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Sexy Games for Married Couples

Over time, it becomes more and more difficult for partners to excite each other and diversify sex, but you need to do it – good sex is the key to harmony in relationships.

A sex game is a method of sexual interaction based on some rules and conditions that partners knows about to make sex brighter. It’s fun, fascinating, exciting, and hot at the same time. After such games, sex is guaranteed to be more interesting, and the orgasm is stronger.

Sometimes it can be useful to play on the feelings of a loved one. We’ll tell you how to do it not only in the safest way for a relationship, but also in the most exciting way. Read on for a few ideas for Sex Games that will give your relationship an atmosphere of fun, casual flirting, add variety to the foreplay and provide unforgettable memories.

LOVE LETTER Sexy Game for Married Couples


One partner draws or writes the sweetest things on the other partner’s body. The naked back or more intimate area is a perfect “canvas”. It’s not necessarily to take a brush or pencil. Your finger or even your tongue can be a tool. The task of the second participant is to guess what is written or drawn by feeling.


Have you ever played beer pong? For those who haven’t heard, it’s an alcoholic game in which players aim to hit a ping-pong ball in an opponent’s cup of beer on the other end of the table. The same principle is at game here. You take six plastic cups and put them in the shape of a triangle at different ends of the table. You and your partner take turns trying to get a ping-pong ball in an opponent’s cup. When one of you hits a target, a cup is removed from the table, and the one whose target was hit takes something out of his/her clothes. The first person who manages to hit the ball in all six cups of the opponent makes a sex wish of his/her choice.


To play, you’ll need any vessel in which you throw paper cards with your erotic desires. To make everything fair, take the equal number of cards and don’t spy on each other. Let each task be unexpected and pleasant surprise! On a card, write your erotic desire, such as “give me a full body massage”. Put your wishes in a vessel and mix.

Each of you should pull out one card and perform what is indicated in it. Be careful with the wording. Don’t write “cunnilingus”, it’s better: “oral caresses”, so that any of the partners could perform it, without requiring details.



It’s another game with tasks, but more sophisticated. Cut out a couple of dozen paper cards. Take half of them and write on each of them a sexual task and provocative question that you would like to hear the answer to. For example, “How do you feel about threesomes?” or something even more piquant. The partner should fill out the remaining cards in the same way.

Mix all these cards and pull them out one by one. The player who takes the card chooses what the partner does: complete a task or answer a question.

If you want excitement, roll the dice. The one who has more points gets the right to pull a card.


Set the timer for 5 minutes. During this time, you and your loved one should caress each other, refraining from penetration. As soon as the alarm sounds, you cannot limit yourself.

If your sex has become a routine without foreplay, this game will help you fix it.


One partner lies down on the bed, and the other stands in the doorway. The one who is on the bed checks the partner for self-knowledge. Questions can be different: from sexual (for example, a favorite position) to personal (where you want to go on vacation). For each correct answer, the subject gets one step closer. Every wrong step is a step back. When he/she answers all the questions correctly and reaches the bed, he/she is rewarded with sex. With this game, you’ll both be able to tease your sexual appetite, and at the same time get to know each other better.


Take off your clothes and stand opposite each other. One of the partners starts the game by kissing or stroking the other. The second responds to him/her, simultaneously caressing the same places. This way you can show your partner what you want without words.


Do you remember Venetian masks? They adorn the face and give a mysterious look. You can buy a pair of masks and put them on before your sex game, or even wear the appropriate costume. Treat each other to a longer foreplay, which can start with dancing to the appropriate music. Get closer to each other and start playfully tearing each other’s clothes off. It’s better to leave masks – sex in masks can be more interesting than.


To enhance the sensations of oral sex, you can use Ice Cubes or warm tea. Ice cubes should be melted on the tongue, and a tea shouldn’t be hot. Your tongue and your fingers are tools that will further enhance the game of hot and cold.


Blindfold your partner. Take off your clothes, take honey, and apply a drop to any part of your body. Your partner should explore you with his/her lips and tongue until he/she find something sweet. Then you can switch roles. If you want to add a competitive element, mark the search time. The winner will be the one who gets to honey faster.

Here are just a few sex games to excite your imagination. Treat sex with love, ease, freedom and imagination. There are no losers in sex games.

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Sexy Games for Married Couples


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