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Types of Kisses to Spice Up Your Sex Life

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What could be better than endorphin rush, presented with a Kiss from a loved one. Touching your lips is the most pleasant way to express your love.

Kisses are different and always express a lot of emotions: passion, pain, desire or tenderness. With a kiss, you can set up a man for romantic or aggressive continuation; everything is in your hands. Or in your lips, to be exact.

If we talk exclusively about romance, kisses differ both in technique and meaning. Each carries a specific message and it’s suitable for a specific situation. That’s why you should understand what kind of kisses are to increase your “kissing” skill.


Kiss on the Lips

This traditional version is a sign that man and woman is a couple. The classic kiss on the lips is performed without using the tongue and it’s suitable for all stages of loving relationships.

French Kiss

This scorching erotic version is very popular among couples. It’s an open-mouthed kiss in which your tongue enters your partner’s mouth. It represents the bottomless feelings and inability of partners to enjoy each other. By kissing a guy with his eyes open and biting a little, you let him know that he’s literally driving you crazy.

Vacuum Kiss

Such a kiss will provide a pleasant stimulation of erogenous zones: earlobes, fingers, nipples, clitoris or penis.

It’s advisable to practice, for example, on your own finger. Wrap the tip of your finger around your lips, closing them tightly. Without opening your lips, draw air from your mouth into your lungs, and then let the air flow back into your mouth. Such actions resemble a pump. Breathe only through your nose.

Biting Kiss

It’s believed that kisses with bites are the most passionate. However, don’t get too carried away, digging your fangs into the body of a loved one. Biting should be delicate. Your goal is to recreate the feeling of a massage. Kisses with teeth are suitable for caressing almost any erogenous zone.

Gently grasp your partner’s erogenous zone (for example, the nipple or tongue) with your teeth and squeeze it. It’s not superfluous to add a vacuum effect.

Seductive Kiss

Although the partner’s mouth is not affected in this technique, a kiss can excite all the senses.

Slide your slightly open lips over his forehead, temples, and closed eyelids. Gently grasp his lashes and pull them gently. Run your lips over his nose, down his cheeks, down his neck. Gently bite his neck and earlobes. Playfully run your tongue over his ear, periodically sucking on the lobes.


Kiss “in one breath”

Even beginners can handle such a kiss. Its essence is in gentle caresses with barely perceptible touches of the lips and streams of hot breath.

Bring your lips closer to the body of your loved one so that they almost don’t touch it. Slowly exhale, caressing the skin with air.

Angel’s kiss

It’s a quivering and tender kind of expression of your feelings: you easily touch your lips to the eyelids of your loved one when he is resting. This gesture expresses boundless trust, since the eyelids are a tender and vulnerable place on the human body.


Sweet Kiss

Apply a little bit of honey, whipped cream, or other sweetness to your partner’s skin. Slowly lick the yummy food, while gently kissing the skin with your lips. Don’t forget about sounds: quietly whisper sweet nothings like “Mmm, how sweet and delicious you are!”

Kiss of the Snow Queen

To give each other a truly unusual experience, you can play on the contrasts of hot and cold. When your man drinks hot tea or coffee, take a piece of ice in your mouth or take a sip of a cold drink. And kiss him, kiss him! The combination of different temperatures will help to achieve an amazing effect and greatly cheer up your man.

Nose Kiss or Eskimo Kiss

This version is considered one of the most romantic types of kisses. There’s no lustful passion in it, only boundless tenderness. You can also kiss other parts of your partner’s body with your nose in an Eskimo way. You may notice a special response in sensitive inner areas of the thigh and arms.

Easily touch each other with the tips of your noses. Gently run your nose over the skin. A slight tickling sensation may occur.


Even the most pleasant kiss can be easily ruined by improper behavior before and during it. Let’s look at what can negatively affect the impression of you.

  • Never discuss your kisses with your partner. It kills all the romance. Forget the questions “Let’s kiss?” and “Can I kiss you?”. It means that you’re an insecure person who is afraid of being rejected.
  • Reduce the degree of tension and excitement – you’re not on the exam. A kiss is a gateway to the world of pleasure and trance. If you don’t learn to relax, they’ll remain closed to you.
  • Don’t look around. If your partner accidentally notices this, everything is ruined. The right kiss should absorb all your attention and block other external impulses.
  • Finish the kiss smoothly. Don’t indulge in abstract conversations and laugh immediately after such an intimate moment. It’s better to be silent for a while and look meaningfully into each other’s eyes.


The place where you kiss your partner can tell him a lot about your relationships.

Neck – “I want to possess you”

Nose – “Let’s play”

Ear – “Can we continue in bed?”

Forehead – “I care about you”

Carpus – “I love every cell of your body”

Shoulder – “I want to undress you soon”

Closed eyes – “I feel very good next to you”

Stomach – “Your body is very seductive”

Love each other, kiss more, often and delicious, because kissing gives us not only pleasant sensations. They strengthen relationship between partners on a physical and spiritual level and fill us with hormones of happiness!

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Types of Kisses to Spice Up Your Sex Life


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