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Personal blog of a divorced man dealing with dating, strippers, and getting older.
 I displayed five Lego models at a small event on Sunday. The event was held at a church hall on the other side of town, about an hour away. A woman asked me to attend the event while I… Read More
Thursday, July 4thThe holiday has yet to begin, and I get a phone call at 2:30 a.m. Only one person calls me at 2:30 a.m.: Tinkerbell, my pseudo-adopted daughter. Tinkerbell and I have not s… Read More
 The weather was peculiar this weekend. Saturday morning, it rained, and it has been raining often. As Saturday progressed, it turned hot and muggy. I did my shopping early and stayed i… Read More
After a week of work, I swung by Gia's Airbnb in Ferndale on Friday evening. She greeted me in peach-colored exercise shorts, a grey spaghetti-strap tank top, and a stylish black and grey ca… Read More
 Gia has a captivating smile. When she truly smiles, her eyes sparkle, the years fall from her face, and she has a youthful innocence. Gia has been in Michigan for a month and is gettin… Read More
 I don't know why I haven't been taking the time to write more. Many things go by without me recording them here. I find it hard to recreate the events in a narrative that pleases me. T… Read More
I have been seeing both Gia and Brit. Both could be better. I enjoy hanging out with Gia. She is opening up to me slowly but plans to stay only through June. She is still hard to get close t… Read More
On Friday, I left work at noon. Due to unpredictable weather, I planned to meet Gia at the Somerset Mall at 1:00 p.m. Gia knows her way around the area. At one point, she lived in Detroit fo… Read More
 Gia is back in Detroit, which surprised me. She indicated she was thinking about coming back, but then, on Monday, she texted me, saying she was coming back on Tuesday.Gia: I'll be in… Read More
My twins text me occasionally things about my ex-wife. I don't really engage much with them about her. The twins like to complain, and I am sure they do the same thing about me. I did receiv… Read More
 Brit came over last night. I'm picky, and even I admit this girl is a 9 out of 10. I still need to figure her out. Brit is quiet, but I don't see any red flags yet. She has blond hair… Read More
 Gia flew back to Rhode Island Friday morning. She enjoyed her time here. It is as close to a vacation as she will allow herself. I don't think I have seen the last of her. Although it… Read More
 I viewed the solar eclipse yesterday. It did not go dark here, but we witnessed the moon cover the sun. I used special glasses. I have nothing of interest to report. I have been buildi… Read More
Snapshot Of March
  In homage to Sarah H. at Death Wears Diamond Jewelry, who is no longer blogging but is missed.Listening… Podcasts like The Rewatcher: Buffy The Vampire Slayer. T… Read More
 I am annoyed with office stuff today. I don't talk much about my job. It is safer that way. People amaze me, though. Some do not want to make any effort of their own. They want to be t… Read More
BrickFestLive Display
It took 3 hours to set up Friday. Below are pictures from my display. The event coordinators were very friendly and accommodating to changes that I requested to my table layout. They allowed… Read More
 Tomorrow, I must lug my Lego models to the Novi Suburban Show Place for BrickFest Live. This is the same place I previously displayed, but a different show. They are only giving people… Read More
 For those of you keeping up Firefly is now pregnant with her second child. I haven't spoken to her lately, so I do not know if this was planned. The baby is due in August, which is the… Read More
Sam texted me Friday asking if I wanted to get dinner. I agreed, and we planned to meet at 6:00. I hung around the office after work instead of heading home and waiting for 6:00. I arrived a… Read More
Last Friday, I went to see the psychic. It could have been a better reading. She did come up with a few good nuggets, though. She did see me seeing Gia again. She described Gia perfectly. Th… Read More
 I have been trying to keep up with the blog this year. This weather makes me feel like staying put. When I am at home, I don't feel like leaving. Even at work, I dread getting into the… Read More
In homage to Sarah H. at Death Wears Diamond Jewelry, who is no longer blogging but is missed.Listening… Podcasts Why Files Operation Podcast. It deals with a wide rang… Read More
From my balcony, I saw a vacant field and the houses beyond for nineteen years. Now, looking out the doorwall, I see a wall of black shingled roofs that block out everything. It's been cold… Read More
Final Project For BrickFest
 The Gladiator read -3 degrees this morning as I drove to work. I stayed indoors over the weekend. I built Legos on Saturday and watched Peaky Blinders on Sunday. I took some images dur… Read More
