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Tititaka: the Lake that hides a submerged city

Tititaka The lake that hides a submerged city

The magical land on the Peruvian and Bolivian borders, the inaccessible mountains and the magical paths who let us think of leading to the sky, are the ideal canvas to create the Lake Tititaka. When people face this Lake, they are lost in its waters, they sink into its calm yet solid movement. Placed at the border between Peru and Bolivia, it seems to be embraced by the myths and legends that accompany it over the centuries. Moreover, Tititaka is considered as a sacred place by the locals, a lake that is worshiped as a deity. But why; What are the mysterious secrets of this Lake?

Hidden in the Andes

The Lake Tititaka is finding in an altitude of 3,811 meters, higher than the other lakes of the world, while at the same time people are able to talk about the largest lake in South America, while the average depth of the lake reaches 107 meters.

Along with its enormous natural beauty, the lake has a rich history. Archaeological discoveries show that it was the center of rising cultures, for long periods. In particular, cultures of the pre-Christian era, an example that it hosted the oldest human civilizations on the American continent.

Myths and legends are unforgettable and uninterrupted until these days. In particular, there are stories that link the Lake to the Inca culture, while a ruined temple around the lake is believed to be the point where the Sun’s children, Manco Capac and Mama Ocllo, were sent on Earth, for the only reason to create the Empire Incas.

At the same time, the Incas considered the lake Tititaka as the lake that gave birth to them, which created their culture, because the God Viracocha, resurrected in that place. Besides, as the Incas supports, the lake is in that point, where the sun first rose, the moon, the stars and the celestial bodies appeared. After that, the God Viracocha created the people by using the rocks around the lake, which was the point where the spirit of the dead returned.

The secret, underwater city

In 2000, an amazing archaeological discovery give new information to the legends around the sacred lake. After thorough and long-term research, a group of archaeologists discovered the ruins of an ancient temple at the bottom of the lake. The findings were dated more than 1000 years ago, proving that this temple existed before the Incas dynasty.

In particular, these are considered to be the ruins of the Tiwanaku culture, a native tribe that lived in the area, before the arrival of the Incas.

The archaeological excavations have brought to light an ancient city, with streets, fortifications and many buildings that cause awe and admiration. A whole city immersed in the bottom of the sacred Inca Lake.

It is considered to be the legendary Wanaku city, which is believed to have been lost in a strange way, taking invaluable secrets with it.

The Lake Tititaka, and the secrets hidden inside it, the secrets that lie at the bottom in synergy with the stories and myths about it, create a living enigma. A bizarre puzzle that is supposed to charm strong soldiers from every corner of the globe.

The lake has been there for thousands of years, seeing civilizations flourishing and declining. Human beings were born, grew up and left. A birthplace, and at the same time a constant return call.

The Tititaka secrets about the bottom, the emerging historical background of a submerged city, will be a challenge for the exploration of the unexpected, the discovery of the unthinkable.

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Tititaka: the Lake that hides a submerged city


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