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Things You Should Stop Worrying About in Bed

A lot can happen during sex. You can have an Orgasm, fall in love, or even start a new life! But there are many other, less pleasant things that happen during sexual intercourse. And they can happen not only to your Partner, but also to you.

You’ve probably seen how people make love in melodramas or erotic movies: everything always turns out to be beautiful, romantic, exciting, no socks left on the bed or forgotten cups. In a word, everything is PERFECT. But those who have ever had sexual experience know that it’s all nonsense, and it’s not actually what happens.

The good news is that most of the things we worry about during sex are perfectly normal “side effects”. We must understand that if we pay attention to these little things that often concern us more than our partner, then we can destroy all the magic of the moment, for which we love sex so much. Therefore, smart people learn one of two options: either ignore such little things, or laugh at them. Because by learning this, we will become much freer and trust the partner.

So, what things you should stop worrying about during sex, and is it worth paying attention to them at all?


Strange sounds can come from anywhere: from your mouth or from other parts of your body. After all, sex is a physical process. So it’s not strange to give yourself over to it and take a few liberties. But many people are embarrassed by what happens to them sometimes, thereby destroying the romance that they would like to feel. After all, don’t forget that not only you, but also your partner can make the same sounds. And if this happens to him, why should you worry about it?


If you are faking orgasms one after another because you can’t even reach it normally, then you’d better stop. Because of your complexes and extra thoughts, you need more time to Reach Orgasm than if you didn’t think about all this.


If you never agree to anal sex, it doesn’t make you a prude. It just means that you know exactly what you like. It’s your preference.


Have you decided not to have sex with a guy who swears that condoms don’t fit? In any case, you shouldn’t blame yourself or doubt your actions. Life is one, and health is more important than a momentary desire to please this guy. On the contrary, you can be proud of what you did and encourage others to do the same — not to agree to sex without a condom.


Many women and even men admit that when they reach orgasm, all the neighbors can hear about it. If we talk not about the volume, but about the sound itself, then many people are shy about their emotions. But don’t forget that for most people, especially men, the sounds of their sexual partner’s orgasm are already wonderful music. And the more emotional it is, the more pleasant it is for them.


If you’ve always wanted to try role-playing games or threesomes, don’t hesitate to tell your partner about it. Perhaps he has long dreamed of the same thing, but he didn’t dare to hint to you.


You don’t need to reprimand your partner for “bad behavior”, but tell him what you aren’t satisfied with in the process, and what it would be nice to work on (for both of you). You need to speak quietly and gently, even with elements of eroticism in your voice. In any case, do it so that the partner isn’t offended and understands exactly what you meant.


Each of us has something that we would like to change in our appearance: lose weight or, on the contrary, get fat, change the shape of the nose or chin, make the legs longer and thighs smaller. But there is one detail: the person you have sex with is just as concerned about his appearance as you are. At the same time, you may not even know what he is so worried about. That’s why you need to take your body for granted and stop being shy about it.


“If there is hair on my body, and it’s not eyelashes, eyebrows or hair on my head, then they must be destroyed immediately!” This is the opinion of many women, who strive to be something like the image of a poster girl when they have to be naked for sex. But in fact, it’s often not essential for your sexual partner.


There are a lot of things that can happen during sex, and many of them you just don’t like. But you’re free to refuse them at any time! It won’t make you a prude, and you don’t have to worry that your partner will find you boring. Maybe you’re just not ready for it yet and may not ever be ready. And if your partner can’t accept this fact, it’s worth considering whether he is worthy of being with you.


You don’t have to put up with the feeling of discomfort — use lubricants. Don’t be ashamed of it and enjoy how much they will improve your sex life.


Your vibrator, unless it’s a huge unit with a bunch of gadgets, shouldn’t frighten your partner. But even if you have an impressive vibrator in every sense, you should just patiently explain to your partner that you’re using a sex toy only as an addition to sex with him, and not as a way to replace it.


When your legs are raised up or spread apart for maximum penetration, it’s normal that you might fart. But if you’re too focused on it, you can’t commit to the process. The main thing is not to forget that everything that happens to you is much easier to laugh and turn everything into a joke than to worry and be embarrassed about it.


Sex is always a workout. Beautiful, fun, but it’s still a workout. This means that you may get tired or even run out of steam at some point. You’ll need to catch your breath, relax, and maybe even refresh yourself. There’s nothing to worry about it. On the contrary, if you’re more tired than your partner, it means that you tried harder, and this is worthy of respect.


Why not, if it makes you feel emotional and sexy? But the one thing you cannot do is try to turn your personal life into a porn movie: you aren’t actors on the set, but quite real people.

Sex is not about shyness, but about pleasure.

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Things You Should Stop Worrying About in Bed


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