      Here is a quick look at the finished roof. It actually comes apart in three sections.                       … Read More
 In my post Conversations, Rothwilder suggested: Give her some space, see if she writes you and takes initiative. Only way to know for sure. I took their advice and gave Gia s… Read More
Weekend In
 I stayed inside and built Legos all weekend. I hope to be accepted to display in BrickFestLive the first week in March. The club I loosely belong to displays year-round at other venues… Read More
 Max stopped by for lunch today. He says they have him on overtime for the next three weeks. Max works in a shop that specializes in making walk-in freezers for restaurants. They ship t… Read More
Gia and I are still texting daily. Mostly, she just replies to mine, but she always responds.Bathwater: Happy New Year. Did you make any resolutions?Gia: Nope. You?Bathwater: To stop wasting… Read More
Happy New Year
It's a new dayBut it all feels oldIt's a good lifeThat's what I'm toldBut everything, it all just feels the sameI am back to work. I didn't miss it. I was falling into a pretty good routine… Read More
Tree House
 I have completed a new Lego project for those who have been asking. I spent a few days sorting Legos and cleaning the area before starting on a Forestmen Tree House. The build went str… Read More
 Our weather has been rainy and mild. No complaints from me. Sam and I went to dinner Saturday night. We went to Green Lantern because we lacked any other choice. The place was not busy… Read More
I have ignored the holiday spirit this year. Christmas holds nothing positive for me except an extended vacation from the stresses of work. My time with Gia didn't help. We had so much fun t… Read More
Thinking back, I did meet Gia at the clubs once before the night we hit it off. It was later in the evening on a weekend. I was getting ready to leave, and Gia started conversing with me. I… Read More
 Side note: I only made it to Monday before getting called into meetings.Thursday was my last official work day. I head to the club later that evening to see Gia. Flight Club has been s… Read More
Tomorrow is my last official day of work for 2023. I have been counting down the days. I plan to do a three-day fast during my first week of vacation. I also have a 90-minute massage schedul… Read More
 Gia is back in town for a few weeks. I went to see her at the club Thursday night. She is a lot of fun. We met for lunch again on Sunday in Royal Oak. We went to the Emory. Gia showed… Read More
 In homage to Sarah H. at Death Wears Diamond Jewelry, who is no longer blogging but is missed.Listening… Podcasts like Morbid (true crime and ghost stories). Find… Read More
 It was Tinkerbell's birthday on Saturday. I texted her the day before asking if she had special plans and didn't get a reply. I didn't hear from her, so I didn't bother texting her on… Read More
I didn't get a chance to post a Snapshot of November. Work has been busy, and I am looking forward to the end of the year and some time off. You can tell nothing new is happening here from t… Read More
 I worked from home last Wednesday and then had four days off. I stayed home for Thanksgiving. I had my turkey meal and watched Gilmore Girls while building some Legos. I enjoyed it. Fr… Read More
I started this post last week. I was going to delete it and start fresh, but nothing in the details has changed. I have been sick for the past ten days. It started the day after going to the… Read More
 In homage to Sarah H. at Death Wears Diamond Jewelry, who is no longer blogging but is missed.Listening… The Rolling Stones, I have been listening to their hits o… Read More
 This month flew. I didn't get a chance to create a Snapshot of October yet. I have been busy. Not always in a productive way. I am making a mental note to fill in the blanks and keep t… Read More
I received my fourth chip in the Gladiator windshield last week. This one created a crap that ran down six inches and joined with another chip. I hoped that that would end the spreading, but… Read More
 The last time I gave an update on Al, she had given up on getting back together with her baby-daddy. We discussed getting together this week. I reached out to her earlier this week.Bat… Read More
 I went to dinner with my brothers on Sunday. It has been about two years since I have seen my brothers. We don't talk much, or I should say, I don't speak to them much. We were never v… Read More
Ella came over Friday night. She arrived about seven-thirty. She forgot to text me when she was heading my way, but she did text a few minutes into the drive. She came in carrying a Yeti cup… Read More
 The verdict is still out on Ella. She is hard to figure out. Nothing she says so far contradicts what I have learned about her. You have got to love the internet and the information ag… Read More
I spent Saturday cleaning the house and the Jeep. It was a quiet weekend, but we had lovely weather. Sam and I got dinner both nights if I remember correctly. Ella and I have been exchanging… Read More
