and meditate for 10  minutes in your car before stepping into the home. This small trick will help you to keep work stress out of your home and maintain your Work-Life balance. It is a great way to create nice buffer between the two.
  • During your lunch break, just sit in your office, close the door and  play downloaded youtube videos for guided mindfulness meditations. It will relax your mind instantly and takes you to the imaginary world of peace.
  • On weekends you can easily start your day with a short meditation as we rarely feel rushed on weekend mornings. Before you step down and hit the floor on weekend mornings, practice mindfulness meditation from bed just for 10 minutes. It’s a lovely way to start your day!


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Mindfulness Meditation – ONLY 10 minutes a day!


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