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Sex on Your Period – Reasons to Do It

Sex on your Period can turn into a pleasant and interesting activity, if you’re not particularly squeamish. Making love these days is a new line of trust between partners, opening up new opportunities and new erogenous zones. That’s why intimate life on this period is quite possible; you should only follow the hygiene requirements and safety rules.


Getting rid of cramps

Female orgasm can really help to deal with the pain that many women experience during their periods. By the way, where do these terrible painful sensations come from?

Period cramps occur due to uterine contractions – it’s how the purification process takes place. During orgasm, the muscles also contract for a while. It should ease the pain.

Sex also releases a flood of endorphins, which has a positive effect on health and mood. And in addition, sex allows you to distract yourself for a while from all the physical and psychological discomfort that often appears during Menstruation.

Your period will end faster

Here everything works on the same principle – the muscles contract, purification process occurs faster, and therefore, period ends in a shorter time.

Peak of arousal

Female libido changes throughout the period of menstruation – it’s all because of raging hormones. Many women note that their libido increases on the days of ovulation, that is, a couple of weeks before period. But some women are at the peak of arousal just during menstruation. Why not use this moment?


Getting rid of headaches

Many women have migraine headaches during their periods. And that’s why they refuse to have sex with their partners. And that’s a mistake! Research suggests that good sex is the best analgesic.

Natural lubrication

Yes, that’s right. Blood acts as a natural lubricant.

Minimal risk of getting pregnant

Due to the fact that the risks of getting pregnant during this period are minimized – both partners can relax and get maximum pleasure. Men especially benefit from this – they can complete sexual intercourse without thinking about whether they will have time or not to leave their partner. But contraception is still worth using – spermatozoa live in a woman’s body from 4 to 7 days. Therefore, the risk of getting pregnant still exists, even if minimal.

With all the large number of positive points that can be put in the asset of sexual intercourse during period – the final decision remains solely for the partners.


With regard to the organization of intimate relationships during period, doctors give certain tips and recommendations that will allow you to get a lot of pleasure even on such sensitive days. Just prepare for it and get started.

  • Intimacy during menstruation is possible if both partners want it and the woman herself feels well – there’s no pain in the lower abdomen and heavy bleeding.
  • It’s better to lay a towel on the place for this practice or cover it with a sheet. Or have sex in the shower. Always have wet wipes at hand.
  • Personal hygiene – no one has canceled it, so you need to take a shower before and after sex.
  • Don’t practice sex during the first days of period, when a woman has heavy bleeding and pain feelings.
  • It’s best to use a condom during sex. It’ll protect a woman against infection, since the cervix is open and the risk of introduction of pathogenic microflora is higher.
  • Preference should be given to missionary positions – a woman from below, and movements should be performed smoothly, without deep penetration.


Risk of introducing pathogenic microflora

During menstruation, the female body is weakened and quite vulnerable. Blood is an excellent environment where all sorts of bacteria actively develop. Microbes and pathogens can multiply extremely quickly if all conditions are created for them. Upon contact, any infection can quickly and easily enter the uterus, which expands slightly during menstruation.


For a woman, these days aren’t a pleasant process. Often this period is accompanied by severe pain, fever, nervousness, apathy, loss of strength, and so on. At this time, few people want to get involved in sex, and to engage in personal life in general. Don’t force yourself to make love with your chosen one, if your condition leaves something to be desired. A man at the same time should treat his woman with understanding and not allow forced sexual contact, from which both of them won’t receive positive emotions.


Any diseases from a man can get into the female body through sperm, so the use of condoms in this case is mandatory. Using contraceptives during menstruation is important not only to prevent unwanted pregnancy, but also to prevent infection.

Aesthetic moment

Some men and women aren’t happy with the fact of splashing in the blood during sex and therefore prefer to abstain. But most partners are shy and simply refuse to have intimate relationships.

Religious arguments

If you’re a religious person, you should definitely study the position of your teaching on the issue of intimacy during menstruation. The Bible, the Koran, and other Holy books say this clearly: No, choose another time. Now, you’d better pray.


There are no medical contraindications. Most people are concerned with the issue of hygiene. In this case, menstrual сup can help you. In addition, oral sex is a great reason to focus not on penetration, but on clitoral stimulation.

Sex on a period, as on any other day, should bring pleasure to both partners and be safe. It’s probably the most important thing.


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Sex on Your Period – Reasons to Do It


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