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5 Things I’ve Learned in College

Now that my first semester is coming to a close, I believe I have the basics down to survive the typical College lifestyle, and I want to share my tips and tricks to all of you lovelies!

  1. Friends

Don’t expect to graduate high school with your “best” friends and then move on to college only to spend all of your time with them and live happily ever after. It almost never works out that way. Most likely, the friends you entered college with will fade out within the first few months. This is normal. You will meet other like minded students who have your best intentions in mind and genuinely care about you. Don’t fret. In the meantime, don’t be afraid to enjoy your own company. learn to enjoy sitting by yourself for some meals, and truly explore what makes you happy, because lord knows only you will have your back when it truly comes down to it.giphy-downsized (8) In order to find these lifelong friends, you can’t cocoon in your room every day and ignore the world. Instead, get out there! Join a club, or socialize in class. It is so easy to find people on campus to interact with. Make sure to stay up to date with events that your university is hosting and GO TO THEM! I understand how hard it can be to break the barrier of social anxiety, but it is so worth it when you find people that genuinely lift your spirits and positively impact your life.

2. Classes

Yes, going to class is important. Bottom line- go to your classes. College classes are extremely different than high school classes; they are not back to back most of the time, and you sign up for them. giphy-downsizedMost professors I have experienced are understanding and amazing people. They want you to pass, but you have to put in the work. Do not expect ANY easy A’s. Always put forth effort for your classes. Professors take notice and in return will be more willing to work with you when dead week rolls around and you are surviving on a packet of ketchup and an energy drink, begging for extra credit. When starting a new class, always have the correct perspective. Some of the most off the wall classes I have found to deeply enjoy and grow to love the subject. Sometimes, depending on the professor, I have grown to adore the subject solely based on who’s teaching the course!

3. Workout

I have learned that sticking to a workout routine is not just about losing weight or getting fit. For me, it impacts my mental state and truly makes me a more positive and uplifting person. I personally workout three times a week and this helps me to keep a routine and hold myself to it! Now, when I say “working out”, I don’t mean lifting a million tonnes or running for three hours on the treadmill. giphy-downsized (9).gifFind what you enjoy!  At my university there is a wheelchair basketball team that consists of mostly wounded vets that meets every Tuesday at the university gym. It was such a humbling and genuine experience to play with these guys and after the game I can tell i’m so much more exuberant and positive! If it helps, find a workout buddy! Someone that will hold you responsible for the workout and share your progress! I workout with my friend Joy and she is so bubbly and hysterical that while were exercising I can’t even tell. It’s as if we are hanging out and having an amazing time, when in all actuality we are sweating kicking ass!

4. Time Management!

The definition of college is learning how to balance a million things at once. If you learn to manage your time more efficiently from the beginning, it will save you a shit load of worrying and stress. giphy-downsized (10).gifI have a planner and schedule EVERYTHING by the day. I track how much water I consume daily, how much I eat (Sidenote: it’s because I get so busy that I forget to eat and have to remind myself). If you write down all of your daily tasks and goals, it is so much easier to keep track  and it is just so relieving to physically cross things off of a to-do-list. There are only so many hours in a day, so make sure you have an ample amount of time to accomplish all of your tasks- think of  writing things down in an agenda as a cheat sheet for the next 24 hours.  You’ll thank me when you’re in the middle of finals week crying your eyes out while neck deep in a bag of hot Cheetos.

5. Ma

At the end of the day, 200w_d (1)I pretend to adult, but i’m a wreck most of the time and need my mom. Sometimes all you need is a phone call from good ol mom to make your day better. Call her and tell her you appreciate all she does, I guarantee she will love it.


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5 Things I’ve Learned in College


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