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10 Super Honest Sex Tips That Men Want You To Know

Who will give the best advice what do men want in bed, if not the men themselves?

Here are a few hidden thoughts that any man would be happy to share with a Woman. And that explains a lot.


For men, sex is quite a priority activity and therefore can easily become a strong reasons for a long and happy love, and for women — a kind of lever for managing relationships. Experiments in bed are great stimulants for men. Sexual desire as appetite: we all want to try different tastes, because eating the same meal is boring. A man wants to see a woman in bed who can give him new and unique experience.


Men like women who show initiative in sex or, even better, provoke the sexual act itself. The banal truth is that there is nothing more tempting for man than an excited woman who wants passionate sex with him. It’s very important for your lover to know that you always want him. Don’t be afraid to show your enthusiasm spontaneously. For example, by sending an erotic message in broad daylight… But be careful! Don’t play with this power and give him back the reins of power more often. Men welcome the initiative, but aggressive behavior of women in bed will be admitted only by some men.


Not only women love with their ears and need to hear compliments and praise of their appearance from time to time. Men are highly susceptible to sweet (and slightly flattering) comments and words. Your Partner wants to know that he has something special that excites you. It may concern his appearance, movement he made, good joke or intellectual abilities. Don’t hesitate to tell him what qualities you find extremely sexy, and his self-esteem will increase.


Any man wants his woman to be “always ready” and not be shy about her sexual desires. There is nothing more sexual than to realize your partner’s erotic fantasies. Many men are afraid to admit their dreams for fear of being rejected. Tell him about your fantasies and ask about his. Take the first step to sustain them: you don’t need to put his fantasies exactly into action, but you can find a compromise that will help both of you enjoy the process. Or better yet, come up with a sexual experiment of your dreams and fulfill them together.


Leave the light on during sex, thus demonstrating trust in your partner. Men really like to see women naked, look at them, study them, and get acquainted with every part of the body. Stop making love in darkness! You don’t have to turn on all the lights in the house, just the intimate candle light, the glow of a TV on, or the rays of light that brazenly make their way through the curtain. Use these little tricks to create a “movie-like” effect. Men are naturally visual and get aroused by looking at their partner. In addition, most representatives of the stronger sex dream that their ladies also like to watch the intimate process.


Men love not only with their eyes, but also with their ears. Sounds in bed excite them. In the concept of “ideal mistress” they put a soft low timbre of voice and a soft seductive manner of conversation. You don’t need too many words. An interesting way to inflame passion is dirty words. But it’s necessary to pronounce dirty words in bed in a timely and masterly manner. Stupid shouting of brutal nouns, verbs, and adjectives can lead to irritation. Look carefully: if there are signs of emotional excitement, and not sexual, then most likely, your partner is very furious.


Why spend a lot of money on erotic underwear if it ends up on the floor in two minutes? Slow down! Men adore beautiful and well-packaged gifts and they are really excited about how they will unwrap it. Undress slowly. He will be delighted with the “preview image” that will be in his hands soon. Put on your sexiest underwear, complement your image with lace stockings and lead your loved one into a room with a large mirror.


Spontaneity is the perfect fuel for libido. Men love all not experienced. They like to feel adrenaline and new discoveries in sex. Surprise factor promotes the development of dopamine that heightens sense of satisfaction. For example, every man thinks about sex in unconventional places, like in erotic movie. Invite your partner to have sex on a private picnic or in the pool.


Over time, there comes a point in a couple’s sexual relationship when both find 1-2 positions in which they feel comfortable. But, as statistics show, a large number of couples break up because they are “bored in bed”. Don’t hesitate to try new and unexpected things, direct your partner with words in the “right direction”. Look for new poses to help him make enchanting discoveries. And remember the Golden rule of all men: a real woman should be a cook in the kitchen, a lady in the parlor, and a whore in the bedroom.


If men strive for stability even in the morning erection, then you can prepare for this in advance. Based on social surveys among men, only 3% of respondents prefer hair in female bikini zone. The rest shared equally: some want a complete “hairlessness” below woman’s navel; others are satisfied with thin strips of hair, but only above erogenous and most desirable zone.

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10 Super Honest Sex Tips That Men Want You To Know


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