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Alphabet Date Ideas

Dating, an integral aspect of romantic relationships, often involves revisiting the same places or doing familiar activities. However, there’s an innovative concept that can breathe fresh air into the dating routine: the Alphabet dates.

What Are Alphabet Dates?

  • Definition Alphabet dates involve choosing activities based on each letter of the alphabet. For instance, ‘A’ could be an afternoon at the aquarium, while ‘B’ might be a beach day.
  • Origin and Popularity Though its exact origin is hard to pinpoint, the concept has gained traction due to its quirky and fun nature, becoming a popular choice among couples looking to add a twist to their dates.

Why Choose Alphabet Dates?

  • Creativity and spontaneity Alphabet dates challenge couples to think outside the box, offering opportunities to explore unfamiliar terrains and experiences.
  • Strengthening connections These dates provide a shared experience, leading to the creation of memories that strengthen the bond between partners.
  • Breaking the monotony With 26 letters in the alphabet, there’s a plethora of experiences waiting to be explored, ensuring that repetitiveness never becomes a concern.

Planning Your Alphabet Dates

  • Setting up rules It’s essential to establish ground rules, like budget constraints or activity limitations, to ensure both partners are comfortable.
  • Duration and frequency Decide whether you’ll be doing these dates weekly, monthly, or at any other preferred frequency.

A – Aquarium Visit

  • Benefits of aquatic environments Aquariums offer a serene environment, allowing couples to marvel at the wonders of marine life while bonding over shared interests.
  • Making it memorable Opt for interactive sessions, such as feeding the fishes or attending a diver’s show, to make the experience more engaging.

B – Beach Bonfire Night

  • Preparations and safety Ensure you’re equipped with safety tools and follow beach regulations when setting up a bonfire.
  • Beach games and activities Engage in beach volleyball, frisbee, or simply enjoy the waves while sharing stories.

C – Cooking Class Together

  • Choosing the cuisine Opt for something unfamiliar to both or a dish one partner loves, making the experience a culinary adventure.
  • Benefits of cooking together Cooking together nurtures teamwork and can be an incredibly bonding experience.

D – Dance Lesson

  • Types of dances to consider From tango to contemporary, choose a style that resonates with both or offers a new experience.
  • Emotional connection through dance Dance, being a non-verbal mode of expression, can foster a deep emotional connection between partners.

E – Escape Room Challenge

  • The thrill of problem solving Engaging in an escape room activity can be a fun way to test your problem-solving skills and teamwork.
  • Tips for success Communication is key. Share insights and work together to find solutions.

F – Forest Hiking

  • The tranquility of nature Hiking offers a break from urban life, allowing couples to connect deeply amidst nature.
  • Precautions and preparations Equip yourselves with necessary gear and ensure you’re familiar with the trail.

G – Gallery Visits

  • Art appreciation Art galleries offer a space to admire human creativity and can lead to profound discussions and reflections.
  • Different types of galleries From modern art to historical pieces, choose a gallery that aligns with your interests.

H – Hot Air Balloon Ride

  • The magic of floating above A hot air balloon ride offers a unique perspective of the landscape, making it a memorable date experience.
  • Safety and considerations Ensure the service provider is certified and check the weather forecast before your ride.

I – Ice Cream Tasting

  • The joy of flavors Delve into a world of flavors, from the classics to the experimental, and find your shared favorites.
  • Exploring artisanal varieties Opt for local artisanal shops to discover unique flavors and support local businesses.

J – Jazz Night

  • The allure of jazz music Immerse yourselves in the soulful world of jazz, letting the rhythms and melodies spark intimate conversations.
  • Popular venues and events Attend a local jazz club or an open-air concert for an authentic experience.

K – Kite Flying

  • The beauty of flying a kite Relive childhood memories and create new ones as you soar kites high in the sky.
  • Choosing the right kite and location Opt for a sturdy kite and an open space to ensure a smooth flying experience.

L – Literary Evening

  • Reading together Dive into a shared book or share your favorite reads, fostering a shared literary journey.
  • Attending a book club or poetry reading Engage in local literary events to enrich your experience and introduce diverse perspectives.

