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Average Penis Size: Smaller Than You Think

Many men worry about the size of their sexual organ. However, not everyone knows what the Average Penis size is. Mass culture imposes standards that are far from reality, and it’s stupid and even dangerous to follow them.


For decades, medical publications and media articles have confidently stated that the average Length of an erect penis is about 16.6 cm and the average circumference is about 12.2 cm. As a result, many men didn’t feel very comfortable, since their sexual organ size is slightly less than indicated average length.

But now it appears that statistics on which this “average length” was based had a serious flaw. The study was based on measurements taken by men themselves.

Such information is known to be unreliable and most likely exaggerated. Why? The fact is that men don’t know how to make measurements correctly or use inaccurate measuring devices. In addition, there is a tendency that men slightly distorted, increased their measurements, trying to get into the average size.

Recently, a number of scientists have tried to get more accurate numbers by simply using scientific methods to measure them.

And the results they obtained show that the average size of an adult male’s penis is significantly shorter than previously thought. In fact, the average length of an erect penis is only about 14.9 cm and the average circumference is about 12.5 cm, which is significantly less than previously stated.


Measuring flaccid penis is pointless, since the length and circumference are affected by various factors, such as ambient temperature. Even the largest male organ can shrink the minimum size if a man goes to bathe in cold water.

If you want to measure your penis size, you need to do it correctly. In order to do this need to choose ideal time:

  • penis should be in erect state
  • measurement room should have a comfortable temperature (about 25 degrees)
  • use the measuring tape to take measurements

Apply the beginning of the measuring tape to pubis, and then stretch it evenly to the end of glans. The resulting figure will be your penis size.

Measurements may be inaccurate if a man has diseases that lead to erectile dysfunction, or penis is not fully filled with blood — not sufficiently excited.


Even in our time, when there are a huge variety of means to increase the penis, both medicamentally and surgically, men are concerned about the size of the penis. Although the vast majority of guys have more than enough volume and length, there is still concern because everyone wants to have bigger than average and better than everyone else.

There is a huge collection of medications, creams and pumps that will increase penis size without surgery.

But the most effective way to increase penis length, of course, is surgery. Any woman reading this article may be confused by the idea that many men are concerned about the length of their sexual organ and want to increase it. This is not quite true.

Concern about penis size is not limited to heterosexual men. Many gay men have a desire to increase their penis. On the other hand, many gay men don’t want to be with a partner who has a large penis size.


For the average man, whether hetero or homo, his penis, consciously or unconsciously, is one of the most important things in the world. At a young age, he discovers and begins his research on this organ.

But then an interesting question comes to his mind: “Isn’t it small?” After looking at sexual organs of his father, older brother, or his friend, he asks himself, will it be as big as the others?

And at this moment, the thought of penis size settles in his head, and the desire to make it bigger.

No matter how often it’s written that penis size doesn’t matter, and that women are attracted to a man not because of the size and length of his organ, many men continue to think about it.

Many women don’t understand this obsession with penis size. Therefore, if you’re a woman, never mention your partner’s penis size in bed, even as a joke. Don’t try to say anything that will point to small penis size. A man can take your joke or statement very seriously.


“Very large” is called the sexual organ, the size of which exceeds 19 cm. For some, such an organ is the subject of dreams, for others – a reason for pride.

But if you want to use a very large penis for its intended purpose, then be prepared for the fact that only one in twelve women will not experience discomfort when having sex with you in certain poses. And it’s happened because female organ also has a size and, like men, it’s on average 13-14 cm.

But don’t get so upset about it. Here are some tips on how not to hurt a woman:

  • During arousal, the vagina becomes extremely flexible and is able to stretch in response to pressure, not only in width, but also in length. Therefore, the owners of “great advantages” are strongly advised to spend more time on foreplay and stimulating woman’s erogenous zones.
  • There are a lot of poses in which you both will be comfortable. For example, on the side or in the rider’s position, when woman can control penetration depth.
  • Use erection rings and lubricant in large quantities.


Only if women have their delicious breasts and butt usually decrease with weight loss, then men, on the contrary — with the appearance of extra kilos, a couple of centimeters can be “lost” due to fat folds on your belly.

So if you’re seriously thinking about increasing your penis, it would be nice to lose a few pounds — maybe you will be satisfied with the result even after that.

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Average Penis Size: Smaller Than You Think


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