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It is such a special Love; and it is so crazy that it changes what we thought before: I say it because it changed me a lot. I just thought, that I wanted to have many pets, take care of them and love them very much; my dad, always had to do with all the dogs and cats that I picked up from the street; They were many and with patience and love for them too, I looked for a home, and I in my work of adopting, even snakes, but my mom put the cry in the sky about the reptiles. I thought fervently, that this was going to be my life shelters and shelters full of animals; and if I got married someday, I would adopt a little boy (he always said big boy). And when I fell in love, my husband came with an extra gift; a beautiful princess of 6 years; when I met her; it was love at first sight between her and me; Mayra, was my first daughter to order; Then the Children of my bowels came. My precious Juan, my beautiful Emanuel; my cute Felipe; my princess Angela María, my sent Gabriela; My powerful little man, Miguel Andrés; my little Daniela, my little little flower Manuela; My little cherry Deborah (The last thing that gets decorated in a dessert); And the most beautiful gift of restitution that came to bless and brighten our lives; those of his little brothers and mine. Every day the children of my bowels and gifts sent by God grow. Now with a powerful father, who represents them and loves them and they know it, they have seen miracles with their own eyes and lived them. But this love; the love of a mother is greater than one thinks and lately the children of my Heart have come to me, the ones I did not have in my guts, but they have put them in my heart, in my thoughts and in my prayers; and I said that I needed many years to worry about a marriage; but they are all very close to those dates; that they develop like good men; tough, brave; some angers I knew that this land and I had something that united us (always, I liked it, I am in love with its food, its clothes, its fabrics, the passion and respect for its elders).

I knew that there were good things; but I never imagined, that I was going to give children, that they are not from my insides, but from my heart. I want only the best for them, they have occupied a lot of my time, as if I owed them hours, I have cried a lot too, when I feel they are not well, but I know the faith with my children and, I know that they are in the best hands and that It was not my idea at all; that it was God who put them in my heart; They are so different, just like my children are; different characters, different geniuses; different visions, different gifts, different talents, but all in my heart.

I always tell my children, that I invite them to my tummy to get there, to have them safe; but it is eager to save them and protect them. To the children of my heart I bless their mothers, their beautiful mothers had the privilege of having them and taking care of them; I think some of them were crazy when they were kids, but believe me, I'm going to solve them some day; blessed the womb, their parents, their brothers, their families; I thank you Lord, for your birthdays, your graduations, your triumphs; perhaps, they have had falls, tears of defeats and deep pains; but they are one more reason to thank and now a reason for prayer; their girlfriends and those who are going to become their wives (cause of overcoming, because I want them to be happy men and women in their marriages); If they know me at all, they know that I have tried, that they are gentlemen and that they are different men, with a healthy heart. I want you to be very happy, to be men who impact, who love God above all; to live a life different good, overblown; that change and transform lives; that they help, because they are all giving and they must understand, that they are not any person, they are chosen children for great things and purposes; I want them to be great entrepreneurs, but to know what to do with their money, to be charitable, to be merciful; that they be understood, that they be strong; that they are healthy; that they be obedient to our God and that they achieve all the purposes that God has for them; They will be the best husbands, because to my children and to them, the Lord will give them wisdom; and that the lord put the princesses that God has destined for my children and that brings to the men, that God has destined for my daughters; in the time and place indicated and remove all hindrance, people, things, feelings, circumstances that are not what they should live. I declare that they are the most blessed men and women, that they are kept and protected permanently, that they are free, that they are healthy; that no curse will reach them, because they have a God who has paid a high price; the price that only he could pay; that they will be the most prosperous, the most blessed; that grace and favor will accompany you; that miracles will happen where they are, that they will always give glory to God; that they will always seek their blessings; that thousands and thousands are their armies to protect them; that God is always going to use the powerful to bless them; and keep its doors open, which He has destined; but that they will not be able to access things that hurt them, so long for them; that no weapon forged against them should prosper; they know; for me I would keep them, in my heart and I would not take them out, so that they would never harm them, or in keeping them in a convent built only for them and to celebrate the sweets 25; with wedding once? (Will you agree?), but that or is life, life is to train them, to teach them, to leave them, so that all the worms die and all the currents pass me by (those moments when they fall and you feel, do not know, horrible and a big relief, when it was nothing but a scare) ; the hardest thing for me, when you are the mother of so many children; it is not knowing everything of all; When I had Juan José my first child, I knew exactly when he got a nugget or a hairline, he knew how it happened, because he was always taking care of it; now many things escape me and now alone; more things escape; and there are many things that I do not know about the children of my guts (my blessing gifts) and it is even harder not to know everything, about my children from my heart (language has been a problem, some love to talk a lot and ask a lot, but others are not very informative, like good men (but I promise, my children's wives, that they will be more communicative) I love you all with all my heart, I do not know if I ever told you that I could not have children, for those sons and daughters of my heart and my heart, they are definitely a gift from God, I was talking to Felipe today, that it would be a dream to build a whole, for all of you, but as Come on, a building will be better (a madness, which for God is possible) I love you, children of my heart, you are the first gifts of my restitution, I have sown and now I am picking up and I will continue telling you more things in another opportunity.

For all of you (in order of appearance) Mayra, (Juanes); Juan José, Emanuel, Felipe, Angela, Gabriela, Miguelito, Daniela, Manuelita; Deborah; Matthias; Harpreet, Jatinder, A. A. Muzahid, Emraan Children of my heart.

I do not forget; that you must live and rewrite a new life; but they have, another person, interested in you, their lives and their causes and if I am not nobody, I have these feelings and I want all this for you; Imagine everything that God loves and has for you; but do not imagine it, live it, they are in the best hands, I trusted my lord that this is the case.

I love you with all my heart and I bless you, I bless you and a thousand and all times I bless you; I bless their lives, their hearts; their bodies, their cells; their jobs, their families; your houses and everything that has to do with you.

But if I would prefer to have them with me, I would prefer it;

Adriana (mom)

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