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Aurora: The human one

We can all be amazed and awed at very young people finding their voice in the arts or other fields and succeeding at getting their work into the public view at an early age, but what brings me to write about Aurora Aksenes, known as AURORA is the fact that her Lyrics are meaningful stories, told through songs. A couple of years ago I heard Aurora’s music for the first time, oddly learning about her through a call for the poster art for her upcoming tour for her first album, All my Demons Greeting me as a Friend. In preparation, I listened to her music and found her voice to be equally beautiful in both her studio her live recordings. Her lyrics were sophisticated yet she looked like a child even though she was becoming a young adult. I wanted to learn as much as possible about her.

I wondered was she singing someone else’s lyrics? No, she wasn’t. At the time, one song that struck me was The Murder Song. I was so fascinated that an 18-year-old girl, who I learned had begun creating melodies at the age of 6 and began writing lyrics at the age of 9, could write such a tragic story from a victim’s point of view.

Actually thinking about it probably it shouldn’t be so surprising since when looking back at my own young life, I’m reminded that a lot of people have experienced quite a bit by 18. Still, what I was reading about her at the time was that some of her lyrics being produced were not from a teenager’s perspective but a child’s. Songs like “Running With the Wolves” and “I Went Too Far” were written in the very early stages of her life. This again really intrigued me.

Sure she had done some covers but this blond Norwegian nymphlike songstress was to me simply an incredible young talent. A self-taught musician, Aurora writes her songs in her second language – English, using the language to tell her own stories, as well as others through her lyrics.

Now at 21 years old, a second full-length new album is coming. Her first EP produced by Decca records, Running with the Wolves was released in 2015, followed by her first full album All my Demons Greeting me as a Friend which was released in March 2016. Two new songs that she has been performing live this year, Queendom and Seed contain lyrics that speak to our current state of the collective consciousness, the human experience on this fragile earth with themes like loneliness (Queendom) and disdain for our mother earth (seed).

An excerpt from Seed & Featured Playlist


Just like the seed I don’t know where to go
Through dirt and shadow, I grow
I’m reaching out through the struggle
Just like the seed, I’m chasing the water
I unravel myself
All in slow motion

You cannot Eat Money, oh no You cannot eat money, oh no
When the last tree has fallen
And the rivers are poisoned
You cannot eat money, oh no

Suffocate me so my tears can be rain
I will water the ground outside
So the flowers can grow back again
‘Cos just like the seed everything wants to live
We are burning our fingers
But we never forget
You cannot eat money, oh no

Through dirt and shadow, I grow. I'm reaching out through the struggle. Just like the seed, I'm chasing the water - I unravel myself, all in slow motion...Seed, by AuroraClick To Tweet

In a recent interview she was asked by Andrew Trendell:

So is it all very personal and ‘in the moment’, or have you also been inspired by the various horrible world events of late?

Aurora’s response:

“I take everything quite personally as a human. Things towards humans, towards women, and also towards animals – I take it all very personally. Look at the way that the ocean is getting full of plastic and you find whales with thousands of tonnes of plastic in their bellies. I take everything personally. We are all one organism with many different lives and dreams. Even if you aren’t the person going through it, doesn’t mean you don’t take it to heart.”

Queendom is more pop style than some of her other work, it’s a danceable feel-good song and was released on the 16th of April and is on her new upcoming album.

“…I met many of my fans last year all over the world and it really got into me. It really got under my skin how we all need this place where we can belong together because there are a lot of lost ones out there also. So I just want queendom to be this, you know, home.”

Her messages, angelic voice and, beingness is all wrapped up in one young inspiring woman. I’ve always been interested in metaphysics and ‘woo-woo’ stuff as some like to call it. Even though it is considered ‘pseudoscience’, I love the idea of indigo, rainbow and crystal children. Frankly, I don’t really care if these concepts are ‘real’ or not, everyone has special gifts and some realise them earlier than others. If they do exist, Aurora in my eyes would be one of them with a universal message that is filled with love, compassion, and empathy. She’s quite self-aware and I hope she will continue to tell stories throughout the world.

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Aurora: The human one


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