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Soap Dish #25 (in which we ring in the new year with General Hospital's Jimmy Lee Holt)

Today we ring in the new year (of 1983) with 19 episodes of General Hospital featuring the arrival of Jimmy Lee Holt (Steve Bond), the illegitimate son of Edward Quartermaine (click here for previous General Hospital posts).

Ruby Anderson - Norma Connolly
Dr. David Arlen - Kale Browne
Dr. Gail Baldwin - Susan Brown
Lee Baldwin - Peter Hansen
Scotty Baldwin - Kin Shriner
Susan Moore Baldwin - Gail Rae Carlson
Jessie Brewer - Emily McLaughlin
Dr. Mark Dante - Gerald Gordon
Dr. Noah Drake - Rick Springfield
Stella Fields - Jeff Donnell
Gary - Grant Cramer
Alice Grant - Lieux Dressler
Red Gretzky - Gary Lee Davis
Anthony Hand - J. Warner Williams
Audrey Hardy - Rachel Ames
Dr. Steve Hardy - John Beradino
Tommy Hardy - David Walker
Tiffany Hill - Sharon Wyatt
Jimmy Lee Holt - Steve Bond
Claudia Johnston - Bianca Ferguson
Rose Kelly - Loanne Bishop
Mayor - James Mendenhall (David Mendenhall's father)
Blackie Parrish - John Stamos
Bryan Phillips - Todd Davis
Georgia Price - Lisa Figus
Dr. Grant Putnam - Brian Patrick Clarke
Dr. Alan Quartermaine - Stuart Damon
Edward Quartermaine - David Lewis
Lila Quartermaine - Anna Lee
Dr. Monica Quartermaine - Leslie Charleson
Capt. Burt Ramsey - Bob Hastings
Dan Rooney - Frank Maxwell
Robert Scorpio - Tristan Rogers
Ian Shelton - John Sanderford
Bobbie Spencer - Jacklyn Zeman
Luke Spencer - Anthony Geary
Holly Sutton - Emma Samms
Jackie Templeton - Demi Moore
Crane Tolliver - Wiley Harber
Amy Vining - Shell Kepler
Heather Webber - Robin Mattson
Dr. Lesley Webber - Denise Alexander
Mike Webber - David Mendenhall
Dr. Rick Webber - Chris Robinson

Thursday, December 30, 1982
Robert, Jackie and Tiffany plan a New Year's Eve Party on The Star. Tiffany is depressed over breaking up with Noah. Brian is mugged at the sports center. Bobbie calls Dr. David Arlen in New York to invite him to the party. Scotty tells Lee and Alan that Heather is his new secretary. Blackie takes over the party at the sports center.

Friday, December 31, 1982
Luke makes love to Holly. Scotty brings Susan home from the hospital. Mobster Anthony Hand asks Heather out. Blackie's punch gets everyone drunk at the sports center party when Hand has the soda pop replaced with real liquor. The cops then show up.

Monday, January 3, 1983
Blackie is cleared of spiking the punch. The mayor wants Robert's first job as police commissioner to clean up the waterfront mob scene. After another fight with Holly, Luke runs away to the mountains to think. Robert comforts a depressed Holly. Steve thinks Blackie is a bad influence on Tommy.

Tuesday, January 4, 1983
Steve Bond joins the cast as Jimmy Lee Holt arrives in Port Charles and tells Edward that he is his illegitimate son!

Wednesday, January 5, 1983
Jimmy Lee is involved in an accident. Jackie is jealous of Robert's compassion towards Holly. Edward plans to prove that Jimmy Lee Holt is an impostor. A mystery man spies on the Quartermaines.

Friday, January 7, 1983
It's the morning after for Noah and Bobbie. Tiffany thinks Noah is going to propose, and she is devastated when he says he wants them to see other people. Jackie angrily warns Holly to keep away from Robert. Luke is mugged and left to freeze to death on the mountain. Later, both Luke and the thief are caught in an avalanche.

Monday, January 10, 1983
Park rangers find an unconscious Luke, who has suffered a broken back. Scotty invests Jason's trust fund in the waterfront mall project. Tiffany is furious when she discovers her new roommate Heather wearing one of her dresses. Dan hires Holly to work at General Hospital as the patient liaison.

Tuesday, January 11, 1983
Blackie and Tommy are invited to the Omega Delta frat party. Robert tells the Quartermaines that the footprints from Jimmy Lee's birth certificate are a perfect match. Noah tells Tiffany about his feelings for Bobbie.

Wednesday, January 12, 1983
Rick and Lesley walk in on a frat party in their own living room. The rangers find Luke's ID on the thief's body.

Thursday, January 13, 1983
Alan is shocked to find the Quartermaine birthmark under Jimmy Lee's right arm. Furious about her trashed house, Lesley hits Rick with a pillow. Susan is upset when she finds out that Scotty invested half of Jason's trust fund in the waterfront mall project. Audrey is worried about Tommy who is passed out on the Webbers' kitchen table. Susan revokes Scott's power of attorney rights. Edward tries to pay Jimmy Lee off, but he refuses the money.

Friday, January 14, 1983
Bobbie and Noah share a passionate lunch. Robert tells Bobbie, Holly and Ruby about Luke's death, but Holly refuses to believe that he is dead.

Monday, January 17, 1983
Robert and Holly identify Luke's badly crushed body through his personal effects, and Holly finally accepts that Luke is dead. Jimmy Lee bumps into Monica at the hospital and falls into her arms. Scotty is beaten to a pulp.

Tuesday, January 18, 1983
Ruby decides to hold an informal gathering at the Star for Luke. Upset over Luke's death, Blackie decides to leave town, but Rick and Mike stop him from running away. Crane Tolliver shows up on Susan's doorstep.

Wednesday, January 19, 1983
After Crane Tolliver proves that Lila Morgan Quartermaine is still his wife since their divorce was never finalized, Susan agrees to join forces with him against the Quartermaines. Heather comforts Scotty.

Thursday, January 20, 1983
It's the morning after for Scotty and Heather, who spent the night on his office couch. Luke's friends gather at the Star to share their memories of him. Scotty forges Susan's signature on court documents, giving him power of attorney. Pretending to be Susan, Heather then gives permission for Scotty to invest the money in the mall project.

Friday, January 21, 1983
When Holly has a nervous stomach, Bobbie thinks she might be pregnant. Luke regains consciousness in a mountain top hospital and overhears his doctor say that he may never walk again. Envisioning his life as an invalid, Luke refuses to identify himself. The Quartermaines receive invitations to a meeting with Susan, who drops the bombshell that Lila is a bigamist because she never divorced Crane Tolliver.

Monday, January 24, 1983
Brian Patrick Clarke joins the cast as Dr. Grant Putnam, who arrives at General Hospital. He is engaged to Celia Quartermaine, who will soon be arriving in Port Charles. Holly receives her test results - she's pregnant with Luke's baby!

Thursday, January 27, 1983
It's Noah's (and Rick Springfield's) last day at General Hospital as he has accepted a job offer in Atlanta. Noah begs for another chance with Tiffany, but she kisses him goodbye. Robert is Holly's last hope for getting a green card, and he offers to marry her so she won't be deported.

Friday, January 28, 1983
Holly agrees to consider Robert's proposal. Jackie angrily punches Robert when he drops the bombshell that he asked Holly to marry him.

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Soap Dish #25 (in which we ring in the new year with General Hospital's Jimmy Lee Holt)


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