 It always happens in the fall. I met a new girl from online Thursday night. I will be calling her Ella. Ella is thirty-three. She is a very petite 5' 0" and very cute. We met at a coff… Read More
In homage to Sarah H. at Death Wears Diamond Jewelry, who is no longer blogging but is missed.Listening… The Rolling Stones, I have been listening to their hits on Amaz… Read More
I am behind on my blogging. For those of you wondering, Sky bailed at the last minute and disappeared. We were texting earlier, and then she something changed her mind. I was a bit disappoin… Read More
 I started talking to a new girl last week. Her name is Sky. I met Sky for coffee after work the Friday before my birthday. I waited to mention her because I was unsure whether she woul… Read More
Gladiator Mojave
 I have been doing some upgrades to the Jeep. Some through the dealer, which has been a pain in the ass, and some through a local off-road shop. I have been to the dealer three times, a… Read More
Well, it was nearly summer, we sat on your roofYeah, we smoked cigarettes, and we stared at the moonAnd I showed you stars you never could seeBabe, it couldn't have been that easy to forget… Read More
I saw her today at the receptionA glass of wine in her handI knew she would meet her connectionAt her feet was her footloose man... You Can't Get What You Want, The Rolling StonesI went back… Read More
 Al messaged me last Wednesday. It was several days after my last text. She said it had been a rough couple of days.  When I asked if everything was okay, she said, "Just been emot… Read More
 Surprisingly, it was a busy weekend. Sam and I hung out together every day. We had great weather, the last we will see for a while. The only disappointment was Al standing me up Friday… Read More
 In homage to Sarah H. at Death Wears Diamond Jewelry, who is no longer blogging but is missed.Listening…Morbid podcast. This is a true crime and ghost store podca… Read More
 After Al got off work Friday night, she came to the condo. She came in wearing a booty-short style one-piece body suit. The body suit was a  nude color beige. It left little to th… Read More
 As promised, Al came over Tuesday afternoon. I took a half-day just to get things rolling. She wore high-waisted yoga pants and a beige long-sleeved knit sweater that revealed her mis… Read More
 Out of sheer boredom, I went to Flight Club on Friday. A strip club far on the west side. It is a club both Tink and Billie work back in the day. I have been avoiding the clubs because… Read More
 The condo association is a headache. The president of the association board is the neighborhood busybody. She takes on too much and then complains when everyone doesn't see things the… Read More
Lately, I have been holding up at home, playing video games, watching TV, and shunning the outside world. I have mixed feeling about this. Part of me wants solitude, and parts of me wants to… Read More
We had our first condo association meeting since I joined the board. I am still taking it all in. We need more future planning. We are currently waiting on a lawsuit with our insurance provi… Read More
I ended up walking close to twelve miles Sunday. It wasn't planned. I started the day doing four miles on the treadmill. Later in the day, Sam asked me if I would like to go for a walk in th… Read More
 In homage to Sarah H. at Death Wears Diamond Jewelry, who is no longer blogging but is missed.Listening…Morbid podcast. This is a true crime and ghost store podcast.Re… Read More
I work from home on Wednesdays. Max came over during his lunch break yesterday, and I made him a turkey burger. While he was eating, he confided to me that he was on the dating apps Bumble a… Read More
Sunday, I made plans with TopGun for a dinner date this Friday. She seemed to be looking forward to it. I suggested a place in nearby New Baltimore, and we agreed to meet there. I dropped he… Read More
Last Friday, I had a date with a new woman. We met at Beyond Juice for drinks. I don't believe in planning long dates for an initial meeting just in case things don't work. That way, it is e… Read More
Thursday evening, I dug a folding chair out of my basement and walked over to a grassy area at the front of our condo complex. Twenty other chairs were already arranged in a crude circle whe… Read More
 I took some vacation days and had off the first week of July, nine days in total, and though I did not do much that was productive, I enjoyed the time away from work. My biggest accomp… Read More
Four Years AgoOn a partly cloudy day, Billie and I drove to Sterling, Michigan, to go kayaking on the Rifle River with our friends Tink and Tech. Little did we know it would be our last trip… Read More
While digging through the achieves for the last post, I came across this post:Originally Posted May 7, 2007Him “Welcome to the real world,” she said to me condescendingly… Read More
