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What Your Sexual Dreams Can Tell You

You can’t tell these stories to the first person you meet: there are no taboos in Sexual Dreams. No, you don’t have to blush or worry about them — but how do you decipher them? It is perfectly normal to Dream of pleasant or strange scenes filled with tender or exciting emotions. The fact is that along with consciousness, self-censorship is disabled, which is responsible for maintaining decency, controlling our thoughts and actions during the day. As a result, we see things that we don’t dare to think about in ordinary life.

To decipher your sexual dreams, it is worth remembering a few important points:

  • Our dreams can’t be taken literally. They never speak directly to us: all the images we see in our dreams are always metaphors.
  • Sex scenes in a dream don’t necessarily talk about sex. And vice versa: the most neutral details of a dream can carry a powerful erotic charge.
  • The more one holds back their sexuality in ordinary life, the more vivid their dreams can be, and the more often they can visit him. Dreams can work as a “safety valve” that releases pent-up energy and thus unloads the psyche, reducing tension.
  • Some psychoanalysts divide sexual dreams into two broad categories. The first contains full-fledged sex with penetration — so the real sexual deficit can declare itself, which the brain of the sleeper seeks to compensate. The second is dreams with kisses, caresses, and hugs: often such scenes speak of a relationship not with a partner, but with himself, about the harmony of male and female in the psyche of the person himself.
  • We can’t control the content of our own dreams and we are not responsible for it in any way. But by paying attention to details and listening to your unconscious, you can learn more about yourself in order to better reveal your sexuality.
  • Psychoanalysts advise to start writing down dream: unexpected consonances, memories, and associations can manifest themselves in words, which then will help you to find the true meaning of the dream.
  • In dreams, there may be universal images or stories: certain places and objects, a naked body, a date with a stranger… But only you can interpret the message correctly — because it always contains your unique experience, the most intimate feelings, desires and emotions.


For example, there are some images and situations that may be encountered in Sexual dreams.


Sometimes this image can mean the body of a loved one. Or a partner with whom you have already had sexual relations — someone with whom you have moved along the path of pleasure. If in a dream the motor starts with half a turn, then this image speaks for itself. If you dream that your car was stolen, you may be concerned about the fear that your loved one was “not taken away”.


The upward movement of the elevator can symbolize the rise of sexual energy, your inner strength. Accordingly, breakdowns and obstacles can speak of internal clamps, and a falling elevator – an unconscious fear that can cause a powerful and unmanageable force of sexuality.

Boat, Ship, Yacht

Having sex on the deck among the gentle waves is a very good image, which indicates that your relationship with your partner is filled with harmony.


If you dream of making love with your partner on a train, it means that your relationship is “on the right track”. But if, in the course of such a story, a train suddenly derails, the same may apply to the couple’s waking life.


The presence of a warming, bright fire in an erotic scene can indicate that your relationship is active, filled with passion. Your libido is at a high level!

Hair, Hairstyle

If in sexual dreams your hair is tied in a tight knot, this may indicate that your sexual energy is restrained by some fears and psychological restrictions. Conversely, if you make love with your hair down, it means that in this relationship you feel complete inner freedom and liberation.


These pets can simultaneously evoke tender feelings — and unexpectedly show character when they release their claws to defend their independence… It is very similar to the emotions that arise in the initial period of a relationship with a partner: maybe you are concerned about how to establish the right balance?


If a dog wags its tail in a friendly way in a dream, it can mean loyalty, which is the basis for a relationship in a couple. On the contrary, if a dog shows its fangs, it may be a hint of partner’s infidelity and aggression that generates such a situation.


There is nothing surprising when you dream about it after the match, when everything inside is boiling with emotions and impressions. However, psychoanalysts also see explicit sexual symbols in this game: a round ball, like an egg cell, surrounded by spermatozoa! In any case, it is up to you to decide whether to take this dream as a direct guide to action.


It is great if your own body in a dream causes you only pleasant emotions and feelings. If you are shy about it, it may be difficult for you to understand and accept something in yourself, the inner harmony is broken. If you dream that you are naked in public places, this may indicate hidden desires that you don’t dare to show in front of others.

Sex with a Stranger

A very exciting story, which is also the most popular theme of women’s fantasies. In such dreams, the partner can be very brutal, it is impossible to resist him — and this doesn’t mean that in real life the woman is ready to accept violence. The dream means only that she dreams of becoming an object of all-consuming passion and feeling unconditional masculinity of her partner.

Sex with a Loved One

Your unconscious is completely in agreement with everything that is happening; you are completely accepting your desires.


Such a dream can send a signal about a hidden deficit — perhaps, in reality, you are not using your sexuality enough. It makes sense to think about the reasons for what is happening: it may be feelings of loneliness, fear, guilt, or some unconscious prohibitions…

Oral Sex

Such sexual dreams are very positive: they indicate inner integrity, readiness to accept oneself, and self-acceptance. And if you have never tried these practices in reality, such dreams, especially recurring ones, can also indicate a willingness to overcome the barrier and move on to action.

Group Sex

If you dream about it, then you need to make a variety of sexual life. Such fantasies indicate a desire to avoid routine and the appearance of new sensations.

Sex with an Ex

If you dream of having sex with an ex, you just experience in your dream all the feelings that you experienced with him — excitement, love, joy, etc. But it doesn’t mean that you dream about an ex because he thinks about you.

Sex with the Boss

Any other well- known and influential figure, such as a political leader or president, can also play this role. In fact, such a dream may not be about attraction to a real person, but about your desire for power, the desire to live a brighter and richer life.

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What Your Sexual Dreams Can Tell You


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