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The darkness merged with brightness when life vaporized in the Flames of one eternal memory. The world vanished when I heard the sound so serene, soothing, and soft. The air in the surrounding gently whispered something significant to me, ‘The flames within you have not yet extinguished!’ They are burning and burning; they are dimming and brightening on their own after words have found their way in the form of writing.

The world within seems to have vast islands of Hope. The purest water strikes their shores and cleanses the soul. With every deep breath, life brings back the same old spirit. The journey continues, infinitely. There is no stopping to the Resurgence of flames. 

The calmness is no more desirable when chaos causes the enormous amount of pleasure. The unquenchable thirst keeps intensifying. The more I experience, the more it overwhelms. And it continues to grow and ignite the deepest chambers of heart like rapid busts in the most powerful engines. Then thoughts gain speed faster than likely ever imagined. Then continues the resurgence of flames.

Life wants to discover the undiscovered. Let the inner conscience guide through the darkest tunnels of mind. Let there be no lights, no sound. Let silence take over completely. Let self vanish in the waves of love. Let breeze enter the lungs and explore the hidden chambers of heart. Let it strike the empty halls and spaces. Let the flames ignite the heart even more. Let them whistle, excite, sustain and perish. In the unlocking of invisible dimensions, in the passing through the sands of time, there is resurgence of flames.

Then the eyes view the picture so clearly. Then the mind reads the story so effortlessly. Then the thick and thin curtains disappear once and for all. Then there are no more filters left to go through. Then there will be no more expectations, enmities, and opinions about the world. Then there will be no more thorns attached to the stems which hold the most beautiful flowers. Then the fragrance becomes the self and the self becomes the fragrance. Then the love becomes us and we become the love. Then there is resurgence of flames.

Life brings back the same old memory. The hope anchors the same, lost in the storms, sinking boat. Clouds cover the vast desert terrain. It is about to rain. It’s raining in the lands of heart. The waves are overlapping the shores. The long forgotten Island is about to be submerged. But still somehow miraculously, there is resurgence of flames.

The restless soul is about to be brightened again, gaining clarity. The time is about to be stopped again, paving for some moments of privacy. The Sun shies away from the eyes, wearing that dark dress. The night's cold winds encircle, striking so smoothly. The world is perishable, the life is vulnerable, but the air in the surrounding hints something different. The horizon is shrinking, the stars are falling, but it all doesn't seem to end so soon, not now. Right in the beginning and end, in the bending of space and time, is the resurgence of flames. The hope is infinite after words have found their way in the form of writing.

- Faizan

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