M – Movie Marathon

  • Selecting themes and genres Choose a series, director, or genre and immerse yourselves in back-to-back movies.
  • Making it cozy Prepare snacks, set up a cozy corner, and enjoy uninterrupted screen time together.

N – Nature Photography

  • The art of capturing beauty Explore scenic spots and capture moments, making your date an adventurous photographic journey.
  • Tips for budding photographers Focus on lighting, perspective, and patience to get that perfect shot.

O – Opera Night

  • The grandeur of opera Immerse yourselves in the majestic world of opera, appreciating the artistry, vocals, and theatrical performances.
  • Preparing for the experience Opt for a pre-show dinner and dress the part to make the evening truly special.

The Journey Through the Alphabet

Embarking on the journey of alphabet dates not only rejuvenates the dating experience but also strengthens the bond between partners. From A to O, each letter offers a unique adventure, ensuring that dates are always exciting and memorable. Dive into this experience, and let each letter lead you to a world of shared adventures and cherished memories.

Revolutionize Your Dates: Dive into the Alphabet Dating Adventure!

Intro – Unleashing the Excitement

Hey there, my fearless romantic! Are you tired of those mundane dinner and movie dates? Let’s ramp up the creativity and sprinkle some fun. I’ve got something fabulous for you—Alphabet Dating! But before you jump into the whirlwind of these dates, take a moment to see how they transformed my dating life last year.

to – Dating with a Twist!

If the term ‘Alphabet Dating’ feels like it’s been pulled from another planet, don’t fret. I was once like you. Basically, it’s dating each time with a unique theme, starting from the letters A-Z. Sounds cool, right?

But hey, a word of caution! Last year, my partner and I ambitiously went for 52 unique dates, and it was a roller-coaster! While it’s fascinating to immerse yourself in new experiences, let’s be real; brainstorming every week can be a little… overwhelming.

The Redemption – Perfecting the Art of Alphabet Dating

This year, our goal was simple: keep the romance burning without letting the creativity be a chore. We learned our lesson. Sometimes, it’s okay to revisit those cherished moments. As this article rightly points out, it’s essential not to get trapped in the same old rut.

Remember, it’s not about the grandeur; it’s about the genuine moments. So, if you find yourselves going for a repeat Alphabet Date, that’s perfectly okay.

Tips to Rock Your Alphabet Dates:

  1. Keep It Simple, Silly! – Don’t stress over grand gestures. Often, it’s the small things that make big memories.
  2. Explore Your Interests – Whether you’re into stargazing or texting dares, incorporate what both of you love!
  3. Seek Inspiration – If you’re stuck at ‘J’ and can’t think beyond ‘Jogging’, look around! Maybe a quick read here will spark an idea.

Wrapping Up – The Alphabetical Adventure Awaits!

To sum it all up, Alphabet Dating is a journey, not a destination. While it’s great to have unique date ideas, what truly matters is enjoying the moment, whether it’s new or a delightful repeat. So, set sail, my romantic comrade, and embark on an unforgettable A-Z dating escapade!

A Creative Journey: Dive into Alphabet Dating from A-Z!

Have you ever thought about turning the pages of a dictionary and looking for some inspiration for your next date? That’s exactly what we did! Enter the world of Alphabet Dating. While some lovebirds follow the traditional route from A to Z, we chose to let fate (and the dictionary!) guide our path and keep things spontaneous.

Spending a good two days, we sifted through the Scrabble Dictionary. Let me tell you, it was an enlightening experience, and I’ve gained a newfound confidence for our next Scrabble match!

Since our passion lies in exploring the world, we categorized our ideas into thrilling activities and captivating places worthy of a visit. But here’s the fun part: you can tweak these ideas to suit your preference. No passport or travel bookings on hand? Why not create a themed evening at your abode?

