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Learning about the 7 basic chakras might leave you wanting to learn more

Introduction to the 7 basic Chakras

It’s only recently that modern science has proven what mystics and spiritualists have known all along – human beings are full of energy. Some of our energy vortices are large while others are small and delicate. These energy centers in the human body are called Chakras. While there are hundreds of them in each of us, it’s good to start by learning about the seven core chakras – the ones which have the most powerful influence on us.

Root Chakra

Traditionally we start at the chakra closest to the ground – the root chakra or muladhara. This is located at the base of your spine. It represents your core drives. Survival. Fight or flight. Food. Shelter.

Sacral Chakra

The second chakra up is focused on the pelvis. This is the fertility and creative chakra, svadhisthana. It is about sharing your gifts with the world and creating a legacy.

Solar Plexus Chakra

Next we reach the stomach. Every day we learn more about how critical our digestive system is to our health and mood. This manipular chakra controls our metabolism, health, and even self-esteem.

Heart Chakra

Compassion is key to healthy living. We need to empathize with and care for those around us. The heart chakra, anahata, provides that energy. It lets us understand what others are going through and lend a hand.

Throat Chakra

Communication is critical in life, whether we wish to share things we know or to ask how others are doing. It is the way we as a culture lift ourselves up. We share with each other. With vishudda we are able to foster relationships. To teach the next generation.

Third Eye Chakra

In the center of the forehead is the traditional third eye. Studies find that if you gently press in this location it induces a feeling of calm and serenity. This chakra represents consciousness. The dreams and aspirations we reach toward. It is the anja.

Crown Chakra

In ancient paintings and drawings, enlightened people were portrayed with light around the top of the head. This represented enlightenment. When Christianity came along, they used this concept to create halos. The crown chakra is that level of enlightenment. Of sahasrara. Of being mindful and in tune with the world around us.

Handpainted Wooden Icon depicting Saint Martha with a Halo

Each of the seven chakras is critical to our overall health and well being. A person whose body was racked with hunger pains might find it challenging to work on a delicate painting. Someone challenged with feeling compassion for a stranger might not communicate well with them. It is only by focusing on each chakra one at a time and cultivating each to flow at its natural peak, that we can, at last, reach our true potential.

Basic Chakras Infographic

This infographic includes the name of the chakra as commonly referenced in English and in Sanskrit, it’s key components, color, location and frequency.

Seven Chakras

Are you familiar with chakras? Do you want to know more? Leave a comment and share your knowledge and experience. Here’s an infographic with the basic information about each of these seven chakras followed by a short a musical healing meditation that covers all of the chakras.

All 7 Chakras Healing Meditation Music

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Learning about the 7 basic chakras might leave you wanting to learn more


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