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Just Like Pure Gold… Through the Fire

When I was growing up I would hear people say that things were just like pure Gold.  Meaning that whatever they were talking about was just so good.  I also remember as a child my grandfather wanting a gold chain.  I remember watching old westerns where the characters were mining for gold. I can vividly still see the rappers with the big cold chains on TV. It seemed as if  all the stars on TV had those gold necklaces and they were so shiny and pretty that I too wanted a gold chain.  Just something about that shiny object that just draws you to it.

I can also remember as  child my maternal grandma saying that when God changes you and takes you through the fire you come out like Pure Gold.  From these words and events I learned quickly that gold was one of the most precious things on earth.As I have grown I have learned a little something about gold.  Did you know that gold is not formed here on earth? It is actually created inside massive stars when they explode into a supernova.  So actually gold came to the earth many years ago via asteroids. Gold is mainly in the earth’s core and still very precious.

I believe it is precious for many reasons. One reason is that gold is something that has to be mined.  It is not just laying out freely in the open so if you want it you surely have to work for it. Did you know that throughout history man has actually only collected enough gold to fill about 60 trailers?  Not a lot I know but it is true according to research. And there is at least 8 times more gold than that under the oceans. See just how precious gold is? Did you know that gold must be purified and it is melted down with temperatures of about 1000 degrees.  The impurities are removed as it rises to the top and then the gold is dried and  it becomes a powder. The powder is then melted again and from there it is purified more and molded into shape.

When I think on this information I can’t help but look at it from a spiritual perspective.  Remember I told you my maternal grandma used to say after God changes you, you will come forth like pure gold? Well look at how precious we are in God’s sight. So precious that He takes the time to allow us to go through the fires of life and from those experiences that He allows us to endure we come out like pure gold.

Look at it this way. You are going through so much that you feel that you are not even sure if you still recognize who you are when you look in the mirror and when you search your heart. Many friends and family walk away because of all of the things you are going through.  Things are coming at you back to back and you just want a break.  Just one good day when nothing is a struggle and things just seem to fall into place each second and step on that day’s journey. Well that is when you are in the fire.  You are in the fire until you are melted down and those ashes are turned into beauty and you arise with new strength, new purpose and a new understanding of God’s purpose for you. You are soaring on the wings of an eagle and you are proud of your transformation.  You now look back and appreciate the pain and are comfortable with saying to God, “Not my will but your will be done”.  You come forth shining like pure gold!

You also need to realize that if God Himself created a mineral this precious and placed it in the core of the earth, how much more precious are you to Him.  He doesn’t want you to freely give yourself to a man, or woman or a job or some other must have obsession.  He wants you to guard your heart and see your value and carry yourself as the precious being that you are.

So the next time you are going through just tell yourself that only gold can withstand the fires that you are currently in and that you are surely not alone.  Jesus is standing there with you and He is building on your creation and molding you into your destined being.  Stand tall in the fire and know that you are precious just like pure gold.

Dr. Lisa Melton


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Just Like Pure Gold… Through the Fire


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