Take, for instance, the joy of relishing a burger . You could embark on a quest to taste your city’s most delectable burgers, or maybe spend a cozy evening crafting your own gourmet creations at home. And if you’re into understanding the intricacies of relationships while munching on that burger, here’s an interesting read on how to tell if a British guy likes you.

In the end, it’s all about making memories and cherishing the moments together. So, whether you’re jet-setting across the globe or simply indulging in a themed movie night, let the alphabet guide your next dating adventure!

Tip: If you’re looking for a twist on traditional dating or even strategies on how to get over a breakup, the world of Alphabet Dating is a great place to start!

Elevate Your Date Nights: Ideas Inspired by Letters A & B!

A-Inspired Date Ideas

Top Picks:

  1. Afternoon Tea: An elegant way to spend an afternoon.
  2. Apple Picking: Perfect for a crisp fall day.
  3. Archery: Test your aim and challenge your partner!


  • Taking a trip Abroad
  • Experiencing the thrill of Abseil
  • Signing up for Acrobatic Classes or Acting Classes
  • Getting fit with Aerobics
  • Setting out for Agate Hunting
  • Boarding an Airboat or Airplane
  • Watching Aliens or planning an Area 51 Road Trip
  • Exploring the Amazon Wishlist, visiting an Amusement Park or learning about Animals
  • Indulging in Anime, diving into an Aquarium, competing in an Arcade, or enjoying an Arctic Cruise
  • Relaxing with Aroma Therapy, appreciating Art at a Gallery, discovering Astrology, looking up with Astronomy, participating in an Auction, or listening to an Audio Book
  • Attending an Author Talk or Signing, watching an Auto Race, witnessing the Aurora, writing an Autobiography, or trying out Aviation.

Destinations: Set your sights on Acadia NP, Alaska, Albuquerque, Amsterdam, Anaheim, Arches NP, Argentina, Arizona, Aspen, Athens, Atlanta, Austin, Australia, or even Austria!

B-Inspired Date Ideas

Our Favorites:

  1. Beach: Sun, sand, and waves. Need we say more?
  2. Brewery Tour: Discover the art of brewing and savor some samples.
  3. Broadway: A live performance always adds magic to the evening.


  • Brainstorming Baby Names
  • Going Backpacking, indulging in Bagels at a Bakery
  • Getting creative and Baking, admiring the Ballet, or taking a Balloon Ride
  • Watching a Band, going on a Bar Crawl or learning from a Barista
  • Trying a Barre Class, watching Baseball or Basketball
  • Going Berry Picking, Biking, playing Bingo, visiting a Bistro, or taking a Blimp Ride
  • Writing a Blog, playing Board Games, taking a Boat Ride, enjoying the Boonies or visiting a Botanical Garden
  • Trying Bouldering, walking the Bourbon Trail, going Bowling or Boxing
  • Enjoying a (Boozy) Brunch, taking a Bubble Bath, driving Bumper Cars, going Bungee Jumping, devouring Burgers or Burritos, or watching Buskers.

Destinations: Travel to Badlands NP, Bahamas, Bali, Baltimore, Bangkok, Barcelona, Beijing, Belgium, Berlin, Big Bend NP, Black Canyon of the Gunnison NP, Boston, Boulder, Brazil, Bryce Canyon NP, Budapest, Buenos Aires, or Burbank.

Note: Whether you’re deciding on where to go or what activity to try, keep it fun and exciting. If you’re looking for more ideas, especially if the dates lead to something more, read up on how to know if a Virgo man is into you or tips on what to do when a guy breaks up with you over text.

Spice Up Your Dates with the Letter C: Creative Ideas & Captivating Destinations

C-Inspired Date Ideas

Top Picks:

  1. Choose Your Own Adventure: Create a spontaneous day where each choice leads to a new surprise!
  2. Comedy Club: Share a laugh and create memories.
  3. Crabbing: Dive into a hands-on seaside experience.


