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4 Principles I Live By And How They Can Help You Improve Your Life

The golden nuggets to help you win.

Agnieszka Boeske on Unsplash

If you don’t live by principles, you have already lost. There has to be beliefs that you adopt in your life to get the solution you desire or the destination you want to reach.

The following are principles which I have incorporated into my life, that have helped me be where I am today:

1. Nothing is hard, just challenging

I believe there is nothing “hard” in life. I don’t ever use the word hard to describe my circumstances. Hard to me signifies unachievable and I don’t believe anything is unachievable in life.

I believe that when using certain words whether you’re expressing yourself, describing something or explaining, they shape how you act and where you are going to be in life.

I only use hard when I say something like “you need to work hard”. That’s only because I haven’t found a word to replace hard in that context, lol.

2. Macro patience is key to winning

Photo by Seth Macey on Unsplash

I believe that Patience is super significant in everything we do in life. Whether it be in relationships, business, communication or gratification.

I got this principle from Gary Vaynerchuk a while ago and it stuck with me. In almost every episode of his YouTube, he says that patience is super crucial for success.

I have applied it in my life, writing, relationships, finances, and it has improved my life majorly.

I have even written an Article about in the past year and it became the first article to get significant reads and views. I believe that it connected with many of you, and you also resonated with it.

3. God is the way

God is the one who created you. He wrote your story. He also extends His words and His love to lead you, and He will not lead you where He is not going- Sadie Robertson

I did say that I will mention God in my work. He has been a good good Father and I forever appreciate Him for coming into my life.

I now know that believing in a higher power, is something that transcends what we can see with our bare eyes and feel with our naked hands. It is fulfilling and there is nothing that can surpass that kind of feeling.

God is the way, the truth, and the life.

Jesus saved my life when I didn’t know the direction that I was taking in life. I was lost and He found me. He saved me from obscurement from my purpose. And He gave me a life that I will forever treasure and appreciate Him for giving me.

4. Courage is challenging to hone but it can be achieved

It is no secret that courage is something that is important and crucial for personal growth. I have had moments in my life where I have had to express utmost courage to overcome my circumstances and to resist participating in certain activities.

Courage is something that needs to be practiced but it takes time and effort to come to full effect.


Principles are part of life. You need to adopt them because they will ensure that along the way you don’t lose yourself to the beliefs the world attempts to impose on you- to control your thoughts and emotions.

Call to Action

What are some principles that you have incorporated in your life?

Thank you for reading. Please share the article to help other people find it.

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4 Principles I Live By And How They Can Help You Improve Your Life


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