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5 Things You Don’t Want To Forget When You Move

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Ok so we recently just moved from one corner of the country to the other! We spent weeks packing, throwing things out, planning out the route to take, and everything else you can think of. We were downsizing so didn’t want to bring too much with us as we weren’t sure what would fit and what wouldn’t. Also moving is a great time to purge and get rid of Stuff that you don’t use or need.

We spent HOURS emptying the house, packing boxes, and cleaning. We ended up leaving a lot later than anticipated due to the fact that we had so much to clean up and pack after emptying things into the dumpster. Yes we were rushed but, we totally skipped over some really important stuff!

We have now realized how much stuff we really forgot about. So I want to share these with you in hopes that if you decide to move you don’t make the same mistakes that we did!


So we had a wonderful corner cabinet with all of our tools in it. This includes hammers, screwdrivers, air compressor, tape measure, level, etc. Well we have finally received all of our stuff and trying to unpack. I went to hang up some pictures today and yup can’t find the tool box ANYWHERE!!!!!

We just ordered a new Tool Kit on Amazon that will be arriving shortly. This is $40 something that we could have saved if we just remembered to double check that cabinet.

We also bought a new stand for our son’s TV in his room. Went to put it together, yup need a screwdriver. Can’t put it together until we get this tool kit. So please keep in mind when you are going through everything, add the tool kit to the list of must haves!!!


So we have WAY too much clothing. We literally donated 8 full trash bags of clothes before packing up another 8 bags of clothes to take with us. We don’t really like metal hangers (most of what we were using were metal) so I packed a box of just the plastic hangers.

We donated so much that we definitely didn’t need all those other metal ones right??? WRONG!!!!! Once we got here we realized just how much we needed to put in the closet. We went through the clothes again and decided on a bunch we could get rid of (another 3 bags). We ended up going to Wal-Mart and buying a TON of hangers so that we could utilize our closet and hang our clothes.

Even if you think you won’t need them, bring them! You can always donate or throw them away later. Better to do that than waste money buying stuff you already had.

3.TV power cords

So we have 3 TVs. One in our room, one in Tyler’s room, and one in the living room. When we had the movers pack up the TVs we remembered to get 2 of the plugs and fire sticks but our sons TV was already packed up.

We didn’t go back and look for the cord or ask the movers what they did with it. I do remember telling the movers that the cords needed to stay with the TV.

Well we got the TVS and we are, of course, missing the cord and the fire stick from our son’s room. So for the moment he is using ours, we are using the living room or the iPad and going without TV in our bedroom.

Doesn’t sound like big deal but we used to watch movies laying in bed or catch up on shows laying in bed. Now we have to stay in the living room or go without. Definitely should have just taken those things and packed them up myself.

4.Utensil Organzier

So when we were cleaning out the kitchen, we were purging. We threw away a ton of stuff that we didn’t use or that we had duplicates of. We also were using the utensil organizer as our throw away pile.

This means that the organizer got donated along with everything else we were donating. We got our stuff, went to put the utensils away and realized we didn’t have anything to really keep them organized.

No one wants to reach in a drawer and accidentally grab the knife when they were just trying for a spoon. You really need the plastic/wood organizer to keep them separate. Yup another trip to Walmart and a few more dollars that could have been saved.

5.Dishes/dish soap/strainer

We packed up our stuff, sent the movers with everything labeled KITCHEN, and were on our way. So we arrive at our apartment with just a few things we were able to take in the car with us.

We go grocery shopping, as we just ate out ALOT along the way out here, and start picking out stuff we can cook or make. Well here’s the thing, we didn’t have any dishes to really eat off of. So we started looking at the frozen stuff (thinking our stuff would arrive within a couple of days ha ha NOT) or things we could make with minimal dishes.

We bought a small pot, a wooden spoon, a spatula, and then some plasticware to tide us over. The problem with the few dishes we bought was that we had no way of washing them other than the dishwasher. Who wants to run the dishwasher with only 3 dishes in it????? NOT ME!!!!

This is a complete waste of water! This means our bill goes up, and efficiency goes down. This is just absurd. Yes we did it, NO we were not happy about it.

All in all we bought some stuff that we really didn’t have to. If our movers got there within the first couple of days we would have been golden. However, they gave us a 10 day window as to which they were 4 days later than.

We should have known that we would need some of these basic things with us in order to get settled. So this is a work in progress….still LOL. We have had to spend a bit more than originally thinking but live and learn. Hopefully you can learn from our mistakes and bring with you the important stuff.

Good Luck!

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5 Things You Don’t Want To Forget When You Move


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