  • Revel in a Cabaret show or lounge in a Cafe while enjoying some Cake
  • Embark on a Camel Ride or capture memories with a Camera
  • Experience nature with Camping, travel in a Campervan or indulge in Candle Making
  • Plan a Candlelit Dinner with Candy, try Canning or paddle in a Canoe
  • Get artistic with Canvas painting or drive in a vintage Car
  • Play Cards, visit a Carnival, or ride a Carousel
  • Watch Cartoons, try your luck at a Casino, or explore a Castle
  • Opt for a Casual day at a Cat Cafe or explore a Cave
  • Listen to a Cellist, visit a Cemetery, pop some Champagne or opt for a Cheap date
  • Savour Cheese and Cheesy movies, learn from a Chef, play Chess, or Chill and watch Chopped
  • Marvel at Christmas Lights, enjoy a Cigar Bar, head to the Cinema, or witness the magic of a Circus
  • Experience Clamming, enroll in Classes, watch Classic Films, Climb a mountain, or go Cloudgazing
  • Party at a Club, sip some Cocktails, have Coffee, or date like you’re in College
  • Embrace Color in your date, attend a Concert, take a Cooking Class, cook a new recipe, solve a Crossword Puzzle, go on a Cruise, enjoy a Cuddle, learn about different Cultures, bake Cupcakes, or enjoy Cycling.

Destinations: Travel to Cairo, explore California, visit Cambodia, experience Canada especially Calgary, trek Canyonlands NP, or relax in Cape Town. Dive deep in Carlsbad Caverns NP, stroll Central Park, sail to Channel Islands NP, or dance through Charleston. Travel to Chattanooga, indulge in Chicago’s jazz, visit Chile, explore China, or roam in Christchurch. Discover Colombia, get lost in Columbia SC, enjoy Columbus OH, ski in Colorado, or rest in Connecticut. Visit Copenhagen, sunbathe in Costa Rica, gaze at Crater Lake NP, party in Cuba, explore Cuzco, or journey through the Czech Republic.

Quick Tip: Mixing and matching these ideas can lead to endless fun. And if you’re nervous about a date, remember to read up on how to tell if a guy likes you but is hiding it to gauge those mixed signals!

“D” Is For Date: Delightful Ideas & Dreamy Destinations

D-Inspired Date Ideas

Top Picks:

  1. Day Tripping: Explore nearby locales, soaking in the sights and sounds.
  2. DIY Project: Get hands-on! Build or craft something meaningful together.
  3. Drive-in Theater: Nostalgia, romance, and a movie under the stars.


  • Move to the rhythm with a Dance or dress Dapper for a stylish night out.
  • Challenge each other with a Dare, play Darts, or go Deep Sea Fishing.
  • Experience the thrill of a Derby race, take an unplanned Detour, ride a Dirtbike, or play Disc Golf.
  • Boogie at a Disco, savor Dim Sum at a local Diner, or make it a classic Dinner date.
  • Add intrigue with Dining in the Dark or enjoy a Dinner Theater experience.
  • Visit the world of Disney, take a Dive underwater, undertake a DIY Project, or dance to the beats of a DJ.
  • Play Dodgeball, swim with Dolphins, challenge each other in Dominos, Donate to a favorite charity, indulge in Donuts, or Doodle together.
  • Experience a lively Downtown scene, witness a Drag Show, enjoy a Drama or Dramedy, Draw out your feelings, or plan a Dream Date or even your Dream Home.
  • Share Drinks, go for a long Drive, practice at a Driving Range, play the Drum, sing Duets, or hop on a Duck Tour.

Destinations: Travel to the scorching Death Valley NP, explore Delaware, marvel at Denali National Park or discover Denmark. Bask in the vibrancy of Denver, explore Des Moines, relax in Destin FL or experience the tropical Dominican Republic. Wander through Dresden, delve into Dry Tortugas National Park, or experience the opulence of Dubai.

Hint: Whichever “D” date idea you choose, it’s all about the shared experience. And if you’re looking for some exciting dares to spice up your date, check out these flirty dares for guys over text for some inspiration!

