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What Blue Line ( The Witch)

This is the story of the woman who was just known as the 'Witch' instead of her name Gabriella, the head of the Police Department of the City of Hagora. A city once celebrated for innovation and technology now harbors a sinister secret. 

Let me describe to you the character of this woman by the nickname The Witch. She has no feminine qualities you would typically find in women nor does she have any masculine qualities. She’s in a state of limbo , always in doubt of herself as she knows what she is involved in is wrong . No amount of makeup can hide the ugliness of her soul projected on her face. She has no sincere bone in her body and even her children are repulsed by her character. She is double faced in her dealings with the residents of her city she polices. She is a master of deception,playing a double game with the unsuspecting residents she's meant to protect. She is involved in dark magic and uses it against people that she doesn’t like. She has access to their DNA and she takes it to her close friends who do the black magic and she enjoys the effects it has on the people she does this magic against . She is a Voyeur who fulfills her sadistic cravings by illegally spying on innocent men she deems attractive. She has an acute and extreme case of scopophilia.

She would help secretive government agencies conduct mind control experiments on innocent people by instructing her officers to psychologically harass them by turning on their sirens when they drive past their homes after a long night of  sleep deprivation through the use of  microwave weapons. This would induce a huge amount of agony and pain that she and her counterparts would enjoy. She would also instruct the emergency services to be part of their evil play by bombarding their targets with noise harassment by turning on their sirens whenever they were asked to. Her city was a chilling laboratory attracting psychopaths who prey, oppress and stalk people in the name of twisted experiments.They come like spectators to a gruesome zoo, bringing their children during the weekends to revel in other's misery, seeking solace for their own miserable lives

A haunting Police Murder casts a dark shadow over the city and the Witch has given out a directive to all her officers. 'Do not approach Targeted Individuals' for fear of another police murder and exposure of the dark web the department is entangled in. Real-time locations of said subjects are carefully monitored to avoid catastophe. She has an agreement with ambulance companies in the area to lure homeless and mentally unstable people into either sex dungeons or torture chambers so that her and her fellow psychos could fulfill their wicked fantasies. Where will she and her friends hide when truth and justice come knocking on their door? Justice is patient but are they patient in enduring the torment of the fire? Where will they hide from their ever watchful Lord? Stay tuned as we delve deep into this normalized oppression. 


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What Blue Line ( The Witch)


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