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Why You Shouldn’t Take A Pickup Bootcamp And What You Should Do Instead

I don’t think a Pickup Bootcamp is the best use of your time and money.

This isn’t an attack on PUA’s, I’ve got no beef with anybody and I’m a creator not a hater.

However I want my guys to get the best possible information and I’m not a fan of the Bootcamp model.

Check out the audio, video and notes below to see why you shouldn’t take a bootcamp and what to do instead:

Why You Shouldn’t Take A Pickup Bootcamp

1) Cost

  • $2000, that’s 10 months rent for a mid level place in Chiang Mai
  • That’s an entire, fresh new wardrobe
  • That’s runway for launching your business
  • That’s four years of membership at the gym
  • Unless you’re wealthy, you can’t afford to spend $2k on learning to pick up girls

2) Unmanaged Expectations

  • Dunning-Kruger effect, states people of low competence unable to recognize people of high competence
  • Difficult for low skilled guys to manage expectations – pickup companies play into this
  • You’re a sexual salesman, 90% of your results come from your product – you
  • The other 10%, at most come from your salesmanship – your game
  • Most effective way to get better women is to max out your SMV – however there are genetic limits
  • Managed expectations – you get girls in your league, game is the means to do that, that’s all

3) Unneccesary, Unnatural And Often Counterproductive Theories, Techniques And Mindsets

  • Overly aggressive techniques that might get your ass kicked
  • Mechanical routines/gambits (some companies still teach this stuff)
  • Outdated evo/psych-theory (rehashed year 2k Mystery Method stuff)
  • Negative views on women
  • Overemphasis on structuring life around getting laid/being a PUA

4) Overemphasis On Night Game

  • The night club is the worst place to get laid – yet the focus of most bootcamps
  • Day game or online game are much more efficient and yield better results
  • With increasing prevalence of online game, cold approach is not even necessary to build a harem

5) Not Adressing Students’ Core Issues/Problems With Women

  • Success with women is base on habits, lifestyle and SMV – and these things take time
  • Conversation, timing, social EQ, dressing well, fitness – all major factors not helped in a weekend
  • If you’re broke, jobless, overweight and living in mom’s basement – that needs to be addressed first
  • Bootcamp high – creates illusion of progress from fighting fear but short lived
  • Serious training means lifestyle/mental issues need to be seriously addressed


As always there are always exceptions:

If you’re a wealthy, well adjusted guy in decent health, in your early 30’s who who has money to blow, and you only have one or two sticking points – go for it.

If you just want to go out with some guys who are really good and just need a bit of tweaking and a push to approach go for it.

For everyone else here’s what you should do instead:

What You Should Do Instead

1) Make Use Of Free Information

  • There is an absolute wealth of free information these days, you can start with my women section
  • Especially important if you’re young and money is tight
  • Watch Youtube Videos, read articles, get in shape, get your style together and approach
  • If you’re consistent you can get everything you need for free

2) Hire Someone Who Is Local, Legit And Reasonable

  • That means a good looking guy, with good, legit content who charges $100/$200/hr
  • You also want a guy who will manage your expectations – not sell you a dream
  • Hire him for an hour or two to tighten up your game/sticking points
  • Do this only after you’ve committed to a lifestyle of getting women
  • Just like you only hire a trainer after you’ve committed to a lifestyle of fitness
  • Then maybe check in again six months later with new problems/progress

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Why You Shouldn’t Take A Pickup Bootcamp And What You Should Do Instead


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