Elevate Your Date Game with E & F: Exciting Ideas & Fascinating Spots

E-Inspired Date Ideas

Top Picks:

  1. Escape Rooms: Solve puzzles and bond as you find your way out together.
  2. Eighties Night: Throwback to neon colors, music, and dance moves.
  3. Exotic Eats: Explore new cuisines and share a meal full of unique flavors.


  • Catch the Early Bird Specials at a local Eatery, read an Ebook together, or go on an Ecotour.
  • Dive into Edible delights, play Eight Ball or dress up for an Elegant night.
  • Watch the Emmys, shop at an Emporium, experience the thrill of an Escape Room or find treasures at an Estate Sale.
  • Spend an Evening by an Estuary, Exercise together, visit an Exhibit, or embrace Extreme sports.
  • Savour Exotic Eats and discover new events at an Expo.

Destinations: Journey to Ecuador, roam through Edinburgh, witness the wonders of Egypt, experience El Paso, explore El Salvador or relax in Ensenada. Dive into the culture of Ethiopia, discover Eugene, or wander in Everglades NP.

F-Inspired Date Ideas

Top Picks:

  1. Festival: Dive into music, arts, or culture in an immersive experience.
  2. Flower Fields: Stroll, photograph, and marvel at nature’s beauty.
  3. Food Tour: Sample and savor local delicacies.


  • Face a Fear together, pamper yourselves with a Facial or take a Factory Tour.
  • Dive into the latest Fad, visit a Fair, enjoy Fall Foliage, or dine Fancy at a posh restaurant.
  • Visit a Farm, shop at a Farmer’s Market, see a Fashion Show, or partake in a grand Feast.
  • Get creative with Felting, take up Fencing or enjoy views from a Ferris Wheel.
  • Celebrate at a Festival, read Fiction together, party at a Fiesta, or watch a Film.
  • Explore a Film Festival, indulge in Fine Dining, warm up by a Firepit or go Fishing.
  • Sample a Flight of Beer or Ice Cream or Coffee, Float a River, wander in Flower Fields or go on a Flight.
  • Party in the bubbles with a Foam Party, appreciate Foliage, dip into Fondue, relish a Food Tour, watch Football, Forage for berries, get lost in a Forest, or explore a historic Fort.
  • Discover Fossils, enjoy Freebies, play Frisbee, plan a Frugal date, or go Fruit Picking.

Destinations: Discover the alleys of Fez, relax in Fiji, marvel at Finland, roam Florence or sunbathe in Florida – Fort Lauderdale. Experience the charm of Fort Worth, be mesmerized by France, wander in Frankfurt, or dive into the beauty of French Polynesia.

Hint: Be sure to add personal touches to these date ideas, making them memorable. If you’re looking to read your date’s signals, remember to check out tips on how to tell if a British guy likes you.

Date Ideas Inspired by the Letters G & H

G-Inspired Date Adventures

Editor’s Picks:

  1. Getaway: Escape from the usual and spend quality time together.
  2. Gondola Ride: Experience romantic moments in serene waters.
  3. Glamping: Elevate camping with a touch of luxury.


  • Attend a Gala, try your luck and Gamble, host a Game Night, immerse in Gaming, or scout treasures at a Garage Sale.
  • Wander in a Garden, indulge your Geeky side, relish some Gelato, hunt treasures with Geocache, or delve into Geology.
  • Plan a weekend Getaway, witness a Geyser, take a spooky Ghost Tour, exchange surprise Gifts, hike a Glacier, experience luxury outdoors with Glamping, savor Gluten-Free treats, race in Go-Karts, set Goals together, play Golf, or enjoy a Gondola Ride.
  • Attend a Gospel Brunch, enjoy Gourmet dishes, marvel at Graffiti, shop for groceries and cook together, grab some Grub, take Guitar Lessons, shoot at a Gun Range, have a fun time at the Gym, or grab some delicious Gyros.

Destinations: Travel to the majestic Galapagos Islands, explore Gates of the Arctic NP, stroll through Geneva, discover both Georgia – the state and the country, witness Germany‘s beauty, venture into Glacier Bay NP or Glacier NP, experience Granada, marvel at the Grand Canyon NP or the Grand Teton NP, roam Great Basin NP or Great Sand Dunes NP, hike in Great Smoky Mountains NP, or relax in breathtaking Greece.