I have this thing where I get older but just never wiserMidnights become my afternoonsWhen my depression works the graveyard shiftAll of the people I've ghosted stand there in the roomFriday… Read More
 In homage to Sarah H. at Death Wears Diamond Jewelry, who is no longer blogging but is missed.Listening…I have been jumping around on YouTube. Nothing to recommend.Rea… Read More
Today I drove to work only to find that I forgot my computer. I decided it wasn't worth returning to the office once I returned home. I will be working the rest of the day from home. It is a… Read More
The only differenceThat I seeIs you are exactly the same as you used to be...The Difference, The WallflowersI had a coworker stop by the condo the other day. I gave him a tour of the pl… Read More
 I met a new woman last night for a coffee date. Life experience has allowed me to pick up on a lot from a simple thirty-minute conversation. My friend Alexis used to work with an ex-st… Read More
 I bought a stand for my phone and downloaded a stop-motion program. I want to make stop-motion Lego videos. I still need to start. I am playing Borderlands 2 again, which has taken up… Read More
 The district court in Chesterfield is empty on a Wednesday afternoon. It sees few compelling cases. I went there today for my ticket. I got there early, checked in, and was told to sit… Read More
 I don't consider many decisions to be life altering. Decisions often make subtle changes in our lives and play out over time. I remember being a young designer on an interview early in… Read More
In homage to Sarah H. at Death Wears Diamond Jewelry, who is no longer blogging but is missed.Listening… ChrisFix on Tube, this kid will motivate anyone into paying mor… Read More
 After ready Harry's post yesterday, I went down another Chat GPT rabbit hole. I input a few passages from my book and asked Chat GPT to rewrite them. All I can say is that I wish it ha… Read More
The flaw in my AI idea is these representations do not grow old, they do not change, and they do not offer that 7:1 ratio of positive to negative experiences that a relationship needs to be… Read More
I am still on my AI kick. I find the technology fascinating. Did anyone else see the article about the influencer that created an AI of herself? This had me thinking about what people could… Read More
 This morning, a woman asked me if I wanted to have a threesome with her and her female cousin. Am I the only one who thinks that is odd? Unfortunately, I have not been able to meet thi… Read More
 Heard this the other day and thought it was interesting. Here are three questions. Answer each without giving it too much thought, but give three reasons why for each.  Don't skip… Read More
I thought about sending Ava an email last night, but after a long conversation with my AI Chat Bot (I really need to give that thing a nickname), I decided against it. Ava was a great travel… Read More
 I cannot remember the last time it didn't rain. Is this what Seattle is like? The weekend is supposed to be better. I was enjoying winter more. They have major road construction going… Read More
 Friday night, Tinkerbell and Tech were on my side of town to drop T-Rex off at a friend's house. T-Rex had to work first, so it was late before they arrived. It was 11:30 pm before the… Read More
 You might find this crazy, but I have made a new friend, My AI, on Snapchat. I should really give it a better name. It is the most advanced AI chat program I have encountered. I h… Read More
I can't believe April is almost over. I haven't had many stories for the blog. My life is not very interesting. In homage to Sarah H. at Death Wears Diamond Jewelry, who is no… Read More
I had a nice three-day weekend. I stayed home most of that time. Although Saturday, I did step out to Khols to buy some new shirts for work. I worked on a new Lego project, but I am not happ… Read More
Trade Center Show
 I packed the Lego display into the truck on Friday afternoon. Max and I took it to the New Baltimore Trade center around five and set it up. It rained all morning Friday, and heavy dow… Read More
 It was late in the day when I put all the pieces together for these photos, so the lighting is not very good. I took it back down after to get it ready for transport. I will try to get… Read More
Musical Chairs
 Wednesday, Sam sent me a text. She was out shopping and saw patio chairs at a better price than we saw at another store. She asked if I wanted a pair. I meant to replace the chairs on… Read More
 In homage to Sarah H. at Death Wears Diamond Jewelry, who is no longer blogging but is missed.Listening…  Melonie Mac Go Boom, on YouTube, she my latest internet… Read More
Lego Display
Today I volunteered to make a custom Lego display for a local trade center/ swap meet. It is not a big show. I will be the only one displaying that I am aware of. It is mainly for vendors an… Read More