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A Note to: Guys - Love

Dear guys,

Never complain if your girl takes too long to get ready. She takes long because she wants you to see her when she's at her best. She's not making up for others to see, but for you. When she walks out of the door, thank her and tell her you appreciate the time she's spent, instead of complaining.

If your girl says she's fine, she's not. When she says it doesn't matter, it does matter. Hug her tight and whisper "I know you're not. I'll always be here if you need someone to talk to." Sometimes all she needs is a little hug from you and the thought that you're there for her will lighten her up.

Try to remember every single detail about her. Her birthday, her favorite food, drinks, colors, etc. You don't have to buy her expensive gifts on her birthdays. If you're a busy person and you rarely spend time with her, the best gift for her is to take her out and spend some time with her. Sometimes it's not about the gift, it's about who gives it and the thoughts that count.

Talk to her and not at her during an argument. It's better to lose an argument rather than losing her. She might be selfish, she overthinks, and she overreacts but that's merely because the thought of losing you scares her. She might not say it out loud but she cares and loves you more than what you think.

Women tend to use feelings so if she's mad at you, try to understand and find out why. Don't be reactive when the argument starts. Say sorry if necessary. Never let your ego take controls.

If she happens to leave you one day, do not blame her. She has been considering it for long. She has given you thousands of second chances and she's come to a conclusion that it's better for her to leave rather than getting hurt by thousands of your meaningless apologies.

Love her like how you love your mother because she might be the mother of your kids. 

Love her not only when she's at her best. Try to love her flaws. Accept her for who she is. Never think of changing her to be the ideal woman of yours. Appreciate her for who she is. She's not a toy you could throw away once you're bored playing.

Never lie to her. You might think she doesn't know but she knows. She knows you're keeping something from her and she wants to hear you explain it to her willingly and not by force.

A good woman doesn't care about your money. Money is important but not as important as your personality and your good heart. The biggest mistake is treating her and making her feel as if what she cares about is your money.

Sometimes, the best date isn't about having dinner in a fancy restaurant. It's about who she spends her dinner with that matters. She prefers to eat at fast food restaurants with you, whom she loves rather than eating at a fancy restaurant with others, whom she doesn't have feelings for.

Never make promises you can't keep. She'll end up hating promises.

Never let her see you as the biggest regret in her life. You don't want to live knowing that you're someone else's biggest regret. You have no idea how many guys in life who are after her but she chose you and you should show her why you're worth being chosen. Even if it doesn't turn out good, make her feel grateful that you've ever been a part of her.

Never hit her. A woman should be loved and never be abused. Not physically, nor mentally. Your job is to protect her and not to harm her.

She hates when you're lying. She prefers you to tell her the ugly truth rather than a beautiful lie. Unless you're giving her surprises.

Make her experience something she has never experienced before. Give her little surprises. Women love surprises.

Be a man who she'll proudly introduce to her parents. Make sure you give good impressions when meeting her parents. If her parents disapprove, there's nothing you could really do anymore.

"Being a real man doesn't mean you sleep with 100 girls. It means you fight for one girl even when 99 others are chasing you."

And finally, always love yourself before loving someone else. Groom yourself, speak the words of positivity. Whatever it is, take care of yourself well before taking care of others.

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A Note to: Guys - Love


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