H-Inspired Date Adventures

Editor’s Picks:

  1. Hike: Discover trails and each other’s company.
  2. Hot Air Balloon: Float above with breathtaking views.
  3. Hot Springs: Relax and rejuvenate together.


  • Contribute to Habitat for Humanity, write Haikus together, savor Halal dishes, relax in a Hammock, or enjoy Happy Hour.
  • Visit a Harbor, get spooked in a Haunted House, enjoy a Hayride, opt for a Healthy meal, take a Helicopter Ride, or walk the High Line.
  • Experience High Tea, drive on a scenic Highway, Hike a new trail, share a Hobby, watch a Hockey match, attend Holiday Events, puff at a Hookah Bar, plan a staycation at Home, go Horseback Riding, soar in a Hot Air Balloon, soak in Hot Springs, or enjoy a Hot Tub session.
  • Stay in a fancy Hotel, try House Shopping, binge-watch shows on Hulu, embark on a Humanitarian project, or go on a treasure Hunt.

Destinations: Experience the beauty of Ha Long, dive into Haiti‘s culture, roam Hanoi, experience the rhythm of Havana, bask in Hawaii, marvel at Helsinki, learn history in Hiroshima or Ho Chi Minh City, discover Honduras or Hong Kong, relax in Hot Springs NP, experience the hustle of Houston, or indulge in Hungary‘s culture.

Quick Tip: Always make sure to communicate and understand each other’s comfort zones. And if you’re ever confused about understanding signals, consider reading up on how to tell if a guy likes you but is hiding it.

Date Ideas Inspired by the Letters I, J & K

I-Inspired Date Ventures

Top Picks:

  1. Ice Cream: Savor scoops of your favorite flavors.
  2. Ice Skating: Grace the ice hand in hand.
  3. Improv: Laugh out loud with spontaneous performances.


  • Chill at an Ice Bar, experience the thrill of Ice Climbing, delight in Ice Cream dates, twirl around while Ice Skating, plan your Ideal Date, snuggle in an Igloo, go shopping at Ikea, take Improv Classes or watch an Improv Show.
  • Enjoy an Indie Band concert, indulge in Indoor activities, dive into Indoor Swimming, craft an Inspiration Board, or escape on an Island Getaway. Add an Italian Themed night for a touch of romance.

Destinations: Explore the beauty of Idaho, marvel at Iceland, roam Illinois, immerse yourself in India, wander Indonesia, discover Iowa, experience Ireland, unwind in Irvine, trek Isle Royale NP, delve into Israel‘s history, experience the allure of Istanbul, or indulge in the romance of Italy.

J-Inspired Date Ventures

Top Picks:

  1. Java: Coffee dates to warm the soul.
  2. Jetski: Ride the waves together.
  3. Jigsaw Puzzle: Work together to complete the picture.


  • Relax in a Jacuzzi, create Jams, Jam Out to your favorite songs, enjoy a Java date, groove to Jazz, drive a Jeep, splash around on a Jetski, shop for Jewelry, challenge each other with a Jigsaw Puzzle, go for a Jog, experience Jousting, learn Judo, Juggle together, explore a Jungle, or indulge in some delicious Junk Food.

Destinations: Visit Jackson, explore Jacksonville, feel the rhythm of Jamaica, be enchanted by Japan, wander Jerusalem, experience the hustle of Johannesburg, discover Jordan, or hike in Joshua Tree National Park.

K-Inspired Date Ventures

Top Picks:

  1. Karaoke: Sing your heart out.
  2. Kayak: Paddle through serene waters.
  3. Kite Flying: Soar high together.


  • Own the stage with Karaoke, navigate waters in a Kayak, savor delicious Kebabs, tap a Keg, add a little Kinky fun, fly a Kite, try Kite Surfing, engage in a Kickbox session, or Knit together.

