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Open the gates! Allow the Force to Flow

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There are defining moments in a nation’s history and then there are defining moments in cinematic history. My generation was too young to have any real remembrance of the JFK assassination. We were born into a world where our nation was at war. Young men were being killed and becoming killers but our cities, suburban households and rural areas weren’t being bombed. The war was far, far away from us. We were too young to participate in hippie culture, the sexual revolution, civil rights and anti-war demonstrations that were happening throughout the country. Before the Vietnam war ended we had the gas crisis and Watergate. A lot was happening, all of it left an imprint in our psyches and all of paved the way for our generation’s memorable moment, a moment in cinematic history as Star Wars came to a movie theatre near you.

A new era was born. It was 1977, one of 12 peacetime years during the 20th century in the US. I was 14 years old. I remember standing in line at the Rialto theatre and immersing myself in the visual adventure, and upon exiting wanting to access the force, not remembering that it all around me all the time. I had access to it in childhood and as a young teenager began to think that it was something outside of me.

In our earliest years, we are in a constant Flow, we are one with the force. Then we’re conditioned out of it or maybe we simply forget, until we once again consciously experience the force – entering the state of flow that allows that creative energy to flow through us.

Flow – we all want to be in it and be able to get there at will.

Being in the flow is true present moment awareness. Some people refer to it as the zone, either way language is too limiting to describe that state of being. The first time you experience flow (beyond your childhood years), it isn’t really until you fall out of sync with it that you have known that you were there in the first place. When you are in it, you just know that you’re there and it’s a beautiful feeling.

What is flow or ‘the zone’?

flow– An active state of being where we enter the unified field and allow the force to flow through us. The exquisite series of moments that come together to alter time. It is the sweet transient space, the space that once we know it, we can never forget it. Where you experience a continuous state of intuition and your behaviour is congruent with that state.

What is the first step towards flow?

By participating in these activities you might get there but there is no guarantee, in fact, you will get there more readily if you are unattached to the outcome and you release expectations.

“You have to unlearn all the things you have learned to truly flow with the force.” – Yoda in Return of the Jedi

Physical effort can Bring you there.

The act of creation can bring you there.

Meditation can bring you there.

Sex can bring you there.

Anything with intense focus can bring you there.

How to get into the flow –

Immerse yourself in the present moment.

Focus your intention towards your goal.

Trust your gut and allow.

Do with intent, yet without thinking.

Side effects of experiencing the feeling of flow include a distorted sense of time and a loss of the feeling of self-consciousness.

The distorted sense of time might be attributed to the fact that time is a concept and when we are in our ‘normal’ state, our brains register an activity after it has happened – our consciousness lags 80 milliseconds behind actual events. Hence, our reality is unreal since we are always in some way living in the past even if it’s only a milliseconds. The loss of the feeling of self-consciousness is transcending thought, a stillness of mind, truly being in the moment.

When was the last time you achieved a state of flow? Do you remember the first time you achieved a state of flow? Do you have any tips or tricks to share with others on how you got there? or simply let me know what you think by leaving a comment.

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Open the gates! Allow the Force to Flow


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