Destinations: Roam Kanab UT, discover Kansas and Kansas City, witness bears in Katmai NP, view Kenai Fjords NP, enjoy the landscapes of Kentucky, experience wild Kenya, stroll Key West FL, explore Kings Canyon National Park, relax in Kissimmee, roam around Knoxville, marvel at Kobuk Valley NP, be enchanted by Kyoto, or venture into Kyrgyzstan.

A quick tip for those navigating the dating world: Always be authentic and transparent. If you’re ever in doubt about reading signals, check out how to tell if a guy likes you but is hiding it.

Inspiring Date Ideas: From L to N

L-Inspired Date Ventures

Top Picks:

  1. Lake: Delight in tranquil water surroundings.
  2. Leaf Peeping: Experience nature’s breathtaking autumn colors.
  3. Local Adventure: Discover hidden gems in your own town.


  • Find serenity at a Lagoon or Lake, compete in Lasertag, admire autumn with Leaf Peeping, Learn a new skill together, visit Legoland, embrace Leisure time, take mutual Lessons, try Lettering, enjoy quiet time at a Library, experience a vibrant Lightshow, tour the town in a Limo, dance with Line Dancing, or indulge in Literary delights. Enjoy Live Music, attend a Live Taping, embark on a Local Adventure, stay at a Lodge, try Loom weaving, test luck with Lotto, relax in a Lounge, dance at a Luau, or enjoy a casual Lunch.

Destinations: Travel to Lake Clark NP, uncover mysteries in Laos, take a gamble in Las Vegas, hike in Lassen Volcanic National Park, experience the culture of Lima, roam the streets of Lisbon, discover history in London, explore Los Angeles, delve into Louisiana, party in Louisville, relax in Lucerne, or tour Luxembourg.

M-Inspired Date Ventures

Top Picks:

  1. Meteor Shower: Watch stars fall from the sky.
  2. Murals: Explore street art in your city.
  3. Musical: Get swept up in song and dance.


  • Be enchanted by a Magic Show or explore Magic Castle, play Mahjong, Mail surprise letters to each other, Make something together, indulge in a Makeover, wander a Marina, shop at a Market, relax with a Massage, attend a Masquerade, relax in a Meadow, enjoy a homely Meal, or time travel at a Medieval Festival. Write a shared Memoir, embrace the Mess, view a Meteor Shower, explore a Mine, play Mini Golf, create a Mixed Tape, experiment with Mixology, design a Mosaic, have a Morning date, watch Movies, participate in a Mud Run, admire Murals, visit a Museum, or lose yourselves in a Musical.

Destinations: Stroll the streets of Madrid, relax in Maine, experience the buzz of Manchester, explore art in Marfa, traverse Maryland, wander Massachusetts, escape to Mauritius, dine in Melbourne, rock to Memphis, hike Mesa Verde National Park, savor the culture of Mexico (Mexico City), party in Miami, shop in Milan, discover Minnesota (Minneapolis), get to know Missouri, appreciate Montana, explore Montreal, wander in Morocco (Marrakech), explore history in Moscow, and climb Mount Rainier NP.

N-Inspired Date Ventures

Top Picks:

  1. National Parks: Reconnect with nature’s wonders.
  2. Nature: Indulge in the serenity of the outdoors.
  3. Netflix and Chill: Sometimes, simple is best.


  • Pamper with Nails, take a revitalizing Nap, trek the Narrows, marvel at National Parks, be one with Nature, enjoy Nerdy activities, snuggle with Netflix and Chill, try something New, cheer for NFL, explore a Night Market, dance at a Nightclub, party like it’s the Nineties, slurp some Noodles, start a Novel, find Novelty items, experience a Nudist Beach, or find tranquility in a Nursery (Plants).

Destinations: Dance in Nashville, gamble in Nevada, traverse New Mexico, revel in New Orleans, walk the streets of New York, experience the beauty of New Zealand, get to know North Carolina, hike North Cascades NP, uncover North Dakota, or witness the Northern Lights in Norway.

For those navigating the c

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Alphabet Date Ideas


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